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  • poll: What is the longest you two have been separated since you started dating?

    More than a year

    6-11 months

    4-6 months

    1-3 months

    About a month

    A matter of weeks

    A matter of days

    Less than a few days

    A matter of hours!

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    Congrats to the newly engaged! 

    I’m new to the site and this is my first post. I would like to please be added to the LIW list:) I expect a proposal late March ( it’s LDR for the past 4 years and March is the next time we’ll see each other). Sadly I’ve already found the ring but it doesn’t make it any less exciting. 

    Of course I love my guys stary blue eyes, the strength of his shoulders, the large calf muscles. but my favorite physical feature of my SO.. He has this adorable little dark freckle near the corner of his mouth on this bottom lip. 

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    What is your favorite physical feature (keep it PG please!) of your SO?

    My favorite physical feature would have to be his handsome face! He has a pretty thick beard and amazing eyes and his smile is to die for! He catches me staring all the time and he gets shy because he never thought he was very good looking becaue he’s a little overweight, but I don’t care one bit about any of that πŸ™‚

    Your favorite non-physical trait?

    My favorite non-physical trait would be his humor. We have the same sense of humor and he’s so funny all of the time, we never stop cracking jokes and making each other laugh, and I can’t wait to laugh with him for the rest of my life!

    What do you consider to be “engagement season?” Is there more than one? I would think there would be a lot of engagements around Christmas/ New Years, then around Valentine’s Day and then around the summer time. Is that 3 engagement seasons? One long one? None of the above? What do you think?

    I’ve always considered “engagement season” to be from thanksgiving to new years or around any major holiday such as the 4th of July (my Future Sister-In-Law got engaged on the 4th), Valentines day, etc. I’ve always hoped mine wouldn’t be one of those, but I don’t think I’ll mid either way πŸ˜‰


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    Hi! Sort-of new bee (long time lurker), may I be added to the list? πŸ™‚ I suppose I am officially waiting, although I spoken about engagement with my SO months ago. But hey, it’s our 5 year anniversary together (22nd Dec) and we’re officially celebrating it on the 23rd! 


    Favourite physical trait of my SO is his hair, height, eyes and smile. Seeing him happy means a lot to me, and he finds it really cute that I have to tip-toe to kiss him (I’m 5″0, while he’s 6″2) 

    Favourite non-physical trait of my SO would be his personality mostly (kind of an obvious one) but throughout his good and bad parts of him, he’s a wonderful guy


    I do agree, bee! I think that covers majority of the engagement season. I believe that the Winter Holidays to Valentine’s Day is the major and longest engagement season, whereas the summer time can vary but is possible due to holidays or going somewhere nice! 


    Waiting is actually really hard at the moment because of the upcoming events, family hinting at engagement and the weird question he asked me months ago about my finger sizes (I mentioned my ring finger size as well as the other finger sizes, which reminded him of a ring I’m wearing on my right ring finger daily, and he said to me “I suppose it isn’t on your left ring finger?”) 

    I’m trying very hard to contain myself, but I’m coping and trying not to expect anything.


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    eeeeee #89! i feel there’s gonna be a wild downslide during the holidays πŸ™‚

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    Oh wow 118, looks like SO’s secret 112 guess won’t be the case since the ring isn’t even ordered and takes 2-3 weeks. πŸ™ I may even break the top 100. 

    now to the discussion, physically my favorite part about him is his arms. I feel so safe in them and they do so much for us. He’s very handy and can fix most anything and like to build all the random stuff I pin. 

    non physical, he’s really smart and challenges me without making me feel dumb. i think our smarts balance each other well. 

    engagement season based off my friends seems to go from about Halloween to New Years. 

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    Physical feature: i would have to say his arms or his (football player) butt. Both are very muscular!

    Non-physical feature: His ability to calm my worries because I’m a huge worry wart!

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    IveBeenDreaming:  Wow, I feel like I’m moving faster than I expected!

    As for the questions…Physically, I love my SO’s smile and how his green eyes light up! He also has a playful, fun attitude and I feel like the expressions he makes with his eyes are the best reflection of that. Not to mention that his eyes are framed with dreamy lashes that I wish I had. I also feel like his height perfectly complements mine without being too tall (he’s 6’2 and I’m 5’8).

    Non-physically, I’m not sure I can even choose because he is an incredible person. One of the things I really love about him though is how intuitive and observant he is–I’m surprised by how well he knows me and how he notices my little mood changes. And he is able to keep me calm before I get upset or calm me down if I get upset. Or just make me laugh (this gets him out of trouble lol).

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    insomanywords:  Not to be creepy, but what you wrote in your post could be said about my SO (in fact the first part of my post sounds like the first part of yours!), except that my SO doesn’t have big eyes. But my SO is also incredibly passionate about his work and science/tech in general and that’s what initially drew me into him when we first met. He’s also good at explaining things, so I learn a lot when I’m with him (I’m also in science, but on the biology end of things). Lol, it’s funny how similar people seem.

    I’ve also always considered engagement season to be end-of-November to mid-February (Thanksgiving, Holidays, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day), even though it seems like most people get engaged in the spring and summer. I agree that it’s the holiday jewelry commercials that probably made me think that!

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    Kat_Kit2000:Β  Omg Congratulations!!! It will be odd not seeing your name anymore on the list, but, Β I’m so happy for you!!! I know you’ve been waiting forever. I wish you all the happiness in the world to you and your fiance πŸ˜‰

    PS the link to your proposal isn’t working : (

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    IveBeenDreaming:  Engagement season is mid September to the end of February. Wedding Season is March through August. 

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    And what a fun question!! My favourite physical features of my SO are his smile, his strong arms, and his chest – so nice to snuggle! πŸ™‚ My favourite non-physical features are his intelligence, confidence, silliness and sense of humour, and especially his unconditional love for me!!

    I think engagement season is November to February, and wedding season is March to October

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    IveBeenDreaming:  THANKS!!! 😊 And thanks for updating the Waiting List and making fun polls every week! Best OP ever! 😜 WB has really helped me get through this crazy limbo period of waiting hahaha! Happy holidays!!!

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