(Closed) Things people do in the workplace that annoy you (but probably shouldn't)

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MsGinkgo:  I had a coworker once that played opera music the entire time he was in his cubicle. Without headphones. I also had a coworker once that insisted on keeping food in our (shared) desk space, which quickly started to smell horrendous. That one also ate so damn loud. 

I had a roommate that insisted on clipping his nails in the LIVING ROOM on our coffee table and rarely cleaned up after himself – he would just let them go everywhere. *shudder* Drove me f*cking nuts. 

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The computers all face away from our cubicle entrances where I work and there’s this one person who always shows up/stands there without saying anything, so when you finally notice them it’s absolutely terrifying and annoying. The person isn’t in a supervisory role or anything, so it’s not a matter of being watched/spied on or something like that, the person just has poor cubicle etiquette/doesn’t seem to get it – it drives myself and some other coworkers absolutely nuts! 

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MsGinkgo:  Well Im not sure about things that shouldn’t bother you…but one guy I work with clips his friggin toe nails at work! Soooo gross! The sound alone makes me cringe…I know this would prob violate some sorta health code in a normal business, but I work in my families small company and this guy is a family friend. So yeah..he gets away with it. Yuck.

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On break today, I opened the fridge and it smelled bad.  Which made me go on a hunt to find the source of the smell, while thinking of this thread.  I found several containers of food that looked like science experiments.  I hapened to open someone’s nice lunchbag, and it had moldy food inside as well.  It was a nice bag, so I threw out the food, (including a Clementine that was only recognizable as such because there was another, slightly-less-moldy Clementine in there as well!) and washed the bag for the owner.  But seriously, we are a small clinic, (like, twenty employees), and we’re all adults.  We should all be able to manage bringing our food home or throwing it away before it goes rotten in the fridge and a coworker has to hunt it down.

Which leads me to my other complaint.  Leaving dirty dishes in the sink and expecting a coworker to wash them.  We don’t have a housekeeping staff, but even if we did, they shouldn’t be responsible for washing out your dirty coffee mug or cleaning your used fork.  How long does it take to wash your fork like an adult and put it back in the drawer?  And if you’re that pressed for time, leave it and wash it at the end of your shift.  But we will have dirty dishes in the sink for days until someone gets annoyed enough to wash them and/or throw them away.  The later especially ticks me off because I bought a bunch of silverware to share with coworkers once our bosses stopped providing us with disposable utensils.  I bought them cheaply, but it was still my personal money.  And someone not only couldn’t be respectful enough to wash the silverware after they borrowed it, they made someone else mad and that person then threw away MY property because of someone else’s laziness.  Grrrr!

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listening to music! It annoys the shit out of me! I dont want to hear your music….any of it! I dont understand why people think others have to hear their favorite songs/radio station/talk radio/etc

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I work from home right now, so I’m not sure I am totally qualified to answer this.  However, I am a medical transcriptionist and I type voicefiles for doctors.  

One thing that bugs me is when they leave their recorder running and in their pocket.  1.  I can guage about how much money I will make by the length of a voicefile, so when they do this it skews my guess.  2.  I am required to go through and listen to the whole thing to be sure they did not pick it up and start dictating again.  This can be time consuming and I don’t get paid for it =)

The other thing is if they cough or burp right into the mic.  Even worse is when they eat while dictating.  I can’t stand hearing people chew no matter what the situation is, so having to listen to it with headphones on is horrific.  

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Gossip! I work in a facility with 99% female staff and I should be able to just get over all the gossip and not be bothered by it, but the other day one of the other nurses went to my supervisor and told her I was planning on quitting. I mean, seriously. Who starts rumors like that? I’ve never once mentioned not liking my job or looking for another, so why go off and tell my supervisor that I’m quitting??? Ugh, also get annoyed when I’m talking to someone and they don’t make eye contact and walk away. I get SO irritated by that

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When people bring in thier babies for “show and tell”. Pisses me well off. I don’t mind it if they’re respectful of people still have to work such as if you pay a visit and it’s lunch hour or they stay at the reception but not when they barge in the office and parade thier baby around. 

I can forgive people that do it once, but not when people bring in their new babies twice a week every week to “say hello”. 

