(Closed) Things everybody seems to love that you hate

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Honey bee
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The Walking Dead, any thing pumpkin spice, Game of Thrones…

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Honey bee
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The beach. White chocolate. Football.

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Sugar bee
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Mac and cheese




Red lipstick


Chris Brown


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Worker bee

Country music

Overly dyed hair. Sorry. Your hair doesn’t move and it looks like straws

Those jeans with the rhinestones on the back pockets. True Religion jeans basically.

People who talk about their kids all the time. Others love it though.

Most celebrities. I don’t understand the appeal of tracking their lives.

Anything overly sweet.


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Sugar bee
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Holly77 :  what type of monster doesn’t like Mac and Cheese!?!?!?

hahaaaa wink

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Helper bee
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Citrus fruits

Sour cream

Anything fried


Mint Chocolate

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Busy bee
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Oh man do I WISH I hated anything fried and Mac and cheese. 

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Blushing bee
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Just curious, for the people saying they hate certain tv shows, how much did you watch before you decided you hated it? Was 1 episode all it took?

I remembered another show I hate that everyone loves. House of Cards. I watched the entire first season and haaaaated it, but I knew I wouldn’t like it from the first episode. I was forced to watch it lol

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Busy bee

Ahhhhh man. 

I love Game of Thrones. AND I love pumpkin spice. I feel so basic. Ha ha ha ha ha! 



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Sugar bee
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Materialism. The need to one up everyone else.

Designer handbags. Don’t tell me it’s cool to have spent 1500+ on a purse.

Sororities/fraternities (Especially here in California).

The tendency for people to hate trendy things just because they are trendy. Opposite of band-wagoners.


I’m going to get a lot of flack for this one, Seinfeld.


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Helper bee

hahaha absolutely love reading all of these. I feel like my list could go on forever. Once I start il never stop haha. 

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Blushing bee

Star wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter. PP- I’ve probably seen 5 mintes of each show but none of them interested me and instantly annoyed me. I don’t like sci fi things.

Also: Seafood, pork, video games, pokemon go, hastags, crossfit, the need to get drunk.

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Worker bee
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Tights been worn as pants. Hate. It.

AFL (in Melbourne in Australia) I don’t think it’s a think anywhere else in the world, but in Vic, people go NUTS for it and I am so not into it.

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Honey bee
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OMG I love this thread, read all 15 pages, love ranting, here I go! (No offence to enyone, ya’all awesome still) this is a loooong ass post…

– Instagram, Im not posting anything so dont follow me (I only signed up to see extra pics of my FSILs new baby, yes Im a weirdo lol but I love that munchkin) how do you make people unfollow you?

-Snapchat.. why?

-Twitter.. dafaq?

-Walking dead or anything Zombie… ewww

-Big Brother? Whyyyyy?

-Bachelor/ette omg… whyyyyy?

-Those stupid leggings with prints everyone is wearing.. you are not 3 y.o. just no. They are so ugly.

-Cruises… I dont get the appeal. Stuck on a huge boat with a bunch of strangers… you cant sit on the sand or swim in the ocean.. whyyyy??

-Casinos. Too loud, too bright, too crowded. Every intravert’s nightmare (right?)

-Duck face, especially duck face selfies… dumb looking level 100

-Amy Shumer, she’s not really funny..

-LOTR, Hobbit the whole shebang i dont get the appeal.

-Harry Potter

-Most of Starbucks, especially the fucked up mile long names and the weird ass cup sizes… and the prices like what?

-Leggings as pants. JUST NO. If you are past puberty especially NO.

-Skinny jeans on men.. ewww

-Man buns? NO.

-Keurig and the like

-Designer stuff that has their logo all over like MK, Coach and LV… with the logos all over the bags.. soooo tacky omg I cant even. Eapecially if they are facke! Tacky level 1000.

-Long fake rectangular nails. Ewwwwwww.

-Fake eyelashes that look so fake… whyyy?

-Crop tops in anyone. Why? WHY do I have to see you fat jiggle openly? NO. Yes I can look away but it”s too late cause I already saw it and I can’t unsee it now. 😭

-Beyonce (yes she has a good voice and she is pretty, so?)

-Kanye self absorbed douchebag

-Kardashian anyone or anything. Just no.

-Bruce Jenner (or shoild I day Kaitlin) getting that award? Why?

-Chris Brown aka douchebag

-Rap and Hip Hop (like 99% of it) 

-Strong fake smelling stuff like lotions and cheap perfumes… “you smell like a baby prostitute” -Janice Ian from Mean Girls

-Strong smelling candles especially vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin spice fake ass smell => instant headache. *barf*

-#Blessed, and pay for the poor person who has …. type Amen. Honesty how is that going to help. Ffs.

-Religion. Seriously. I cant even.

-Politics, they are all mostly liars and assholes. Ugh. Except for Justin Trudeau ❤👍

-Going out all the time

-Being crazy about gettig a reservation at that hot new restaurant… I. DONT. GIVE. A. SHIT.

-Big loud parties where you know 2 people. Not. Interested.

-Clubs. I have been to  a club 2-3 times in my 20’s. NOPE. 

-Cheesy pick up lines. Juat go knock yourself out against the wall please. 

-People at work or on fb trying to sell you what ever crap you dont need. Noooooooo.

-Pot pourri (is that how you spell it?) I dont get it. It’s a bowl of dry flowers sitting on your coffee table collecting dust… why? lol

-Fake flowers ==> funeral home decor. Just awful.

-Brooch bouquets. Some are ok but mostly not. 

-Moissys, amoras, etc. (Dont hate please)

-Halos. Some are pretty. Mostly it’s just too much for me. I’m a solitaire girl. It doesn’t need an entourage. 

-double halos, just no (dont hate)

-See though wedding dress bodice in the front looks slutty or whatever, please dont hate

-Pantyhose omg why this torture?

-Stilletos! Why must shoes hate your feet so much?

-Fashion fads, disposable fashion, trends. I like when people have style, I’m hoping to develop mine further as I kinda suck at it… but I’m not into fashion. 

-iPhones, iPads I’m a forever Android girl. 

-Kindle. Books have a smell, a personality, an image… and will they look nice on a shelf. I dont like electronic books, they have no soul. 😢

-Most podcast, idgf about like 99.99% of all that

-Metrosexual men, Hippy bum looking hipster men too, I like the middle road guys, manly but no hobo beard…

-Open concept floor plans whyyyyyyyyyy????

-Souround sound at home.

-Maple Leafs hockey team… I’m from Toronto and the leafs are a disgrace why and how could you love a team that never wins. Such predictable disapointment all the time. I dont get it. 

-American Football, also soccer, lacrosse, rugby..

-Running, jogging

-Food fads, too many to list. Enough already.

-PTAs. I dont even have kids and I’m dreading those already. Im not fucking going to that bs. I watched “Bad Moms” that will be my tribe lol screw that bs.. 

-Any movies that are not technically animated.. but have a weird talking animal.. like that movie with the racoon.. NO. 

-Crocs (unless you are at the beach)

-Uggs when they are old and ugly.. like they are in Toronto winters.

-Legwarmers (cant you kust wear longer pants?) 

Omg that felt so good getting all that out there! :)) lol I’m sure there is more but I cant think of it right now.

OOOOH!!!! Yes one more:

-people who say “my kid is 25months old”…. FFS your kid is Two. TWO YEARS OLD. I think anything past 18months just sounds absurd. 

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Sugar bee
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Navygirl14 :  haha. I actually liked the toast and the iced tea. I though the chicken was suuuuuper overrated.

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