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@heathaah: Oh Ace is terrified of balloons too!  I forgot about that one!

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My lab hates the F word.  He will run from the room if he hears it 🙂

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Our rescue miniature pinscher (came from a puppy mill where she was used for breeding) hates:

– Unexpected loud noises. She cringes or runs away when she hears a plastic bag rustling, a door or cabinet slam, someone clapping, etc.

– When Fiance loudly uses the *F* word. Seriously. Sometimes when he’s playing video games he’ll swear. The dog is fine with any other swear word, but as soon as he yells the *F* word, she runs out of the room!

– Cars driving by when we’re going for a walk. If she hears a car coming she’ll stop walking and kind of cringe/crouch down as it goes by, and she won’t start walking again until it has passed.

– Going out in the rain. She’ll ask to go out, but if we open the door and it’s raining, she’ll run away into the house.

– When you blow in her face. She hates it for some reason.

– Getting her nails clipped.

– Water. She hates baths, the sprinkler, and she will act like she’s dying if you put her in a lake or pool.

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she hates hydrulics on trucks..

loud freeways

people with hats



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@jayloves- my dog used to HATE people with hats on!!  Or anyone with a hood, or anyone with a camera over their face while they take a picture.  She also hates people running at her angrily (old neighbor) -but who wouldn’t?

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yea when we first got her.. the mailman left the gate open while we were at work and she ended up in the pound.. 🙁 the guy who cleans the cages wore a HUGE hat so whenever we go somewhere she freaks out if someone has a hat.. but Fiance always wears a baseball hat and she doesn’t mind…

Oh yea and she HATES the mailman

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A new one for the list – Mu husband’s driving!!!

She’s great in the car with me, though she always wants to sit in my lap.  The minute my husband gets behind the wheel, she starts shaking uncontrollably!  Funny except that now I have to do the driving on our 8 hour car trip to NC!

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My rescue dog Blue (who’s deaf) is afraid of:

-shirts hanging where they aren’t supposed to (off the door jam or off the bookcase)

-shadows, mainly his own. (He was on my boyfriend’s lap while he had a flashlight and you could see Blue’s shadow on the wall and he got all nervous, and Jason put the flashlight closer to him and the shadow got HUGE, Blue jumped backwards onto Jason’s head then ran into the kitchen and wouldn’t sit with Jason the rest of the night! Jason felt so bad, he didn’t think he would react that way) lol

-anything moved to where it isn’t normally, it magically becomes new and scary.

-our cat sitting in the kitchen window (ties into the one above)


-the neighbors across the street getting in and out of their car/people walking past the house

-the big dark trash can out back, everyweek our neighbor puts his out and it’s big and scary, Blue won’t even go outside until I drag him to the back of the yard so he can see it.

-loud noises/echos.  Weird because he’s deaf (I think it’s the vibrations) but he gets all freaked out and looks around, hackles up and barks.


He’s a nut, but I love him!

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@CorgiTales– Hahha.. love that costume.. my dog, Coop has one too!! heheh 

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Hayley doesn’t like…

Loud things (like fireworks)

My phone when its on vibrate & I get a call/text when its on a table (she’ll run into another room)

Running water

The washer/dryer because it makes loud odd noises

Green apples (she’ll eat them, but she’ll spit it out a few times cause its so sour, yet she’ll eat it cause I’m eating an apple & so she thinks its GOTTA taste better)


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