I once flipped at someone who brought her baby into our office to see everyone, every other day… we didnt know her. She worked in the offices above and yes some people coo’ed and awe’d and wanted a cuddle but for me it disrupted the entire moment and sometimes the baby was screaming and we had clients in and out and fro crying out loud we didnt even know the mothers name. So one day she came in and asked if I wanted to hold her baby because I”d “not had a cuddle”, I turned point blank and said “No I don’t want to hold a strangers baby”. She sort of awkwardly laughed and made a remark that I must not be a baby person. To which I responded “Actually I love babies, but there’sa time and a place. I don’t understand why you keep coming here what do you want? You didn’t put a condom on, Congratulations”. 

She didnt come back.

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My boss is always singing.  He’ll slide things to me on my desk without any explanation.  Or he’ll leave stuff on my desk when he first comes in that isn’t for me… he’s just leaving it there so he doesn’t have to deal with it, so I put it in his mailbox because it’s not my problem!

My co-worker talks to herself out loud, often while I’m on the phone, in the same room, with a client.  And when she’s talking to a weirdo client she’ll gesture with her hands a ton and I’ll catch the movement out of the corner of my eye.  And she’s ALWAYS eating at her desk which bugs me on it’s own because I’m on a diet.  But when she’s done eating she’ll leave the food on her desk or a dirty glass on her desk instead of putting it in the kitchen area.

Everything here bugs me….

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I know this is two weeks old, but I just came across it and need to add! I have SO many….sorry ahead of time! I also would like to preface, that I am actually not a Debbie Downer, Miserable Mary, but this long list will make me sound like one, or both. I have worked here almost 5 years, have a desk in the middle of everything and everyone and just noticed a lot (a lot) of things….

-A woman next to me talks (complains) all.day.long to her computer when annnoying people email her. “OH. EMMM. GEEEE” sighs the most exagerrated sigh, so loud, then then stomps to a co-workers office and complains about it. If they are not in their office, she walks to the next office until someone, ANYONE will listen to her complain. 

-Another woman has personal phone calls with her door open, yelling on the other end. 

-Both of those women also have this habit of laughing (almost hysterically) after every single statement they make, when it is zero % funny and no one laughs. It’s like a nervous habit. 

-A girl that shares a cube wall with me has a hearing impairment and wears a hearing aide and never hears her phone but we all do, it’s sooo loud. sometimes we have to go over to her and tell her it’s ringing. She doesn’t do it on purpose though, she is the sweetest girl ever so we feel so bad telling her about it b/c she is genuinily so embarassed and sorry, so we just let it happen. She will put it on silent but not hear it vibrating in her bag and aganst things in her bag and it’s not a one buzz, its a quick buzz, buzz, buz, long buzzzzz, quick buzz, buzz, buzz and repeats over and over. 

-Another woman has a reminder alert on her phone that goes off every day at 4pm, and it is wind chimes. it goes off at the same time everyday, but when she has a meeting not at her desk during that time, it goes off for 20 minutes until she comes back to her office. That or I go and close her door, so only hear faintly. If you know it goes off at 4pm, and you’re going to be in a meeting at 4pm, turn it off!

-A woman two desks from me does that thing where when she has an itchy throat (daily) does this snorting, weird, inhaling her phlegm really hard thing into her throat and then makes a weird frog like noise to scratch the inside of her throat…I can’t explain the noise! It is something that you absolutely should NOT do at your desk, or in public anywhere.

-Another girl next to me has personal phone with her parents, for like 20 minutes at a time, multiple times a day.


-My bff at work, used to share a cube wall with me, and this is one of the things that shouldn’t bother me, but she brings in a yogurt that she packs from home in a mason jar and eats when she comes in. She opens it, gets granola from her drawer, pours it in and mixes it. I don’t know what it is, but the sound of the yogurt getting stirred it so gross sounding to me and then the spoon hitting the sides. I have to get up from my desk. Again, another rediculously sweet girl, and if I ever would say to her it bothers me (which I wouldn’t b/c again, it’s a totally unreasonable thing to get annoyed at) she would totally stop bringing it, and I would never want her to stop eating her faves breakfast b/c it is “annoying someone.”

-Heating up fish or burning popcorn in the communal kitchen!!!!!!! NO FISH IN THE MICROWAVE, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! 

-Another weirdo, unreasonable annoyance is when women wear backless, platform sandals and walk past my desk and I can hear the skin peeling from the sole of the shoe with every step. hahaha. 


With all that being said, my last day here is the 15th and I know I am going miss these things!



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bleusteel:  I have a coworker who is absolutely lovely… except her laugh. She sounds like a pig sniffing for truffles


OMG HAHAHHAHA! That legit made me LOL. <br /><br />

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