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Busy bee
  • Wedding: March 2012

@.twist.: My Fiance said the same thing about the food. He’s actally e-mailed my cousin (our photog) specifically asking for pictures of the food and cake. She replied back to me that she didn’t even know how to answer him. lol

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  • Wedding: October 2011

@floridabride12: HA! We haven’t gotten to the point of actually asking the photog yet, but I’m sure that moment is coming. I may do it just for the laugh factor!

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Blushing bee

My boyfriend didn’t know that many people can easily be engaged for over a year. He thought that most people get engaged and plan the wedding in 6 months. I know that’s perfectly do-able, but I had just assumed we’d probably be engaged for at least a year, so I was taken aback, and was having a hard time explaining why I would want to be engaged for closer to a year. 

Me: Well, we would need to plan everything. And a lot of things book up way in advance. My parents said when they got engaged and were checking out venues, some places were already booked solid for the next two years!

Him: Oh wow, I had no idea!

So then we googled the average engagement length, and he was totally surprised that it is 16 months. So I think that was good to gently point out to him before we get engaged. 


Oh and he didn’t know what an escort card is. We were watching “Rich Bride, Poor Bride,” and the bride wanted a tree to put escort cards on, and he asked “what’s an escort card?” But I think that’s a pretty minor detail.

We’re not engaged, so I think it will be funny to see what comes up when we do finally get to planning a wedding. However, his older brother just got engaged, so maybe seeing them go through the engagement and planning process first will help clue him in to a lot of stuff about weddings. 

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  • Wedding: October 2011

That someone actually has to plan the thing! He keeps telling me that everything will be ‘great’ and it will all ‘come together’… but doesn’t really understand why I had a folder full of stuff and I need answers to a lot of questions!

When pushed, he told me that the ‘wedding fairies’ would sort it out. I *think* he was joking…

I genuinely think he thinks I’m crazy for wanting to get everything sorted ‘so far in advance’… we get married in October!

I know he definitely wants to marry me, and he’s excited about the day, but I think he doesn’t realise it takes a million little details to make that one big day. Bless him.

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  • Wedding: July 2011

I asked my Fiance what he wanted as a cake topper.
He said “frosting”

Bless his heart.

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  • Wedding: July 2012

@pokergirl84 Hahaha! My fiance said the same thing! Except he didn’t ask. 

Me: “Hmm, I wonder where we’re going to end up registering for wedding gifts.”

Him: Oh, just the regular places, like ‘Beyond Baths’ (his words, verbatim) and Best Buy.”

Me: “Best Buy?! Dear Uncle Blank, Thank you for the 50″ flat screen…”

In his dreams!

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  • Wedding: April 2011

Registries and guys don’t go together.  I took FH with me when we set up the first registry and he was miserable.  It was so bad that I did the other two by myself.  He hasn’t even seen what is on them, nor does he want to.  But lately he says things like “We don’t have a good cheese grater. Maybe we should put one on our registry.” I love that man, haha!

Some things he didn’t know about weddings, like that you can’t write your own vows for a Catholic ceremony. Or that you can’t have a traditional Saturday night seated dinner wedding for all his distant relatives and every friend he has ever known for $10,000 in the Boston area. But other things I wish he had never heard of, like ceremony programs.  I want to skip them and he insists that we have them. We already fought about that before we were close to being engaged.

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  • Wedding: October 2012

J didn’t know:

  • Bridesmaids/Groomsmen pay for their dresses/tuxes.  He feels bad for them.  I rolled my eyes and told him we have enough to worry about.  I also explained to him that’s why we will sit down and choose the cheapest route we can go.  
  • The bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts.  He was like “say what?!”
  • Colors.  He just doesn’t understand why I’m going nuts over it.
  • Registry.  He thought that was only in movies.  True story.


I’m sure there’s more, but we’re still in the beginning of planning.  It’s just little things here and there that he doesn’t understand whatsoever.  Haha.  It’s kind of cute.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

My bf and I were talking registries and I said we should register for extra plates cause his family will probably want us to host Christmas, and that we should register for bed sets and stuff, and when I asked him to put these on our registry list he said no.

I asked him why wouldn’t we put these things on it, and he said ‘Cause they won’t buy us the things we like.’ 

… umm honey, that’s the point of the registry, to tell them the things we like! He still shakes his head and thinks we shouldn’t register for those things, I asked him, then what Should we register for?  He said, ‘I dont know, kitchen stuff.’ …and nothing else… lol

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  • Wedding: December 2011

Hahahahahaha, this is the best thread ever.

Fiance thought that we could have an ENTIRE wedding, ceremony, reception, dress, tuxes, rings, etc… for 350-400 people for $8,000 or less. I’m not even kidding.

UMMM! Excuse me? You can’t FEED them for that much. Granted, we’re on a really tight budget, but $8,000? Seriously. I was like, “Baby, you have GOT to be kiddng me.” He honestly thought that we’d be able to provide a gormet Italian style buffet, plus everything else, for under 8 grand.

I made an account on The Knot just so I could show him the budget calculator and HOW MANY THINGS go into a wedding. I think he gets it now. We’re now trying to keep it at ABSOLUTELY no more than 350, for somewhere around $15,000. Still ridiculous, but at least in the realm of do-able.


Also, he thinks that he should wear a nice tux and vest, and make his groomsmen wear tails and cumberbunds. His reasoning? “I don’t want to look stupid, I’ll make my friends do it.” *facepalm* He doesn’t get the concept of varying degrees of formality AT ALL.

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  • Wedding: May 2011

My Fiance thought that a woman only had an engagement ring and thats it. No band. He thought that on the day of the wedding, he just places the engagement ring back on your finger.


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  • Wedding: May 2011

My Fiance insisted that we send our save-the-dates AFTER we send invitations.  OMG I didn’t even know what to say!  After I explained the process to him he said,

“Well that’s really stupid!  So your’re going to send people a save-the-date without even knowing if they can come to the wedding?  Isn’t that just wasting them?”

What the?!  SMH!!!!

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  • Wedding: July 2011

@MrsMaine: OMG this is hilarious. He must have felt so proud that he solved “the problem” lol.

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  • Wedding: September 2011

I feel fairly confident saying my Fiance knows nothing about weddings other than there is a bride and groom and they invite people to the place… lol

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  • Wedding: November 1999

The other day Mr.ND asked why we need to look into getting my custom band now…can’t we just wait a year or two after the wedding when we’ve got better jobs? I already have one ring, anyway. 

Yeah, babe…’cause I don’t really need the band on during the ceremony, I’ll just let you get it when you’d like. O.o

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