(Closed) There are so many pictures of Moissanite…but help me out ladies!

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@BootsLace92:  do you have Instagram? Out of curiosity I looked up moissanite hashtags and saw a jewelER who had a lot of videos. I don’t have moissanite but it did look gorgeous!

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@BootsLace92: First, congratulations on moving forward with your SO!!! The waiting for proposal period is such a special time of excitement, anxiousness and then more excitement lol.

If you’re concerned about how it will look, or really considering it for your e-ring I would highly suggest ordering a loose forever brilliant from a reputable seller with a return policy. Most places let you keep it for 30 days. Look at it in different lighting situations- indoor, outdoor, low light, fluorescent- and see how you feel about it.  I have read stories here about some girls really wanting to like it and then upon seeing it in person realizing it wasn’t for them. I guess it is truly all about personal preferences because I LOVE moissy and find it absolutely beautiful, sparkly, and perfect for me in every way. We’re currently getting my e-ring made and couldn’t possibly be happier. If you get it in advance you’ll know exactly what to expect and then you can just enjoy ring shopping and waiting for your proposal.

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If you have the money, order a necklace with a smaller stone first – that’s what we did! Just a half carat round in yellow gold (was about $300 I think). It definitely helped ease my mind about how it looks etc.

I am in the process of having an oval moissy ring made. I personally love these stones! I don’t think it’s transparent, but definitely very clear, and so so sparkley!!!

Here are a few good videos from Youtube that might help you out ๐Ÿ™‚

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeNdsf8C79w (this one is bad quality, but you can see the colours moissanite throws, in comparison to the diamond side stones)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJac8os7CJk (again poor quality, but you can see the cut of the stone)


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@BootsLace92:  Hi and welcome to the bee!

I took a few photos a little while ago of moissanite in different light settings, this to someone who is colour sensitive could be a deal breaker!

In comparison to my diamonds, moissanite seems to stay cleaner for longer, I haven’t cleaned it yet, and it’s been a month! The only time I take it off is to shower and cooking. It still looks just as beautiful as when it was given to me.

Here’s the photos! Keep in mind that mine’s a 1.5ct cushion, which is slightly smaller than a 1.5ct round – but it’s close enough!

Direct Sunlight 

Natural light from window 

This is outside, in shade. It shows the most colour like this!

Strong bathroom lights – sooo sparkly!

Outside again (yes I know, I take so many photos!)

This is what it looks like 90% of the time!

And when the sun hits it juuuuust right! (I was lucky with this photo, I haven’t been able to recreate it ๐Ÿ™ )

Do not buy moissanite if you expect it to look like a diamond, it just doesn’t. It behaves differently, the cuts are different, the refraction, the luster, everything!
My diamonds are either sparkling or not sparkling, they don’t have the “chameleon” behavior that moissanite has.
I love my moissy, waaay more than any of my diamonds, it’s so sparkly! 

Hope this helps, even a little! Good luck! 

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I JUST snapped this with my cell phone in my naturally – lit dining room. This is my one+ year old, non – FB, 6 mm moissy in a SS bezel setting. I freaking LOVE this ring! Probably my fave piece of jewelry/purchase ever! It’s a magical glittering ball of fire that always attracts compliments and I never hesitate to tell ppl what it is. Almost everyone has commented along the lines of “who needs to $pend on diamonds with sparkle like that.”


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I know I’ve only had my ring for a fairly short time, but when I was looking (endlessly on mco website) I thought I was losing my mind. So I started watching a lot of youtube videos to see what the stones behaved like in every day settings. I decided after not too long that the Ring Bearer moissanite was not for me – something about the way it’s cut just didn’t appeal to me (personally of course). I kept seeing oec’s and after stalking everyones gorgeous cuts that is what I finally decided was the stone for me. It’s definitely not transparent. I have only had it in my house so far (kids with the flu, yay!) so I don’t have a huge variety of lighting scenarios but of course I’ve snapped a few pics. Maybe oec will appeal to you too? Good luck and congrats!!


Living room lamp lighting:




Bedroom lighting + crappy phone = this BUT it shows its character 

ETA: My ring is a size 7 though it’s a little loose, and the center stone is 1.25 fb oec

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6.5 mm cushion cut (becuse of the different proportions of the cut, a 6.5 mm cushion is equivalent to a 1.3ish carat diamond in size, but faces up similarly to a 1-carat RB) Forever Briliiant on my 5.25 finger.

I absolutely love it, but it does not look exactly like a diamond (I have some diamond jewelry I’ve been gifted over the years for comparison, and I tried on a number of diamond rings while I was contemplating styles, sizes, and cuts).

I’ve heard moissanite described as “moody” and I think that’s an excellent way of putting it- it looks so different in different lighting. I love all its moods, and it’s constantly catching my eye with changes. 

