(Closed) Things not to say to a home buyer who just lost their dream home.

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My fiance and I put in 4 offers before one was accepted.  Then the appraisal was seven thousand less than the listing price, and the seller refused to negotiate, but strung us along for two months before telling us.  Then we went and spent a few weeks looking at other houses, before we finally found the perfect one and put an offer on it, which was immediately accepted.  Our house is bigger, has better square footage, and is 25% less than the house we originally tried to get.  So was it frustrating?  Totally.  I was miserable for awhile.  But I’m so much happier with our new house.

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We put in many, many offers on houses before we finally got ours.  It was frustrating and like an emotional roller coaster- BUT we are in a great house that is perfect for us! 

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When I found my dream apartment (no board approval, protected view of the part, doorman, and the most exclusive area to live ever) we bid the first day it was on the market. Turns out, three other people were bidding on it to. All parties were told we had until Friday (this was a Wednesday) to get our finances in order and make a bid. We bid over the asking price and CASH…..we lost. I was crushed, like didn’t want to look for another apartment for DAYS.

Two weeks later, the buyer who won the bidding decided the apartment needed too much work (oh, it was falling apart, hence the no board approval) and we got another shot…needless to say I moved in less than a week later. 

It does get better, something will work out. The first place I loved I tried to bid on and was informed that I was not even ALLOWED to bid because I was too young (the co-op board apparently felt those under 30 were a menace to the building)…had I gotten that place, I would have never even seen my apartment which I love so much I fear the day I have to move!

Keep your chin up, in this market, there are tons of places to see. Something else will grab you and you will get it.

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We put in about 10 offers and didn’t even hear back from ANY of them. There were multiple offers on all of them and it was like our offers just went out in space. The only offer we got a response from was the place we bought! Really though, this is the right place for us so it was meant to be!

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We almost lost the house we want, and I had to convince myself that there is something better out there. Otherwise I would just sit there and mope, and that would get me no where. We picked right up and started the search again.

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I’m a Realtor and my dream home… I literally cried when I did the final walk through. About a year later, the builder is getting sued and the half million dollar home needs about $200K in repairs.

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It does suck, but you can be SURE that in a year, after living in the house you end up getting, those other houses will be a dim memory.  Fi and I just had our 1-year in our house, and I can barely remember what the other houses were like–and at the time, I lovvvvvvved them!   (((hug)))

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Fiance and I fell in love with a house that was probably $15,000 above market value… We had been looking an looking and looking for a house that we  could *see* ourselves in and this was the first house that we actually HAD that feeling in…. 

We made an offer for fair market value and they came back that not only would they not help with closing costs but that they would NOT budge on price, not even a little! 

This happened to us over Thanksgiving break and we had to deal with everyone saying that “it wasn’t meant to be” or “there are more fish in the sea” or “you’ll find something… Just wait…” 

Blah, Blah, Blah….

I was devastated… We HAD waited… And we hadn’t found anything… It was so depressing… Our agent really wanted his commission so he kept pushing us to try a few more showings… 

I tried to stay positive…. But it was hard!

But when we got back from Thanksgiving break I saw a house that was 100 times nicer than the one we bid on… And it was the same price!! 

Even though we fought to lower the price of the first house we accepted the asking price for this house because it was probably $30,000 less than fair market value… It had a ton more to offer than the first house and we couldn’t be happier that we had to wait…. 

You’re going to have to wait… I’m SO sorry… I KNOW it sucks but it worked out so much better for us that we had to wait, I know it will happen for you too!


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I understand what you are saying, be gentle on the people — they don’t always know what to say, but they DO KNOW you are hurt and saddened by it.  And for the record, it does suck! I’m in the industry, as much as the housing industry is down — the good propertys go really fast.  I’m hoping you find something that will make you really happy.

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Our house was the 4th one we put an offer on, and honestly, the best. We would have had issues and lots more maintenance in any of the other 3 houses we put bids on. They were all older, and the only thing we needed to do to our house was put in new windows and a water heater.  For us, it really was true that the one we got was the best out of the bunch. I hope its the same for you!!

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We were living in Michigan and put in an offer on a house in VA- our offer was accepted, we got the mortgage, and showed up to closing. On the day of closing we found out the owners were in foreclosure and the bank was auctioning the property the next day. We stayed in the houe for ten days while the owners worked it out. In the end, we had to back out and put and offer in on a new place. Our current home is so much better. I like to think if something doesn’t work out it’s for a reason. 

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We negotiated on our house for 4 months! There were about 10 offers and 10 counter offers. We loved this house so much but the initial asking price was way out of our budget. The whole process was a roller coaster ride but it worked out in the end.

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Just keep in mind that people mean well and don’t know what to say.

We have been trying to sell our house for several months and had an Open House today and no one came.  It IS very frustrating.  People tell us:  “well, at least your house is all clean” and “the right person will come along” and I know they mean well but it just sounds trite after 24+ hours of getting everything ready and perfect. (to say nothing of breaking down and hauling out 4 dog crates, 2 litterboxes, pet stairs, and sitting somewhere for over an hour with 4 dogs and 2 cats.)

We lost our dream house without even getting to bid because we need to sell this one first and we have not had any serious offers.  We get the “well there must be a better one for you out there” but we have only found 4-5 worth looking at as we are limited to this county by my husband’s job and we are looking for a few acres of land.  Meanwhile 3/4 of my husband belongings are in a nearby storage unit and he can never find what he needs.

But it could be worse and things will get better….

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