(Closed) Thin but with lots of belly flab-TRIGGER WARNING weight & measurements listed

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I agree with PP that part of it is just your body shape, and add to that the fact that metabolism does slow down in your 30s, many people as they get older see more belly fat accumulate. Some of it could be bloat as well caused by IBS? My husband has IBS-D also so I totally understand not eating a real breakfast, he never eats just before going out anywhere. He has had some success with pro-biotics (align) and psyllium fiber capsules, it hasn’t cured him or anything but definitely made him more regular. 

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I too have a similar body composition and due to some necessary diet changes from undiagnosed stomach issues, I lost 35 lbs and was down to 104ish.

I too get bloat and pain in my stomach and like horrific gas. I have more the constipation type of IBS though. I too have a “soft look and I noticed I recently put on most weight in my belly.

My doctor was testing me for SIBO, which is really common with IBS. There is herbal remedies and xifanxin. The xifaxin made me gain 4-5 lbs, which isn’t coming off.

I know it can be frusterating, but I would check with a nutritionist or a GI doc to make sure this isn’t a flare up of SIBO, which can really make your stomach look distended.

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Everyone has said everything, but here is what I would recommend:

1. Cardio

You can’t selectively burn fat and you’ll need muscle to replace anything you lose from “dieting”. Need to do some good cardio! Get your heart rate up! Don’t focus on weight, but on how your clothes fit and how you feel.

2. Let your body be the dietician

Your body will get demanding about its energy and nutrition needs and let you know exactly what doesn’t fly, like coffee for breakfast. Don’t just eat; nourish. (Peanut butter on toast is my go-to energy food, plus it makes you drink a lot of water.)

3. Welcome your abs!

They say abs are made in the kitchen. You could do stomach toning exercises and all that, but you won’t see the results under fat. Cardio to lose fat will take you down to just a pooch, and healthy eating will flatten that pooch right up.

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rusticchic212 :  i understand your frustration. perhaps you need to do other workouts that workout the core more intensely.  i know you said you do yoga but it never made a dent in my tummy the way bbg (kayla itsines) did. its not much but i see abs forming! i think you eat pretty healthy, although im sure you could add some other foods in your meals here and there.

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nattybeee :  Would you mind sharing which digestive enzyms you use?


Also anyone want to share which psyllium fiber they use too?

Sorry OP, don’t want to hijack your post, but some of the IBS tips are great 🙂

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I feel your pain OP!

I am a healthy weight for my height (5’5″ and 120 lbs) however, I appear quite thin everywhere except my stomach! It is unfortunately where I gain all my weight….It is easy to hide in clothes but there’s no escaping it in a bathing suit or naked haha

I just started my fitness regimen to get my body bridal ready and I’m currently doing ballet classes twice a week and hot yoga (bikram 90 min and 60 min and hot vinyasa) 3 times a week. The other two days I rest except for walking my dogs for a mile or two. I’m only on my second week of this regimen but I’m hoping that it will make a big difference. It is super noticable though that I carry all my weight in my ‘spare tire’ tummy during hot yoga classes where I usually wear leggings and a sports bra only since it is like working out on the face of the sun in there LOL

More working out will do your body some good! Focus on core strength and cardio.

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studentloansforlife :  Of course. I LOVE the ones I take. They’re kind of expensive but honestly I’ve found the most relief with them than any other ones. They have all the vital enzymes your body needs to digest fat, sugar, carbs and protein. It’s these ones below. Garden of Life is top notch quality too. I’ve done extensive research on their products and I so many of their supplements because they’re the best out there. Plus I wanted a capsule that didn’t have any soy in it which is really hard to find. All their capsules are veggie capsules and don’t have weird fillers in them. Make sure if you go to buy them in the store you show them the online price, they will honor that price because in the store they’re like $35 more than online.


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rusticchic212 :  I feel you. I am also generally thin, but if ever I gain weight it goes straight to my middle. I also tend to gain some weight whenever I work a desk job, even if I do cardio throughout the week. The only way I’m ever able to effect belly flab is with weight training – and not just targeting your midsection, but a rotating cycle of muscle groups.

With that said, only do what feels right to you and what you’re capable of within your schedule, and please try to give yourself a break. Changes in our bodies are bound to happen as we get older. It stinks, but it is part of life. When you say your DH doesn’t say anything except maybe you need to exercise more…as someone who also has struggled with eating disorders in the past, ooh that would be really hard for me to hear and not take very personally. I understand he’s just trying to offer a solution to a complaint you come to him with (I think my FI might say the same thing for lack of knowing what else to say), but still, I feel like that is a trigger for us. Take everything that everyone says (including me and everyone on this thread) with a grain of salt, and remember you’ve come a long way to loving yourself and being grateful for the body you have that keeps your organs in and gets you the places you need to go (sorry, that’s just my mantra for when I start feeling dissatisfied with my body)!

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I have inherited the belly flab issue. I am not saying this to be a debbie downer, but realiastically I have learned to accept it. My mom and aunt always have had bellies. Apparently their mother who was very thin and very tall (at one point 100 lbs) also had the little belly pooch. My mom was overweight for many years, but my aunt wasn’t and she still had the little belly. She dressed to cover it, but if you saw her changing you would “discover” it. My mom and her aunt both were diagnosed in the past year with Stage 4 cancer. So now my mom has lost, as a result of the cancer, 30-40 lbs this year. Her BMI is squarely in the “normal” range, but she still has a huge stomach in relation to the rest of her. My aunt is now severly underweight, as she was already a size 0 when she was diagnosed, and her pancreatic cancer agressively effects her appetitite and the procedures done, being hospitalized, etc, makes it hard not to lose more. Her job now is to eat as many calories as she can to prolong her life. Literally her #1 goal/issue now is putting on weight. And yet, she has the little tummy pooch. 
It’s kind of liberating, in a sense, when I realized. Well sh*t, I will ALWAYS carry something in my tummy. I can focus on being a healthy BMI and trying to maintain a pleasing shape, but I won’t obsess over something that I can’t completely change. I still filll a million times cuter when I’m “thin” by my own standards, but I can’t hold the flatness of my belly to other ladies’ standards, whose bodies and genetics just work differently than mine. And then the other perspecitve I’ve gained from all this cancer stuff is… embrace and enjoy your blessings while you have them, and try to free yourself of the little problems that get in the way of enjoying and making the most of your life. 

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