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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2012

Gifts were not given, cake not decorated, lots of pictures missed, missed a lot of the wedding. Church had rules about pictures ruined more pictures. 

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  • Wedding: July 2012

The only thing that went wrong was that my very petite little niece’s flowergirl pomander ball was almost as big as her head when the florists gave it to her.  But one of the florists was able to fix it and make it a more appropriate size.  Plus we had extra flowers left over that were spread over our sweetheart table.  That was honestly the only thing to go wrong and it was fixed within 10 minutes.   We had such a wonderful day!

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  • Wedding: January 2010

These are so funny to read – but mortifying at the time, I’m sure!

My Mother-In-Law forgot to bring a whole bunch of the desserts to the reception (they were in her freezer at home). We ate cheesecake for months after the wedding, haha. 

DH’s finger swelled and I had a near-impossible time getting the ring on, but it was hilarious. 

My stepfather’s extended family threw a huge fit that the photographer was leaving without taking a picture of them (uh, what?), and went to the parking lot, got the photographer, and made him come back to take more pictures. I never did see those photos…

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  • Wedding: March 2012

My flowers never showed up(we ordered in bulk). My DH ran me to everywhere that sold flowers to buy every single yellow flower they had! It was actually cheaper than the bulk ones and they looked great! But I panicked for a minute!(pic attached of flowers)

Oh and when i walked down to see my dad for the first time my uncle said “Wow, really looks like you packed one a few lbs”… That lead to a bridezilla moment haha.

Lastly, my bridesmaids ex bf went around telling everyone my bridesmaid was a slut… my dh slapped him at the after party and told him to grow up and stop crying like a baby because she dumped him(that I just found funny).

All in all I think it was pretty perfect because I married my best friend ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Wedding: July 2012

As the day went on, I kept telling my wedding-coordinator bridesmaid that nothing was going wrong! But we had a couple of things happen, but throughout it all I stayed positive and calm… nothing could stop me from feeling the happiest I’ve ever felt ๐Ÿ™‚

– I got my period the morning of the wedding

     (Good because we had a pregnacy scare the week before the wedding!)

– DH got food poisoning from homemade alcohol that he had from Poland the night before

     (He felt fine a couple of hours before the ceremony, so no big deal)

– It poured rain as we were leaving my parents house for our outdoor ceremony

     (Luckily our ceremony site was about 30 minutes away, and there was no rain to be seen there! As we approached, there were sunny skies!)

– It was 95*, humid, and sunny during our ceremony (our poor guests!)

     (We gave out cold water bottles; guests stood in the shade until right before the ceremony; the ceremony only lasted about 20 minutes)

– The power went off at the country club 15 minutes into our reception. They put on generators for about 20 minutes, then they shut off. Apparently the whole neighborhood lost power… just as it was getting stuffy from no air conditioning, the power went back on. 

     (The power went off during dinner, so only the dinner music was compromised, and our DJ handled it like a champ. Our dinners were already cooked and ready to be served, so the food was still fine. All in all it was only off for about 45 minutes I think. I was totally calm, just worried it wouldn’t come back on in time for dancing…. But later after the power came back on we had an epic dance party complete with glowsticks!)


Mostly I keep dwelling on the things that went well… I can’t believe how so many things can come together in one day!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

It was reallyreally hot.  Ceremony was outdoors and reception was in a greenhouse with no AC.  We were the worst off, of course, all our guests looked much more comfortable than us.

The flowers were all wrong.  They were pretty, but they were either arranged wrong or were the wrong kind of flowers.

The officiant had a mic and held it up to his face the entire time, so everyone hear him say our vows, but not us.

We were never told that there was a strict time limit to when we could stay outside for pictures so we missed quite a few of them.  For that I’m glad we did a first look or we’d have practically none!

Oh well – it was a good party, we’re married!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2012 - El Faro Convention center, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

I definitely had a less than perfect wedding! The photographer got mixed up and didnt make it to the church in time meaning I have no pictures of coming down the aisle or the first half of my ceremony, the dress didnt fit so I was incredible uncomfortable for most of the day (I couldnt even sit and when I tried it looked really funny) one of the sleeves of my dress broke and I spent all day pulling it up so I could use my arms, my decorator forgot to put up the seating chart so everyone got to the venue and had no idea where to sit, my flowers were ordered the wrong color, the DJ played the wrong first dance song, some of my family members fought and didnt make it to the wedding….. really I could just go on and on…..

But we were in our own little love bubble! Day of the wedding I was so happy, in love and completely absorbed in living the moment I didnt realize half of the stuff that went wrong. It was still my perfect dat ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Wedding: May 2012

We got dressed at the church, and I had my dress, bra underwear, hose, make up, jewelry, veil-but I forgot my freaking crinoline at home. So I had to send my brother to get it-which included a 10 minute conversation explaining what a crinoline is, and then instructions on how to break into my house, to get it. That fiasco put us 45 minutes behind with picture taking, so that we were still doing pictures when guests were starting to arrive. The wedding did start on time though, so it all ended well. 

