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Oh there’s definitely a few, but the increased costs for dropping the ‘wedding’ word  is pushing dhim over the edge.  The cost of photography is making the man completely insane.  In my region, $3k is about average for a decent photographer, and this weekend we met with a LOVELY vendor who is giving us a generous business-related discount and brings the cost waaaaay down.  We’re still looking at ~$2200, and he keeps dividing that by the number of hours they work (6) and going apeshit over how much of an hourly wage they’re making.  It’s driving him nuts – especially since we can print the pictures ourselves “for $.70 at WalMart”.  He suggested we use the art teacher at his old high school since she ‘clearly likes art and probably knows what she’s doing’.

Wait till he sees how much flowers are, and those end up getting thrown away.

Dear god, give me strength.


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@Mrs.tobe: LOL I knew I wasnt the only one!

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they are so easly confused!!  LOL

I had to give mine Wedding 101!!!  No litterally I did!  

1.  One day we were walking around Target and I said I can’t wait until we can registar for gifts.  

Him, “what are you talking about”

Me, “What you don’t know what I mean.” and explained it.  He didn’t know what a registry was…had to say when we set a list of things we want for the house that people give us.

Him, “No I thought that the gifts just appeared! LOL  (This is the one thing I was most shocked about too! Why don’t they realize this??  Must have been their previous girlfriends whom bought presents to other weddings they went to. LOL)

2.  All that it takes to go into the planning.  

3.  What happens at bridal shows (Now he loves going just for the food and the chocolate that he pigs out on!)

4.  What Save the dates are and why we use them.

5.  What is a grooms cake. (had to explain southern tradition)

6.  Pre-marital counseling.  Why the heck do we have to do that??  (me: Oh my gosh it the  most important part, we have to plan for the marriage)

7.  meet w/the pastor for counseling? WHY?  (me: seriously you don’t think he would marry us if not do you??)

8. When I explained some ideas of ceremony like, worship before anything else.  (Him: not everyone will participate.  Me: that’s fine they don’t have to it’s what we want to do.)  Communion during ceremony…(Him: well my one friend won’t do it, I’m sure he’ll have problems and won’t want to be in the wedding then since he doesn’t go to church.  Me: That’s fine that doesn’t mean he won’t be in the wedding just because he doesn’t go to church if so why did he agree to do so??)

 9.  today he was shocked to find out that some women only wear their wedding band not ring.  When our girl told me to think about when picking out the wedding band to think if I will ever take my ring off or not.  (Him: What you won’t wear the ring??  Me: No baby only if swollen or pregnant I might not.) LOL

10.  My favorite so far now…My DAD said this tonight.  Why do you have TWO LISTS???  List A and List B??  

(I said, “Dad you have list A are the people we really want and list B is back ups if people from list A can’t come!

Dad: Why??  Just leave them out.)  LOL  

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By The Way…GREAT Thread!!! LOL

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He isn’t clueless, but he was kind of shocked when I said we need to get a move on reserving most things (we have 7 months). The worst was when I said we need to reserve our limo–we are getting married in September–prime Homecoming season!

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“Can we register at Best Buy!?” I was like ummm no.

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OMG! These are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I love this thread! Lol!! Following are some of mine. (Keyword: SOME).

Fiance: “So I’ll just drop a couple hundred bucks for the food and hall and that’s that. Don’t stress yourself out!” (This is for approximately 200 persons! And according to Fiance, open-bar alcohol will probably be another couple hundred bucks because alcohol is ‘kinda’ expensive.)
Me: “oOoOoOo… kay….. YOU will drop a couple hundred dollars. Thank you honey. However who the hell do you think will pay up the rest of the $1,000ssss!!!?” ((flapping different quotes from vendors in his face))
Fiance: “oh……………”

On photographer:
Fiance: “Do we have to pay him for the entire time he is here? Why can’t we ask him to go home and meet us at reception hall. That will save us 3 hours worth of photography time. Plus it’s unlikely he will be clicking non-stop. And everytime he isn’t, we don’t have to pay!”
Me: “Are you kidding me??? You want the photographer to click CONTINUOUSLY? Do you have ANY idea what you just suggested? I have never heard a question so STUPID before that I am not able to answer it AT ALL in ANY way.” (Any bees who want to answer this, please feel free to do so. I will send to my FI!)

This is an inter-cultural/faith marriage and not everyone knows things that may seem 2nd nature to us all:

Me: “And so FI’s bro will be giving the toast to us.”
Aunt: “OMG! That is the STRANGEST thing I have ever heard! Does he know you prefer brown at least?”
Me: “Brown what?”
Aunt: “Bread… sweety. For the toast”.
Me: “((head smack)) Aunty L, it is not THAT kind of toast! It’s -” (Aunt interrupts even more flabbergasted)
Aunt: “Well if it is not, then why do you have to eat it! It’s YOUR wedding. You tell the grooms side that you are NOT eating anything you don’t want to. And BE FIRM!”
Me: “I…. okay. I will let them know. Thank you!”

I cannot wait for the wedding now and to see the SHOCK on my aunt’s face when we get the ‘toast’ from the Best Man and it is not my preferred choice of bread.

My bro on volunteering to help with wedding planning. (He is in last year of uni. Isn’t married but has a gf)…
Bro: “I’ll be your adhoc wedding planner and so just let me know whatever you need me to do or if you want advice.”
Me: “Do you think we should do a registry?”
Bro: “What? I thought that’s the church’s job.”

He though I was talking about signing our name on our marriage license. So in a way we are ‘registering’ our marriage.

Confession time: I also always thought that the groom just puts the same engagement ring back on the finger and it then becomes your wedding band! Embarassed



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@Sasha2011: That convo with your aunt is hysterical!  That seriously made my morning. Laughing

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This is great well before we started on our budget, I asked him what he thought a wedding cost, and thankfully he was in line with about what it would cost us in CT. But the best thing he said when we were talking about registering I said “i can’t wait to register for a kitchen aid mixer!” (I love to cook and bake) and he says, “well i’m going to register for new golf clubs” im like you can’t register for golf clubs! you can register for stuff for the house! he thought that was absurd lol

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LOL. This thread is awesome.

I asked him if he wanted bouts.

Him: What are they?

Me: *googling bouts* Traditionally they were a symbol of significance or importance. They’re kind of a fashion statement now.

Him: I don’t want one…


Can I wear a throwing star instead?

On our Photographer: Him: Can we make sure he gets photos of all the food? I want to remember the food.

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My Fiance had no idea what a boutonniere was.

Also, the other day I wanted to go to David’s Bridal to compare the color of a tablecloth sample I’d gotten in the mail with the color of the Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses we ordered. Fiance thought it was hilarious.

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engagement ring vs. wedding band. He didn’t realize that you wear both of them… at the same time.

“I don’t know why I have to get you this, it will just sit in a box all the time anyways.” BAAAHHH!


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@.twist. hahaha I bet my Fiance wantss to “remember” the food the most too!


Fiance figured we would budget 5k for the wedding. When he started seeing the estimates, he was shocked!


He also said that he didn’t need cufflinks for his tux! I told him that the shirt has french cuffs. He didn’t understand the point of cufflinks at all and thought they were “man jewelry.”

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@PinkMagnolia: haha, at least we know the way to their heart is through their stomach! 🙂

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