Things I regret from my wedding day

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 1969

I wish I had gotten the dress I wanted instead of the one my mother wanted. However it was more important to her at the time so not sure I’d change it if I could.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: March 2018

i got my regrets too, which was also not being able to greet everyone in the room, should’ve chosen better mc and band for my wedding and other small details such as the decorations and all. but it all has past and we did our best. let’s just hope that your mistakes can help other future brides not to do the same thing

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2018

I wish I’d never booked our videographer.  He was absolutely useless!! Other than  that, I’m so happy ❤❤

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: September 2017

Not getting to eat our wedding cake. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2018

We had a wedding cake with three tiers of different rent flavours and I regret not tasting them all. 

We ran out of time before the ceremony so got fewer official photos with my Mum and bridesmaids than I’d have liked.

There’re three people who I invited evening-only (UK bee), who I wish I’d invited to meal too.

I would have listened to my gut and told my seamstress to add more bustle ribbons. I didn’t think hers were enough but I let her convince me and the bustle broke about 2 minutes into the dancing! So I just used the finger loop all night to keep the skirt out of the way.

I didn’t manage to speak to a few guests.

Ordered less buffet food for the evening! We ordered for 120 (160 came) and had way too much!

These are all small things though. I LOVED my day and didn’t want it to end! 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2018

secondtimer18 :  my bustle broke too, just after the first ceilidh dance! Ceilidhing is hard enough without a big train 😂 I had to basically grab the train with my arms and hold on haha.

My only wedding regret was not checking that my hairdresser had put my veil in my hair at the right spot – wedw discussed it at length, I’d spent 20 minutes getting my hairpiece symmetrical, so why she put the veil over the hairpiece and not under, I don’t know! It honestly feels like such a silly thing to be disappointed by, but it just threw my look.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2017

I regret hiring our DJ. She was really nice and cheap. Threw in extra time for no additional pay and gave us a discount as my husband was in the military. However, she did not know how to read the crowd. Once she stopped playing the songs I specified, the dance floor cleared until my cousins started putting in requests. I also wished we had spent the extra $200 to get the photographer I wanted. Darling Husband was very budget conscious (for the first time ever!) and did not see the point of spending the extra funds. Our pictures are beautiful but the photographer was rude and he didn’t go table to table like we requested to get pictures of our guests. Our wedding was small (72 guests) so it was definitely doable. We got plenty of candids though and our pictures are beautiful.  Plus, it took 4 months to get our edited pictures. I also loved that our wedding was more relaxed Sunday lunch wedding (suited my personality and the fact I wanted a low key wedding). But if I had known my dad was going to give money last minute, I would have booked a Friday night just to have more time to get ready. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2018

My regret list: 

1. Not making a shot list for our photographer.  He got everything down he should have perfectly, but there were extra family members and friends I really wanted pictures with but was too stressed during the day to remember. 

2. Not breaking in my wedding shoes in advance. 

3. Not planning out my mother of the bride gift more in advance.  I committed to a project too close to the wedding that was painstaking and didn’t turn out right. 

4. Not removing the cups in my wedding dress.  I have a very small bust and the cups added too much padding that looked weird. 

Otherwise.. I was really happy about everything else! 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2017

 My Maid/Matron of Honor, I asked her because she was my only sister who actually talked to me frequently and I don’t have many close friends. She didn’t help me into my dress which she said she would, my other sister(We don’t talk but we aren’t on bad terms)who was a guest did.  She was too busy talking to her boyfriend and before the grand march she yelled at me and left right after. That was the last time she talked to me unless she needed money. 

We had a church wedding, it was our cheapest option but I’m not Christian and I really wanted to do it somewhere historical in the city we live in. 

My photographer, it took us almost a year to get our photos and album back. When we took the album out to look at the gold lettering on the front smeared everywhere. We returned it shortly after our first anniversary…. we’ve never heard back from her. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2017

Not getting any wedding pie! The caterer made a key lime one just for me and then I was having so much fun that I completely forgot!

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Busy bee

Not spending more time with Darling Husband and not being able to dance more with him. We were both circulating a lot to visit with guests. 

We ordered way too much food! I would have ordered less  

not checking my hair right before I walked down the aisle. I had one stray tendril that stuck out in my aisle pictures. Luckily, it smoothed itself out by the ceremony itself. 

