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  • poll: Which name do you prefer?
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    Jane River : (7 votes)
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    Teagan Nicole : (12 votes)
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    Your idea (post below) : (4 votes)
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    Keekers:  hmm I’m not keen on any of them tbfm, sorry lovely. I’m more into traditional or the more popular names. However I do think this is yours and your SOs decision, and if you love the name river then stick with it.

    Like river belle

    river victoria

    river eve 

    river amelie

    river rose




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    Listen, if that’s the name you guys want to name her, then name her River. It’s your daughter, not you IL’s or your mom’s. And set them straight her name is River and they have no business calling her anything else unless it’s like a pet name like “sweetheart”, “honey”, etc. they have no right saying anything. That is the rudest thing IMO. And I think River is a very cute name, and it’s not a boys’ name, it’s either IMO. 

    When my SIL an Brother-In-Law were preggo with their daughter and said they wanted to name her Apple, they received a lot if resistance and some even laughing at her, mostly from another SIL who I don’t want to get into her personality, but can be a major bleep sometimes (Lots of times). After our pregnant hormonal SIL left deflated about the teasing, I gave the mean one a piece of my mind about how she treated the preggo one (which I NEVER do). It’s just not right. I don’t like the name Apple at all, but if that’s what they want, it’s none of my business and my SIL received nothing from me but support. The only name we suggested them not usin was when her initials would have been ASS. My SO pointed it out. And they didn’t end up using that middle name anymore. 

    They ended up using Apple as her middle name but call her both by her middle name and some call her by her first name and she is just confused about her name now. 

    I also have first hand experience (not to their or your degree) about baby names not wanting to be used. We named our youngest after his dad and call him DJ for short. When my dad first found out what we call him he told me he would never call him that and he would just use his first name, David. Just that little bit of change hurt and all he said he would do was call him by his formal first name. Luckily by the time my dad first met him he used DJ, even though for the first month and half he used David on the phone with me (my dad was out of canada when baby was born and didn’t come to visit until he had to come back to Canada for his normal visit time). 

    Sorry for the long post lol. Stick to your guns and talk to family about how what they say is hurtful. beinf able to pick your baby’s name without drama is important. When they start putting your picks down, it’s really deflating. Good luck an maybe just keep your picks to yourself until baby makes her first appearance. Then you don’t have to deal with negativity. Good luck and congrats on te baby!

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    Honestly… F*ck them. Use River if you love it. They got to name their own kids and should get no say in yours.

    When people want to use a unique first name I personally prefer it paired with a classic middle name, and vise versa. I think River sounds especially pretty when combined with a three or more syllable middle name. Some combos I like are:

    River Alexandria

    River Elizabeth

    River Audrianna

    River Catherine

    River Madeline

    River Louisa

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    You know, fuck them!  It’s your kid!  I would STOP talking to people about your name choices.

    My niece is named Stella, and my sister’s in-laws HATED the name while she was pregnant.  Told her all the time what a horrible name it was.  Well guess what?  Her name is Stella and everyone lived.  She is SUCH a Stella – it’s the perfect name.  And everyone loves it.

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    Jane is simple, classic and elegant. Paired with a very unique middle name like River, it’s the best of your potential combinations.

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    I had a neighour who was ahast – AGHAST! – that her grand-daughter was going to be named “Passion” (the little girl is half-Asian, half-Caucasian so I guess it’s a little Geisha-esque. lol).

    She gave her opinion prior to the baby’s birth, but the parents’ stuck with it. She now loves her grandbaby Passion with all her heart. I don’t think she’d care if they’d named her “Mud.” It’s her grand-daughter and that’s all that matters.

    River as a name has strength. I like that for a girl. It’s gender neutral anyway. I might be inclined to give an obviously female middle name – to make it clear she’s a girl. River Nicole is nice.

    Pick a name you love.

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    I voted for River Serenity, but I’m a huge Firefly fan lol.

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    The only River I know is real life is a female, so no, its not a boy name.  It’s pretty neutral.

    You are never going to please everyone with a name.  It’s best just to name your kid what you want and people will get over it.

    For what it’s worth, if those were my options, I would choose River Serenity.  However, have you considered River Jane?  It’s the reverse of Jane River, and for some reason I like that more.

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    I dont personally like river because when you say it it doesnt seem to flow as either a first or middle, very mouthy. But what about riva? (Said like reeva) It still has a similar sound to river but will flow with just about anything.  I was thinking of using it as a middle name: madeline riva.


    Oh and if you spend any time in new york you can use the ny accent to say it just like river…. Haha it would be rivuh.  

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    “River Serenity” is way too heavy on the Firefly for my tastes as it is referenced in both the first and middle name (and I was a big fan of the show). Don’t name her “River Song” either.

    Jane River or Teagan Nichole seem preferable to me. But it is your child at the end of the day.

    You could also call her River Jane. River is fine in the first name spot if that’s your preference. Just pick a middle name that’s not from Firefly or Doctor Who…

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    I would hate to have a name like “Jane” when my sister had a cool name like Elaura Dannon.

    your mother-in-law needs to STFU about coming up with a different name for your daughter because she doesn’t like River. If that is the baby’s name, that is what she will call her. have your husband tell her that in no uncertain terms and stop worrying about what she thinks.

    what about Willow River? Sorsha? Sorry, “Willow” nerd here.

    Too bad you’re not having a son because you could totally name him Madmartigan and that would be awesome.

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    River is a beautiful name. I see NOTHING wrong with it at all. How would people even tease a name like that, anyway? It doesn’t rhyme with anything dirty like kids love to use as ammo in school. It doesn’t have a questionable meaning. It’s just…River.

    I’ve never seen or heard of a boy named River, but it’s probably unisex.

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