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@newbabybee:  LOL. I don’t have anything to add but “little popsicle” is the cutest nickname!

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Busy bee

@newbabybee:  hahaha! I once said to my SO ‘did you hear about the skydiver who died? His chute didn’t open’

He looked at me horrified and said ‘what’s funny about that?’

I said ‘nothing is funny about that, what the?’

Turns out he thought I said ‘he landed in a pile of s**t’. I have no idea how he got that!

We’ve had heated discussions before too where we both think we’re totally in the right about certain topics, when it turns out we’re talking about completely different things. LOL!!

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I always remember when i was little and drawing a picture at my nans house. I asked if she had a rubber (not sure if you call them rubbers or erasers where you are) She came and sat down at the table, looked at me and said, Well dear, i did have a brother, but he died a long time ago.

Bless her

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One time I was running out to Target. I thought this conversation happened:

Fiance: “Babe, can you get some Bud Light?”

Me: “Sure!”

Later at Target, while looking at the beer, I became really concerned. I have NEVER seen my fiance drink Bud Light, EVER. He usually drinks Miller Light, if he drinks a light beer. So I called him.

Me: “Hey, are you sure you didn’t mean Miller Light?”

Him: “What?”

Me: “The beer you wanted? Miller Light?”

Him: “I didn’t want beer… why are you asking me this? We have enough beer in the fridge.”

Me: “You asked for Bud Light. But I’ve never seen you drink it so I thought that was weird. I don’t understand if you want Bud Light or not.”

Him: “Oh my god, not Bud Light – BUTT WIPES.”


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Busy bee

@distracts:  Him: “Oh my god, not Bud Light – BUTT WIPES.”

DYING!!!! Now I have to ask… like baby wipes? Is that a thing now? 🙂

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@Paiger8:  Yeah he likes the Cottonelle flushable wipes – he says they are softer and kinder to his rear than toilet paper. Whatever, man, I let him do how he does (and honestly, I have occasionally found them useful as well!). It made a whole lot more sense than Bud Light though, lol, since he is always advocating for butt wipes in all bathrooms, and probably thinks that Bud Light tastes like used butt wipes anyway.

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Honey bee
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Just last night! This was not Fiance, but a friend we were with (still funny!) We were out at a bar and there was a life sized statue of Reagan. He says “yeah, I’d put that in my mouth.” I start laughing and give him a funny look. “you’d put that in your mouth??!”. “No! HOUSE! I’d put that in my house!”

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@distracts:  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! We use “butt wipes” if we are sick and using the bathroom a lot! Saves your rear for sure!

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My most embarrasing on was as follows:


We are getting out of my car and I go to lock it.  When you lock my car the horn beeps to let you know that is has locked. My husband turns around and says “wuss horn”.

I look right at him very confused and concerned and say “What?!?!?! Why would you say that?”

He repeats “What? Wuss horn? Because it is.”

I then realize what he actually said and respond “That makes much more sense, I thought you said ‘Horse Porn’!”

He laughed his ass off and said “I really worry about you sometimes, why is something like that on your mind!.”

He won’t let me live it down!

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I used to work in a video store back in 2002, and a customer comes in

Customer: Do you have “Ed” on video?

Me: Absolutely, I’ll grab it for you.

Happily returns with this classic starring Matt Leblanc and monkey star as professional baseball players on VHS and hands it to him

Customer: Ummm… no, i said “Do you carry ADULT videos”

Me: Oh, well that’s not the same at all, now is it… sorry, no.

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@distracts:  bahahahahahahahaha

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I’m cracking up lolol. I constantly mis-hear my Fiance and he tells me I need to turn up my Bel-tones. I have some funny stories but for the life of me I can’t remember any of them. When I do I’ll be sure to post them though.

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