I would have made sure my kids were wearing something nicer before the ceremony. They are wearing t-shirts and shorts (what they wore to school that day) in the pre-ceremony pics, which takes away from them a bit. (I had suits for them for the ceremony and reception).

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2018

jennkneefur :  I’m so grateful you created this! I got married 10 days ago and feel like a selfish A hole for regretting anything but it’s glad to see I’m not alone….hindsight is a wonderful things. 

Main regret is having a BBQ buffet as our wedding dinner. We went for high end items and paid 110€ per person. The guests absolutely loved it but the on the day coordinator was useless! She didn’t help usher our guests a table at a time or even allow us to go first! No one knew what to do and was helping themselves to starters and mains on the same plate. Some tables were polightly waiting and others were on desert!  My husband (eeeee weird) ended up patrolling the line and helping guests work out what was what, while I went to find the co ordinator to help. I found her sat with the other vendors happily eating their vendor meals! She got an earful! 

In short, I don’t actually regret the food choice as the guest feedback was amazing but I do regret not sitting down and properly eating our first meal together as husband and wife! 

The rest of the day was amazing  some things didn’t quite go to plan (again co ordinator error) but none of the guests noticed. 

We had a destination wedding and are having a home reception next week so I feel that I can make up for missed pics or small tweaks to my hair/dress/shoes next week so that’s a plus! 

Glad I am not alone though bees! 


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Worker bee
  • Wedding: September 2018

Everyone was telling me that everything will go fast. I tried to enjoy the moment but there was some that was highly stressed which became my regrets.

1. Family pictures. I enticipated that so I decided to have our first look/shots of my husband and I. Then shots of my immediate family. Then his family. After the ceremony, there only will be cousins and friends. The thing is my family were two hours late and they literally live 2 min walk away. I missed pictures of family because it was hard to bring everyone together. There was always someone walking away. It was so rush that I didn’t have fun pictures with my siblings or my uncles like my husband did with his. We only could do serious traditional poses. IIreally hate my pictures in those because of the rushing.  also didn’t have time to take pictures of my friends because of that.

2. After diner, i had time to said hi to everyone, I even talk at least 5 min each. I’m real glad because I love everyone that I invited. However I didn’t have time to hang out with my friends and I regret that. They had a ball and loads of fun but I don’t remmreme the songs, the party. I just remembered my friends being a real sport and giving me my favorite drinks saying they thought I needed a new one. 

3. I regret hiring my florist. She was terrible. I researched and all her reviews on several website were perfect. She had 25 years of reputation. I met with her 3 times to discuss my vision. We even came up with type of greenery and vines as I didn’t want flowers since my husband is allergic to rose. We made a contract stating all the type of grennery. She gave us roses!!! And no grennery or vines. Then she claims that it what was writing in our contract, till I pulled it out. It was nice looking centerpieces but not what we discussed. On top of it, she had a cancel wedding the day before so she decided to reuse those flowers for mine and get pay twice instead.

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Buzzing bee

In hindsight, I’d change: 

– My hair. The hairstylist was great and the style looked beautiful from the profile, but I don’t think it was as flattering as it could have been from the front. It wasn’t exactly what I asked for but I didn’t want to make her redo it and I did generally like it at the time, but in retrospect I wish I’d made her adjust it. (I didn’t have a trial, so this could have been avoided that way.)

– We never got cake – we were busy on the dance floor and no one brought any to us

– I’d have insisted on seeing some of the pictures our photog was taking during the family portraits to make sure I was getting photos I’d like of myself. I don’t love most of them, and if I’d seen them as he was taking, I would have known to adjust my expression, move into better light, etc. Overall I loved our photographer but his specialty is more candids (which I love!), and he didn’t give as much direction as I would have liked on flattering angles, etc. There are still lots of photos I do like of myself, but I wish there were more family portraits and smiling straight on shots that I liked. 

– I’d have gone with a different caterer. Food was just okay. I was impressed at the tasting but on the day of the dishes didn’t taste nearly as good, which was disappointing. 

– My shoes. They were uncomfortable and not broken in, and after a night of dancing my heels were bloody. I was so happy I barely noticed, but that could have been avoided. 

– We’d have practiced our first dance. We winged it and it was fine, but it could have been improved by some practice. 

I do NOT regret splurging on a wonderful photographer, the amazing florist, having a DOC, skipping videographer and DJ, or skipping a bridal party and pre-wedding events (showers etc). Those choices I’d 10/10 do again. 

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