(Closed) The worst thing that happened to me: bridesmaids edition

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  • Wedding: August 2019

mrsblueeyes:  tell me about it!! I was so shocked. She was such a bitch. She legit said she was worth the possible chemical burns! Who the fudge does that?

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I agree with the PPs who complained about a lack of food.  I’ve been a bridesmaid too many times to count, and often the bridesmaids have banded together to provide some sort of food/alcohol in the suite/home, but it is especially irritating when you ask the bride if she has plans/ideas and she stakes someone else will take care of it.  One wedding we started our day at 6am for a 5pm wedding.  For breakfast we had a terrible egg caserole (nothing else) and orange juice.  NO COFFEE! I had to text my bf to raid the starbucks at the hotel and bring us every pastry they had (we were at a remote resort that didn’t have a grocery nearby).  Seriously, we were all starving and crabby.  At subsequent weddings, I have always made sure there was plenty to go around

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Ah…. most experiences have been good, except for one with a MOH-zilla.  She was very difficult, but in particular she took it out on me as opposed to the other bridesmaids.  Apparently she felt threatened by my friendship with the bride, and it brought out a really possessive side of her that shocked the other bridesmaids.  Let’s just say… I put up with a lot of intentially rude behavior, nasty emails, digs in front of family, etc.  At one point I stood up to her, and it unleashed a new wave of hostility, so I backed off and just gritted my teeth.

So.. fine.. I’ll put up with it for my best friend of 15 years.  And then during the ceremony, after we walked down the aisle and went to take our seats, MOH-zilla and I realized that they had miscounted the number of bridesmaids – there weren’t enough chairs and there was only one chair for the both of us.  So, we both squished onto one and I basically held onto her so she wouldn’t fall off into the aisle (I was pressed up against my friend, so I was locked into place, haha).   No one noticed, there was no scene, and from then on it has been a truce between us.  

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So, I honestly remember that my sister’s bridesmaid (I was MOH) was HORRIBLE to me but I can’t even remember what she did during the wedding weekend that was bad (although I know there were some things!).  She said she couldn’t cohost a luncheon for my sister because she had to get her nails done.  I think in the end it came down to the fact that she was jealous of my sister because my sister was getting married and the BM’s sister was jealous of me because of my career.  

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cantwaittobeemarried:  I have no idea. Don’t even care to know, honestly.  She was a bridezilla 100%!

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I was a Bridesmaid or Best Man for a family members wedding. She included me because she felt like she had to or my grandma would be upset. It was a nightmare. 

Bachelorette party – ignored and made faces at by the other bridesmaids/friends of hers, because she obviously spoke terribly of me before hand. When I would speak, this mean girl would roll her eyes at me. Myself and bride accidentally came wearing the same dress, mine in black and hers in white. When she saw me, she actually looked at me and said, seriously? Like I knew what she was going to wear. 

Told me to dye my hair lighter for the wedding so we didnt look alike. 

Wasn’t allowed to see my bridesmaid dress until a few weeks before the wedding. I had to beg her to give it to me so I could do alterations. 

Day before the wedding, I had to reach out and ask her where to go, what time, and how much money to bring to hair and makeup people. I didnt know anything before hand because she didnt want me to. 

Arrived at 9:30 for wedding that started at 6:30. Was not fed the entire time. Just water bottles and coffee out. Got yelled at because I came at 9:30 and not at 9:00, so I couldnt get my makeup done first, and the order she decided was now ruined.

Everytime I touched my phone, 3 times over the course of all those hours, I would get asked who I was talking to. As if I was giving super secret information out to my mom… Meanwhile, all other girls were sitting and on their phones the entire time. 

I paid for hair and makeup, but bride wanted my hair done a particular way. She wanted me to do my hair curly. I ended up telling hair stylist to just straighten it because my hair curls poorly. All other girls had different hair styles, but i was the only one they wanted a particular style for. In fact, she gave the other girls options to do their own hair and makeup, but I didnt get the option, even though I do my makeup just as good as makeup artists tbh. 

We took photos first, then during cocktail hour, we were told we can mingle for half an hour, then line up for the ceremony (we do cocktail hour first). I was STARVING, so I grabbed a mini hamburger, and was pulled away by a coordinator saying the bride wanted me immediately in the suite. When I got up there, I was the first of the bridesmaids to get there, and got yelled at by the MOB asking me where I was… the other girls arrived 10 minutes after me and didnt get a word told to them. I didnt eat food until 8PM.

It was a nightmare.  Needless to say, I havent spoken to her since then. 

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I was Maid/Matron of Honor for my best friend, then demotted to Bridesmaid or Best Man, then didn’t end up going to wedding…

Bride had no other friends, we had been friends for years. She asks me to be Maid/Matron of Honor, but then decides to have a destination wedding in Portugal (we live in Canada) because his parents will pay for the whole thing – no problem, but at that time there was no way I could afford it and let her know. I suggest she asks someone else to be Maid/Matron of Honor, she gets her FI’s friend that she’s known for 3 months.

