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I scream in my sleep sometimes. I can’t explain it, but I do have nightmares a lot and am a troubled sleeper in general. I wouldn’t worry about it, of course it’s scary but I don’t think it means anything bad.

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I talk in my sleep sometimes… like one time (creepiest!) I was in a hotel room with my parents on vacation in hs and I apparently woke up at like 4am and was like “dad there is a man in the window!!! there is a man in the window!!!” to which my mom freaked the hell out and my dad didn’t even open his eyes before responding “we’re on the 10th floor and there is no balcony go back to bed.” hahah


but yea it comes and goes. i haven’t done it lately. if it happens a lot maybe go to one of those sleep clinics bc it could be night terrors (i don’t actually know what that is but i’ve heard the term and screaming in your sleep i would think would qualify?) but if its a one time thing, prob just a fluke ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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@CorgiTales:  I seriously just laughed out loud in my office.  That was hilarious! 

I’ve been known to talk in my sleep a little bit, but nothing serious.  I wouldn’t think too much of it.  Our sleep patterns can change quite a bit.  I would only be concerned if it started happening all the time. 

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Busy bee

It sounds like night terrors. They are more common in children but can be brought on by stress or lack of sleep. Hopefully it will just happen the one time. Try to relax and take care of yourself this week.

It is strange, but my dog gets night terrors. The vet said he had never seen it in dogs before. She makes a super loud howling moan and is shaking and hard to wake up.

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I am really weird in my sleep, and I feel really bad for Fiance for having to deal with it! I wake Fiance up and have conversations with him, I scream, I crawl around the bed, I wake him up in a panic asking “Where’s the baby! Where’s the baby!?” (to which Fiance has to reassure me over and over that he’s safe in his crib), etc.
One of the creepiest things I do is when Fiance wakes up and I’m draping my body over his, eyes wide open, staring at him.
And just two nights ago I woke up at 4:00 holding on to the lightbulbs from both my and FI’s bedside lamps, which means that I must have gotten out of bed, unscrewed them both, and brought them back to bed with me.

I am a total wuss, and kinda afraid of the dark (I hate not being able to see…) and it creeps the heck out of me knowing that I get up and do things in the dark while I’m still asleep… So I totally understand how unnerving it can be!

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@Frugalbride BAHAHAHA about the lightbulbs!

Once I woke up downstairs in my kitchen holding the food processor (WTF?) and once I sat straight up in bed and yelled at my boyfriend “Did you remember to wash the chargers?????????????????” We don’t even own chargers? Huh? I scream in my sleep also, its not big deal.

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Hmmm, I guess if it happens again maybe be concerened but you were probably just having a really bad dream.  Like Corgi I talk in my sleep sometimes, during Christmas time last year I told my Fiance I didn’t want any presents…hahaha, he just laughed becuase he knows how much I love to get them.

Oh, I’ve also either cried in my sleep or woke myself because I was crying and it was about a sad dream of a loved one who has passed away or those crazy dreams about the Fiance leaving me for someone else—you know how engaged couples sometimes have those dreams and all? HAHA  Yeah, he just gives me a kiss on the forehead and snuggles until I go back to sleep. 

It’s weird what our brains do!

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Sugar bee
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My FH talks in his sleep allllllll the time, but noticeably moreso when he is stressed or overtired.

I have never screamed in my sleep, and am not a sleep talker by habit but there have been times when I have been having particularly lucid dreams (that I can remember) and when I wake up my FH is sitting there looking at me like I am the girl from the exorcist.

Can you remember anything about the dream? Were you sore anywhere when you woke up? Sometimes I will dream about being hurt, and when I wake up it turns out I was sleeping on my arm weird or something.

I have to admit, it is weird, but not totally random or unheard of. Maybe take some time to assess the stressors of late because what you deal with during the day is reflected in your subconscious.

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I am like moderndaisy; it happens to me every few months or more, depending on how stressed out I’ve been. My Fiance is a talker, and every single night I can count on him to mumble something or half sit up and look around. I just tell him to go back to bed because I am always awake when it happens. I have a hard time falling and staying asleep. I am just a poor sleeper in general, but I scream. It scares people. I’ve done it to a few roommates who got really freaked out. I sat straight up from the waist once and start shrieking. I can’t even sit up like that when I am awake, like I shot up! I don’t pay it too much mind. Someday, if I have the money, I would love to go to a sleep clinic or something because my awful sleeping patterns do actually affect my ability to function sometimes, but for now, I just deal with it. As for it happening, there is nothing wrong just because you screamed, but perhaps take as a cute to have some extra personal time and relax a little! Hope you feel better.


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Both my fiance and I talk in our sleep on occasion.  Usually really random rambling about something that was going on earlier that day. He also gets, um… touchy while he’s fast asleep. 

The funniest sleep-talking I remember, though, was when I was a teenager we went on a family vacation and my brother (maybe 12 or early teens at the time??) and I shared a hotel room.  In the middle of the night, he sat bolt upright in bed, shouted “F*ck you!  You double dribbled!  You double dribbled!” and then collapsed right back to sleep.

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this has been a recurring theme for me in the last year or so. ๐Ÿ™

i frequently (several times a week) wake up Fiance and myself from crying/screaming in my sleep.

Fiance is the sleep talker/walker… i am the one who doesn’t verbalize anything but then freaks out my Fiance when i hysterically burst into tears or screaming… not sure what causes it… but i haven’t been able to get a good nights sleep in a long time ๐Ÿ™

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OMG some of you guys are cracking me up!

I have never screamed in my sleep but FH always talks in his sleep!

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I have extremely horrifying dreams ALL the time.  I wake Fiance up constantly thinking there is someone in the house, or saying that someone is at the door, or I heard glass smashing etc etc.  It’s actually quite ridiculous & I get bugged alot because I am extremely scared of someone breaking into my house – due to my dreams.

I know I should probably go to a therapist but a pyshic onces told me she thought maybe I was murdered in a before life.  (Not sure if I believe that sort of stuff, but it would make sense)

It gets so bad that when my Fiance is gone & I am home alone.  I have a bunch of rituals I do before bed in order to secure my safety.  I also have to go to sleep extremely early because I think the only “safe” time is when it’s light out. 

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I don’t think I have screamed in my sleep, however, I have suffered from night terrors on a regular basis for a long time, pretty much on a regular basis since I was in my mid-teens. It has gotten a lot better since I met my Boyfriend or Best Friend, as it never happens when I spend the night with him. It still happens quite often when we spend the night apart.

Usually I wake up in complete panic thinking that someone is in my room (usually an alien or supernatural being), and it’s actually really scary when it happens ๐Ÿ™

It happened again last week; I woke up in panic thinking that someone was standing by my bed, and I got so freaked out I ran to the bathroom and stayed there for 10 minutes. I was actually scared to even go back into my room.

My Boyfriend or Best Friend is also a troubled sleeper; he is more of a talker, though. He tends to talk complete rubbish in his sleep, usually when he is really tired. Some stuff he’s said includes “Where are we going?? Where is this train going!?”, “Those people in the bathroom seem to be finished now, so you can probably go in”, “You can’t expect everything I say to make sense!”.  

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