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Ahhh I love these threads they are SO necessary during this crazy process of wedding planning!


Grandma- I appreciate all your help, but please stop being so  grumpy whenever we make a decision that doesn’t please you. Try to realize that your negativity just puts a damper on everything!!

Dad- stop getting stressed over super petty things- it just makes everything MORE stressful, unnecessarily!!

Friend- no need to compare EVERY aspect of my wedding to yours, and to brag about your wedding every 2 seconds! Ive told you many times how beautiful your wedding was! Relax!

Acid Reflux- stop acting up all the time!

FI’s boss- treat him better!! he works hard and deserves better treatment!!


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@reinab505: Your mail carrier honks at you!?  What on earth!????

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Universe: Give Fiance and me the f-ing jobs we’ve been killing ourselves trying to find and get!!

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Oh, I soooo need this right now…

Mom: No, you cannot change my ceremony plans. I know you want to be center of attention, but I’ve made up my mind. Nobody is “giving me away”. I’ve been independent for 11 years now, and it’s not 1855. Don’t worry, you still have another daughter to give away.

Dad: totally miss you and need you right now. Hope we honor you the right way.

Sister: Jesus Christ, you really do try to make EVERYTHING impossible, don’t you? It’s really freaking sad that we have to bribe you to come by buying you a new dress, and that I have to beg you for a month straight to RSVP already. You should be happy; oh wait, that’s right – if it doesn’t benefit you in any way, you don’t give a shit. Grow the fuck up and act like the older sister that you’re supposed to be, not some 18 yr. old floozie. By The Way, this random guy that you are bringing to the wedding – he’d better be on point, b/c I do not feel like photoshopping some tattooed, wife-beater wearing mofo out of my wedding pictures. It probably won’t last anyway; you’ll get tired of carrying each other home from bars after 3 months like the rest of them. AND ANOTHER THING: If you get drunk at my wedding like you do at everyone else’s, I’ll never fucking speak to you again. I already feel like I don’t have a sister, so that’s no skin off my back. My friends are prepared to remove you if need be.

Guests: you besta get on those hotel reservations! Graduation is the same weekend and things are filling up fast! Also, I’m stoked to see so many old friends. Hello mini high school and college reunion! I love that you’ve all made the time (and money) to come share this with me.

Me: GET SHIT DONE already! You don’t have time to slack. Grad school projects will get busy fast, and the clock is ticking! This ain’t no vacation!n Also, way to go for sticking to the diet. You’ve met a major milestone today, and in a few more days, it will all be worth it. That dress will look stunning! And no, a dress is not a superficial motivation. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Grad School Peeps: Jesus Christ, I get it already! I know, God forbid I’m not sacrificing my ENTIRE LIFE this semester. I kicked ass last year, and that was good for me. Pardon me if I want to get THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF MY LIFE right, and that class isn’t my #1 priority. That doesn’t mean I”m slacking, it just means that I’m not going above and beyond this year. I have 2 fucking jobs, grad school, and a wedding to plan. Yeah, the same wedding that you are invited to. So unless you kindly want to STFU and help me plan this wedding, I don’t want to hear it about project. Deadlines are met, our work is quality, so chill the fuck out.

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Stepbrother’s Wife: My husband and I will not be attending your son’s second birthday party–last year, we were disgusted by your behavior. You paraded the boy around like a show dog, soaked up the attention like a sponge, and only thanked people who bought expensive gifts. Sorry the $20 my husband and I spent wasn’t enough for you, but we were on an actual budget, not an “Oh my God I can’t get my nails done!” budget, and we could not afford to spend a small fortune on a one year old’s birthday gift. 


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Mom: Sometimes, you can be overbearing, and annoying, and sometimes I wish you would just do what I ask this one time. For instance, When I ask you to sacrifice a Saturday to go out shopping for shoes or to do things wedding related, i expect you not to argue with me that you are “wasting a Saturday.” Sorry that spending time with me is considered a waste. I don’t ask much. Other than that, you are a great mom, and my best friend. Thanks for all your support, and making sure that everything will go smoothly and for taking care of any unnecessary drama with FI’s side of the family

Dad- Thanks for all your love and support. You haven’t complained about anything, and have always come through for me.

Older Sister(MOH)-  Thanks for being a great sister. Since we were kids, you’ve always looked out for me. We’ve had so many great memories as sisters that I look back on and cherish. I am happy that you have found and married someone you truly deserve. Even though you have your own life and are living in another state, i wish you were here. It sucks not being able to have you here, especially when I just need someone to talk/vent to about mom or Fiance or whatever is on my mind. I hate doing this all on my own. Even though we talk on the phone practically everyday and email, it’s not the same.

FMIL- Thanks for treating me like one of your own. I enjoy our times that we spend when it’s just the two of us. Please don’t create any more uncessary drama about the food, that you think your family isn’t going to eat any of it because they are picky. I am not planning this wedding around guests. I can’t please everyone, and I am sure there will be people who will not like the food. Not my problem, they should not have come to the wedding. Please stop asking my and Fiance if we are saving money. #1 it’s a stupid question because you know we are #2. it’s none of your damn business what we have in our bank account.

FSIL’s- Please leave your kids at home. We love them to death, but i think you would have a better time at the wedding not having to worry about your kids misbehaving. I would hate for you to have to leave early. Plus, don’t you just want to have fun, drink, dance, and have a good time at your bro’s wedding? You bring your kids EVERYWHERE, and hardly have the oppotunity to just be adults.

Me- Stop creating unecessary stress. You have your shit together, you know what needs to get done, so stop worrying so much. Don’t feed into any drama, and do what you want, it’s your day.

I feel better already! Thanks:)

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Oh oh oh, my turn!!!

Fiance: I love you dearly, but stop trying to help me in the planning. You have no idea what I have done already. Just show up in your tux, say your vows, and love me forever.

Mom: thank you!

Future Mother-In-Law: Get your shit together woman!

Bridesmaids: answer my texts, answer my calls, and answer my fb messages. I know you get them, quit ignoring me in my time of need.

Vendors: please understand how important this day is to me and STOP telling me how much time I still have. Do you realize how QUICK 5 wks is going to go by? And please ship me the items I have paid for.

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I love this! When I have more time I am so going to repost my anger !! LOL 

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This is amazing!

Mom:  I realize weddings don’t need a “theme,” but I want one, dammit.  Let me have it. 

Bridesmaid 1: No one cares what you weigh.  Really.  You’re gorgeous.

Bridesmaid 2: Quit complaining about dresses I’ve chosen as maybes, not even as definites.  Quit complaining that you might not get to try them on.  You’re a freaking size 2.  Quit complaining that the dresses are expensive.  You’re not paying for it, we are.

Other bridesmaids: You are saints.

Best man: I swear to God if you don’t show up on our wedding day, I will track you down and drag your ass out of your apartment and to the wedding in your plaid PJ pants. 

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