She drags me to every bridal show she can find, despite the fact that she can’t use any vendors and isn’t actually planning anything herself. I play along, go, and try to find ideas she could use. They decide to have a small ceremony in Canada before the wedding, so I do tons of research, find venues, restaurants, etc. that she could use, she hates every one of them for tiny reasons and asks her Future Father-In-Law to pull some strings with some business people he knows to get them in a hotel. She then asks me to stand up for her at the ceremony here, I say yes and help her dress shop several times, then once she decides on the dress she turns around and buys a totally different one when her Future Mother-In-Law comes to visit.

Then, the kicker was when she texted me telling me I have to throw her a shower before the Canadian ceremony(which is two weeks away!), it’s tradition. This is her 2nd marriage, they’ve lived together in a house purchased by his parents that is fully stocked and they pay for nothing. I tell her that within the two weeks, it probably isn’t going to happen, maybe she should get her actual Maid/Matron of Honor to throw one before the actual wedding. She flips out, tells me her Maid/Matron of Honor will stand up for her now at the ceremony as well…after I purchased a hot pink dress she insisted I wear. Then she texts me “FI and I would like to know if LeBonbon & her fiance will still be attending our wedding, as we have to place them somewhere in the seating chart.” I text her back asking if we can meet and speak properly and sort things out, I am not going to a wedding where someone is treating myself and my Fiance rudely. She texts back “Fine, then that is all the answer I need.”… and deleted me from FB and we never spoke again! 

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  • Wedding: June 2016

So many crazy stories!! My wedding is coming up, so the bridesmaid situation has really started to ramp up. One of the things I was most excited about for the wedding was spending time with my best friends/family in the lead up/getting ready, but I have become so nervous about my friends judging me every step of the way! It’s honestly the part that’s stressing me out the most at this point. Bleh. Hopefully it all works out without too much drama (my friends have already gotten in a sort of fight with my sister/MOH over the bachelorette which was really stressful because they don’t want me involved at all so I can’t really help). Also like half of them love the dress and half don’t, so that was a super stressful scenario (but at least it was a cheap dress!). I haven’t been in a wedding before (and none of them have either) so I feel like no one knows what to expect  

I guess the big takeaway here is to feed your bridesmaids and I have PLENTY of food planned so at least there’s that! Haha. 

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Well, I guess I’m happy I’m not in the minority of crappy brides.

I was a Bridesmaid or Best Man in my FBIL’s wedding. The bride and I were pretty close until this, then she uhh, went crazy. She called both myself and Future Sister-In-Law (sister to her husband & my fiance) horrible bridesmaids because we didn’t check on her like every day. We both did a lot and spent a lot of time helping her prepare. She was upset I didn’t figure out her problems while I was on vacation – states away, so how exactly am I going to help? Plus, I’m on vacation!

Every time she had an issue with anything, especially me or Future Sister-In-Law, she called my Future Mother-In-Law and cried about it. Then Future Mother-In-Law would call us and say it’s just wedding stress, etc. She got mad at me because I chose to spend my money on my medical expenses and not her wedding. She got mad because my Fiance and I got engaged while they were engaged and planning their wedding. And it just goes on.

She also excluded me from all the family photos at her wedding. But she included FMIL’s boyfriend (who she hardly ever sees) in them. And that just annoyed me. We had been dating for just 6 months less than them, so it’s not like she could consider us “less serious.” 

Needless to say we’re not friends anymore due to her actions. So don’t be like her! 😜

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One wedding I was in, the bride told me I was fat! (It was a long story, but it involved the dresses that she kindly paid for, which then I had to get it altered anyways because it was ordered way too small for me and it ended up costing more to get altered than the dress was in the first place!) That same bride insisted that the bridesmaids originally wear heels/sandals for the wedding, and then proceeded that day to say no shoes on the beach because the one bridesmaid was taller than her and she didn’t want her to be “too tall” in the pictures. 

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RobbieAndJuliahaha:  I had the same thing happen to me.  I was in a wedding where we had a maid-zilla instead of a bridezilla! The Maid/Matron of Honor asked for dates we could do her shower, and I told her the one weekend I could not do it, bc I had my annual family vacation (one that the bride had been to 5x!) Well, she picked that weekend, even though there were weekends that we could all attend, and she got pissed at me that I wasn’t missing my vacation for it, even though I was still going to pay my share.  Like literally, cussed me out for it.  But the bride and I had already discussed it, and she knew that I wasn’t going to miss the vacation, and she 150% understood.  Then, the Maid/Matron of Honor decided that as the couple’s gift, we were going to pay for the limos to take us to and from during the day.  The bride wasn’t going to have limos, bc they wre not in budget.  But Maid/Matron of Honor thought they were necessary and wanted us to pay for them. Ummm, no.

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cantwaittobeemarried:  haha yeah, same! It’s kind of crazy. My friends are great, but I guess I just didn’t realize going in that no matter what I did they wouldn’t all be happy with everything. You can try to be as considerate as possible…but in the some people probably won’t be 100% satisfied. Oh well!

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