(Closed) Things My Mama Never Told Me: “Joys” of Pregnancy

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I am so scared of how big my boobs are gonna get! I am already a DD. I should have never made fun of my sister…. she had her first when I was in middle school and I think she went all the way up to an F? Oy. Karma sucks.

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I have a friend who is trying to have a baby and I sent her this link. Not sure if she’ll want to read it (I warned her of the content so she doesn’t get a big unwanted shock)


I just want to say thanks to all you ladies though. I feel like I know entirely too much about the topic of pregnancy and labor even though I’m not going to experience it myself for quite some time (if ever). Makes me feel kind of pathetic, but it also definitely puts me much more at ease about the whole experience.

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Too funny. I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and the first thing out of her mouth was “wow, your boobs got really big…” Yeah, thanks for pointing that out. I don’t think I can hold out much longer… I’m going to have to go bra shopping again. I don’t know what even comes after DDs. DDD? Is that an E? I hear they get even bigger when your milk comes in. I think I’m more scared of how big my boobs are going to get than I am about giving birth!

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From my first trimester:

1. Uncontrollable gas!!  The only thing your husband can do is pretend it never happened…poor guy.
2. Exhaustion.  I was SO tired, I took naps several times throughout the day!
3. Cramping.  I hated feeling my uterus swell!
4. Belching.  It was bad at first, but I learned to eat slower and drink slower.
5. Peeing.  I had to pee ALL THE TIME.  And not in a little bit.  NOW.  PULL THE CAR OVER OR I WILL PEE ON MY SEAT kind of now.

From my second trimester:

1. Bleeding!  A lot of women bleed in the first trimester, but no one talks about bleeding in the second trimester.  I did, a lot, and often.  I have been scared the whole time, and had to go to weekly doctor’s visits.
2. The exhaustion ends!  I’m much more energetic this trimester!
3. Still gassy.
4. Can’t sit on my tailbone either!!
5. Feeling my stomach muscles pull apart and stretch.  It’s painful.
6. OUCH BABY!  When I first started to quicken (feel the baby move), it felt like she was chewing on my intestines.  It hurt!!  It still hurts sometimes when she flips over, but it’s much better now.
7. I don’t pee as often, thank God.
8. Discharge.  Nuff said!

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Wow this is really interesting, and I have to admit that alot of what people have mentionned… has happened to me.


  1. Cramps (intense I wanna die)
  2. the intense peeing (need to wake up in the middle of the night kind)
  3. Super duper exhaustion 
  4. Do not touch me cuz my boob hurts pain (I even wanted to rip my bra off)
  5. intense lower back pains… (like feeling my pelvis shift to make room for baby)
  6. intense nose bleeds. (like all the time)
  7. I have to floss lots… cuz I have intense tarter (not the case in the past)
  8. This is a good one : pee smells different. (I am not kidding you)

I can go on… but Ill stop 😉

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This thread is cracking me up! Seriously @rosiegirl, you had me laughing out loud over here!

I for one can’t wait to experience the joys of pregnancy. Hopefully sometime in the next year!

One worry I have is that Ehlers Danlos runs in my family. It is a connective tissue disease, and I already have SUPER loose joints. Like scary loose. I’m afraid this Relaxin hormone might have some negative effects. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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Ive never been pregnant but I am a nursing student so i had the opportunity to see a lot of what happens, watching many births and follwing up with moms, giving them breast feeding advice ( i know wierd for someone who hasnt had a baby), but i consider myself knowledgable without the personal experience haha. Anyways there was a lot of things i didnt know about pregnancy! i was so naive! i guess the one thing that suprised me was that when you are pushing in labour you also pooh at the same time. not everyone, but very common. it was my job to wipe it off each push! ewwww right haha, but you dont want it to get into the vagina or when it tears…avoid infection lol

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I have to say that even though You guys said some crazy things I am looking forward to every bit of it!

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@RoddyBride09  Must be LOL.  I have always loved children and really can’t wait to start a family.  I know it will be worth it when I hold my little one. 

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1. I felt like crap the whole pregnancy.  I felt the way you feel the day before you get sick.. you know.. when you’re like “I just don’t feel right”.  Fatigue and uncomfortableness all rolled into one.

2. I felt like I had no control over my own body.  I couldn’t do the things I wanted to.  It took me days to clean my house where before it only took a few hours.  I was so tired and weak, plus you’re not allowed to pick heavy things up.

3. Towards the middle or end of the third trimester my pelvis and hips started hurting soooo bad.  I could barely walk.  I had to miss class a couple of times because I just couldn’t walk accross campus, let alone get dressed to leave the house.

4. I felt stinky.  My scent changed and I was super hot so I sweated all of the time.  Plus my copius discharge smelled super strong to me.  I always felt like people could smell me if they were close to me. I was soo embarassed!

5. Horrible nightmares. Mostly that my husband was cheating on me. 

6. No clothes fit me.  I have a long torso and my stomach always hung out the bottom.  Plus I’m pear shaped.  I have a big booty and thights but always had a smaller waist.  so instead of just having a big belly I felt huge everywhere.

I did poop when I had her.  They had a mirror so I could watch and it was gross but by that point I really didn’t care.  And hubby was surprisingly cool with it.  He was just so excited to see his baby girl born.  He was beaming!

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Oooh.. Just thought of another really weird one.  My gums bled really easily. 

I had read that it was normal in a pregnancy book and thought WTF that is so weird and then it started happening to me.  I’m glad I had read it though or I would have though that I had some serious gum issues.  It was just really unsetteling because I take really good care of my teeth and am not used to bleeding perfusely just from brushing my teeth.  Now that I’ve had the baby though it has completely gone away.. Hoo-ray 🙂

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My mama never told me much of anything about her pregnancies – all I know is that I was an emergency c-section and my brother was a scheduled c.  That, and that she was in her third trimester with me all through the summer in South Carolina – yuck.

Things that happened to me (this is over 5 years ago, so my memory is a little fuzzy):

1.  I vomited every single day for seven weeks – then the morning sickness disappeared almost overnight around week 13. 

2.  I had preterm labor at week 28 and was in the hospital all the time – finally when the shots of terbutaline hadn’t worked and they had to stop the dilation from continuing, I went on bedrest from week 33 to week 36.

3.  Then I had prodromal labor.  I had contractions every five minutes or so apart for hours on end for EIGHT DAYS.  The first stage of my labor (to being 90% effaced and 3 cm) took EIGHT DAYS.  I was only 37 weeks, but begged my doctor to induce me because I couldn’t take the contractions anymore.  My labor was progressing, but REALLY slowly, so he agreed.  He broke my water, gave me pitocin, and she was born six hours later – and at 7 lb., 2 oz., and perfectly healthy, I’m not convinced that my due date was accurate.  She did not look like a baby born almost a month early.

4.  That really, none of that matters the moment you become a mom.  I remember saying the day after she was born, “that wasn’t so bad!”  I love her so incredibly much and would do anything for my daughter – and the love has only grown over the last five years. 

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