(Closed) Thigh work-outs! Help me tone my thighs!!! PLEASE!

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BellaDee:  Hey girl, I just stopped by the Bee real quickly and don’t have much time to stick around, but I’m having inner thigh issues as well and searched for “inner thigh exercises” on Pinterest. It brings up a TON. Try that and see what you can come up with!

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BellaDee:  I will let let other Bees help you find an exercise as I am not educated enough with thigh workouts. I just want to remind you to please ask your doctor before starting something new. It’s great to stay in shape, but getting in shape while your pregnant or starting something new isn’t the time to do it. The only thing I can think that would be safe would be prenatal yoga.

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What about leg presses? It’s the same motion as squats (which are basically the best thing you can do), but you’re sitting so it might be more comfortable? Can you do step ups, or step up lunges? Lunges shouldn’t hurt your knees (at least pre-pregnancy, so I’d imagine not during either)….your knees should never go further than your toes when lunging.

If all else fails, try cardio that will work your legs, like biking on higher resistance.

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A leg press isn’t going to really work your calves…at least not as much as your hamstrings and glutes. It will work your calves secondarily only. It is essentially the same movement as a squat, but you start from a seated position.

You’d want to use a machine, and most gyms will have incline ones, or ones that are more “straight on”.


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BellaDee:  Squats and lunges are the best.  If it’s hurts your knees, you are probably doing them wrong.  Make sure to do them slowly and do not allow the knee to flex past your toes.  My uterus hurt for a few months after a LEEP procedure so I can understand why yours would be uncomfortable.  Make sure to do Kegels to build up your pelvic floor but keep up the squats, just do them slower and more controlled.  As for the backs of your thighs dead lifting weights was the best exercise I found for keeping that area in shape.

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BellaDee:  have you tried one of those rubber bands? You can do a lot of different exercises with them that should also be ok with your pregnancy. 

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BellaDee:  Can you do any hiking outside? Going up and down hills is awesome for strengthening your legs and butt, and it burns lots of calories, too. Doing leg exercises will help tone your quads but unfortunately you can’t “spot treat” areas for fat loss. You just need general aerobic calorie-burning for that. I like spinning on a spin bike (just put the handle bars up higher or sit all the way up). You could also you make your treadmill incline, and vary the incline. That helps target different muscles in the legs. Good luck! I’m preggo, too (almost 33 weeks), and while I’ve been super active during my entire pregnancy, I still haven’t been too stoked on the fat I’ve put on (it’s also been on my thighs and bum). Sigh. I just try to be positive and know my body’s doing what it needs to do. Good luck!

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How about some squeezes with an exercise ball, doesn’t seem like much but oh man!

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I agree with MrsAKSkier – in addition to or in exchange of the 45mn jog on the treadmill you need to get outside. I am not preggo, but my thighs are absolutly my trouble spots. I usually am on the treadmill 5 days a week for a minimum of 20 mn (pre strength training routine) but I find that I need more cardio to slim my legs. I make up for it by getting out for a minimum of 2-3 mile hike outside at least 5 days a week   – on weekends I go for longer 5-6 mile walks cause I am not in the gym. The great thing about walking is that it tones and builds muscle, but it is also very easy on the joints and it doesnt wear you down like jogging does. You have to go the distance though, but its worth it. Plus, getting outside is mentally stimulating as well 🙂

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BellaDee:  Hi! I have been weight training (quite seriously) for over 5 years and have a trainer that I work with. I am also pregnant at the moment so though I might be able to help.

Firstly, lounges is not great when pregnant if you are not used to them and if your knees hurt, then it’s a no no.

Instead I would reccommment trying steep incline walks on your treadmill which will give you an extra push on the legs without a higher impact.

Squats is also great but try standing with your legs a bit further apart and feet slightly pointed outwards and you will get more of the inner/outer thigh and also it will be easier on the tummy. You also don’t have to squat as deep, a little bit is better than nothing as long as it feels right.

Step ups/stairs are also a good way to get your legs and bum and again isn’t very high impact so safe when pregnant.

Another good one is standing on all fours, extend one leg straigh and do straigh lifts up and down which will again target your legs and bum.

I hope that helps a bit and best of luck with everything! 🙂

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