In certain lighting, especially my bathroom and bedroom, it’s almost like a prism- it fires rainbow flashes in every direction and you can’t NOT notice it. That is the time it looks least like a diamond in my opinion- diamonds simply don’t have that brilliance and fire (this is not a matter of opinion, it’s measurable) but it’s also, in my opinion, stunningly beautiful. I catch myself staring at my hand, transfixed, while brushing my teeth.

In shaded/indirect sunlight (for example, in the car) it does have what I think people are describing as “transparency”- with less direct light, there is less fire so you can see “through” the stone more easily. This also is the time I notice a faint tint to it- it’s a FB so it’s relatively white, but it still has warmth. It’s most noticeable from the side, and I have a very open four prong setting so especially when driving and seeing it from the side through the girdly, I can easily see the warmth. It is very clear with no inclusions, so you can really see through the stone when there is less light to refract, and I do have a cushion cut, which sacrifices some brilliance for shape. This might be less the case in a round brilliant cut, however, as that is the cut that maximizes refraction.

In bright sunlight, it’s very brilliant- tons of scintillation and fire. It’s also surprisingly fiery in the dark when it catches a bit of light- I’ve noticed it flashing in the parking lot on my way out of work after dark, when I walk near the street lights. Under typical flourescent/halogen lighting in my workplace and stores, it has quite a bit of fire and brilliance, more than a diamond or a white sapphire, but less than in those perfect storm lighting situations that turn it in to a rainbow disco ball.

Seconding the PP who said it seems to stay cleaner longer than other stones- I work in health care and I alcohol foam/gel, wash, and moisturize my hands a zillion times a day, and all it takes is a quick wipe with a cloth and it’s back to brilliance. When it hasn’t been cleaned after a shift, it still has a bit of brilliance, but the rainbow fire disappears.  I’ve heard similar comments from a friend who has a moissanite engagement ring and several other gemstone right hand rings- when I was contemplating getting a moissanite vs another gem, she said that despite getting her hands dirty all day long, the moissanite stayed bright while the others needed regular cleanings to shine. I’ve read that this has to do with the chemical composition of the stone, which makes it less attractive to dirt.

The type of light strongly affects what kind of effect the stone has, but I’ve never seen it in a light where I didn’t think it was beautiful. If I ever buy any more white stone jewelry, it will certainly be moissanite. I encourage you to find one to see in person before you buy (I had seen my friend’s moissy engagement ring and knew I loved it), but I think you’ll be pleased- it’s just so freaking pretty!


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@BootsLace92:  I have yet to see my stone IN my ring, however I have seen it loose, and it is magnificent. It i no way looked transparent to me. Mine was a non-FB cushion cut 1.4 carats, so it’s bigger than a 1 carat and fancy cut which they say shows the most color, yet mine looked white almost the whole time and when it did look slightly yellow it was so minimal nobody else would have noticed but me who was staring at a it nonstop. Plus I hear they look even whiter once they are set in white gold. I think with a round FB you will be fine! I love the look of the moissanite rings on here even more than diamonds, and loved mine even more than a diamond when I saw it loose. I can’t wait to see it in the setting. I’m also in the same boat as you that we picked out the ring together, but I won’t see it when it arrives. FH will take it and the stone to the jeweler and have the stone set and then surprise me, but I think it’s ocming soon!!!!


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@BootsLace92:  Hello and welcome to WB! I’m a much older bee (just celebrated our 20th YAY!!) and have been wearing diamonds/natural gemstones all these years…until I learned about moissanite here.

I decided to try one (after doing my own research) so I ordered a 8mm FB round last December. It was truly BEAUTIFUL! However I didn’t keep it due to other issues…BUT it didn’t look transparent at all!

Here it is loose


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@BootsLace92:  I actually ordered mine with the intent of – check it out, see what all the fuss is about but not too pricey that I’d be out a thousand bucks while waiting on a refund when returned, so I made sure to choose something that if I DID like it, I’d keep it to wear (e.g., ring, earrings, etc.). That’s how I ended up with mine, and I wouldn’t dream of returning it, though I do think about resetting it somehow with some rubies maybe (mine & my daughter’s birthstones) so I can pass it to her one day when she’s older.

If you have a credit card, maybe order a loose stone about the size you’re considering on that, so that you might receive it, and – if you decided you DON’T like it – you can probably return it and get a credit/refund to your card before having made any payment on it, or maybe just a min payment for that month, which would be credited back anyway. Just a suggestion.

ETA: I ordered my ring from C&C’s website, but MoissyCo has some delicious designs on their site, and far more than C&C, in my opinion. I just happened to find a ring I loved for a very reasonable price on C&C. Since I live near their NC offices, it was to me next day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Good luck!


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@BootsLace92:  I *think you can ask for a small culet, though I’m not sure. I figured if my stone was more in the 8-9mm range then I would have worried about the size of the culet. But since it is only 7mm I wasn’t too worried. The culet is small but still noticeable (which it should be as far as I know). You can always order a loose stone to be sure! I love the sparkles and rainbows I’ve seen so far, and I haven’t even left the house yet haha.

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