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Registries are to give people guidelines about what you need/want to set up your new home.  If you feel that the registries you have do that, then just leave it as is.  Registries are not just something you slap together because people need to be told what gifts to get you and oh hey, they’re only willing to do it at the store down the road.  nope, that’s not how gift giving works.  If those women want to get you something at walmart they can still do that without a walmart registry.  They can also purchase things on line, (both Target and BBB have really easy online purchasing).

I also think of wedding gifts as something you want to have for a long time and not something you’ll need to replace in 3 years. I don’t think Walmart quality offers that.  Any household items they have are really not very well made or durable and will need to be replaced soon.

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I bought a bunch of WAlmart stuff after our wedding–food processor, etc. It’s great! BUT, I don’t know that i’d be able to find enough stuff to fill an actual registry with. THe only store near my parents’ little town is Walmart, though, so I totally understand. Keep with what you have and if someone literally can’t make it online to buy you something, they can get you a gift card.

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I agree with the other posters sentiments, but…

If you don’t do it, and your guest just buy whatever from wherever, you run the risk of getting gifts that you don’t want from places you can’t identify and therefore can’t exchange.

I’m not a fan of Wal-mart, but I think I’d go ahead and set up a registry. Worst case, you can take stuff back and put the money towards something you really want (like a TV or something). Wal-mart does carry some decent national brands on small electronics and kitchenware.

Just my two cents.

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Well, I personally like Target better than Walmart as well, but I do know that Target has a horrible return policy- especially for wedding gifts without a gift receipt.

But its your wedding, register where you guys want. Alot of stores carry the same brands so people could probably find items at walmart as well.


Good Luck and Congratulations on getting married!

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I agree with everyone else about Walmart! They definitely have some great things (appliances, vacuums, etc) but I would be hesitant about dishware, flatware and glasses. I have some wine glasses from there (that I needed to buy for a party because we don’t have any) and they’re not that great. I mean they work, but I always feel kinda cheap using them.

Target and BB&B both deliver and I assume the guests have access to the internet, right? I don’t see why it’s a big deal for them to just order things from your registry online. Have the women throwing you a shower put the registries (with websites) on the invite to prompt the invitees to do it that way.

Good luck!


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 Listen up girly!!!!! This has been my experience with having my registries at BB&B and target. Those are my two main registries. At my first bridal shower, no one, I mean NO ONE bought off my registries and went straight to Walmart. This dissapointed me to no end! But then I realized Walmart is just more economical now and so my Fiance and I also did a registry at Walmart too.

 So now we have 3 registries but I’m hopeing others appriciate that.

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I think Walmart is fine as long as you fill teh registry.. Friends of mine registered there and only did a few items and i was angry to no end trying to figure out what they wanted or needed (im an Anit-GC giver…:)

If i could do it again i would register at Zellers, i think its more the idea of it sounding cheap that turns the bride and family off. Zellers is a branch of The Bay and Home Outfitters, it carries mainly the same stuff just at a fraction of the cost.


Do Wal-mart, if youwant..it gives people more options πŸ™‚

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Geez ladies, Walmart may not be as “nice” as BBB or Target but they still have some good things and basic essentials thatre cheaper than other places.

My gf registered at Walmart because in our small town, that’s all we have and she had some nice stuff on there. I think it’s a little rude to say that Walmart isnt the place to buy wedding gifts from and/or you wouldnt trust their items. In my opinion, theyre great for the little appliances, like irons, blenders, toasters, and so on when you dont want to register for something real expensive. I’m a college kid and hate to say that most of my apartment is full of Walmart things for the kitchen, living room and it’s been great, I’ve had some stuff 4 years. I’ve actually gotten some really nice dishes from there thatre simple and good for everyday or back up. Their wine and beer glasses are cheap in price but by no means do they make me feel cheap using them and no one ever knows where theyre from. You can register for cooking utensils, Paula Deen pots and pans (I really want a cast iron skillet), tupperware, mixing bowls, and so on. They also have some really nice frames that would be nice for wedding pictures.

have you thought of registering for fun gifts like movies, tools, games, cook books, etc? That could be an option. Also, you could register for some plain wash cloths and towels as basics to fill your linen closet and accent whatever it is that you picked out for your registry. You could also register for gift cards, which could come in handy for anything you need in the future for the home or groceries.

You need to register so people know what to get you and dont just show up with random gifts that youre left returning. Please dont knock Walmart, yea its not the first place I will register but its by no means low class and if it’s the only store close for your family, you should think of what is easy for them. I mean, they are buying you wedding presents.

Just another perspective!

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Is there a Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond in your town?  If not, it’s probably just easier for people to access Wal*Mart.

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I say register at Wal-Mart. I shop in both Wal-Mart and Target and as a pp stated, for things like small appliaces and the like…the quality is pretty comparable. Also, Wal-Mart has been offering better quality tableware and the like due to the influx “up market” shoppers that now patronize Wal-Mart due to the sucky economy. Before you make a decision either way…head down to your friendly Wal-Mart and see if there are items that you would want to receive as gifts. If you decide that you don’t want the gifts…you can always take them back and buy what you really want.

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Friends of mine registered at Wal-Mart for their wedding. I’m betting it was a similar situation, as we’re from a very small town where the only “happenin'” thing is Wal-Mart.

(I ended up just getting them a gift card to Wal-Mart, as by the time they finally TOLD me about the registry, most of the stuff had been purchased. Plus, I mean, they need food too, right?)

Anyway… for Christmas two years ago, some family members went in together and got my fiance and I a cookware set, four place settings, silverware, and some other stuff from Wal-Mart. (I was getting ready to move in with him.) I’m still using all of it, and while it isn’t gourmet quality, I’m not a gourmet cook – so no biggie. πŸ™‚

So, register at Wal-Mart if you want – their products are decent quality for everyday use. Don’t register if you don’t want to. I only have one registry, at BB&B, because I don’t need/want a crapload of stuff. A lot of my family doesn’t understand the point of registries (they feel like they’re being dictated to), so I know full well that I’ll be getting Wal-Mart stuff for my wedding… and that’s fine by me. πŸ™‚

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