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  • Wedding: June 2012

Well, I got the stomach bug the night before our wedding, so I was sick the entire wedding day. I kept getting up to use the bathroom while I was getting my hair done and I had to tell the JOP to “hurry up” during our ceremony. Then I went to the room to sleep before the reception because I was so sick, but that was supposed to be our photo time. I ended up not eating any of our fabulous meal, but was able to dance and have a good time at the reception. Also, my flowers in my bouquet were wrong. Getting them fixed made me late to the ceremony. People still don’t believe me that I was late because I was waiting for my flowers.

Love your story about the “holding pants up” hehehe

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  • Wedding: October 2013

@noodle4hd:  If he was invited to the reception then you should have had seating available for him.

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  • Wedding: August 2012

ah yes, things always go wrong. overall we had an amazing wedding though!

-the day before, I forgot a bin of decorations. My Maid/Matron of Honor offered to drive me back to my place and return with it, but I didn’t want to incovenience her too much, and declined. This meant that we arrived with it 90 minutes before the ceremony, scrambling to set up a few last things, as the early bird guests were arriving! my Mom held them at bay, which was fine, but I realized I had also forgotten a few special items at that time, and was really, really stressed for about 20 minutes. Some of the decor, tealight holders, and string lights never even got used. I eventually had ot just got upstairs to the Bridal suite on the top level of the boat, and chill the f out, and accept the way things were. Guess what, the venue still looked great!

-a friend of mine had difficulty finding the venue, and when she finally did, she didn’t have a credit card to pay for the parking, so she went home. Would have been nice to have her there.

-not sure I got any pro pics of just me and my Mom. still waiting to see. I’ll have some regrets if I don’t.

-I have a theatre background, and we didn’t have a DOC- that was me! so I was kind of stage managing the ceremony from the altar, Lol! I wish now I had just relaxed more, because I think everyone would have figured it out without my eye cues.

yeah, my list isn’t very long or terrible. I had an amazing wedding!!

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  • Wedding: June 2012

Destination Wedding

1. LATE PEOPLE.  No matter how much buffer time, scheduale or time limes I gave out… we had people LATE at all parts of the wedding (getting-ready, ceremony and reception). One of my biggest pet peeves.  This affected our photo scheduale and I didn’t get as much time for shots as I would have liked.

2. Seating plan at the reception. Our resort put people together at 2 tables instead of 3 causing drama that I STILL have to deal with after returning home.

3. Photography – I am mostly pleased with my photos but sad that we missed some shots of certain details, in the moments and our GUESTS BEING IN THE WAY of pictures.  I was really annoyed (as were the photographers) at our guests walking directly into the view of the cameras BLEH. 

4. Weather – We were lucky that it didn’t rain during our ceremony but it rained the day after for our schedualed TTD … so no TTD photos. =( 

5. I lost my wallet which had $1000 cash in it (must’ve dropped it while I was trying to balance all my items while going to my wedding coordinator meeting), my birth certificate and ID!! I freaked out and caved to the stress.  BAWLED my eyes out.  However, we checked the Lost and Found… some kind soul returned it with everything still in it!!


1. WEATHER.  rained 4/5 days in Cancun… sucked because we could barely do ANYTHING

2. DH got sick. =(

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Buzzing bee

The whole wedding went pretty smoothly, they mixed up the bridal entrance and bridal party entrance songs…it was supposed to be traditional song for the bridesmaids and a non-traditional one for me. There were a few disappointments throughout the reception, but the biggest thing that went wrong was the DJ…he was a creepy guy who someone accidently invited to the after party at the hotel and he actually showed up, with his KID in tow. Gross.

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  • Wedding: July 2012

Our slideshow got messed up and didn’t play right. So it was totally akward, because there was pictures of us as babies and being goofy, but no music to go to it. So it was..weird..

I asked the DJ to play our flower/garter toss song in full because thats my moment with my ladies, his moment with his men. They got cut off as soon as the main event was done.

Our DJ didn’t annouce us properly for walking into the reception. We gave him a detailed list of when to say what, and he didn’t follow it. I guess what I’m saying is we had a crappy DJ.

When he was doing his garter toss, one of the little kids ran onto the dance floor and tripped my DH. I’m not impressed with that. I held it together at the wedding but I’m very mad at them for not watching their kids during that moment.

I told my DH he had to say the thank you speech, that was one of his main jobs. He said a very small thank you and left the rest up to me. I hadn’t prepared anything because I assumed it would be left up to him. I basically froze and didn’t say thank you to who I should have. I feel terrible about not saying thank you to some main people.

We got forced into staying at our reception till 2:30 in the morning when we wanted to leave at midnight. People kept asking how to clean up the hall. I gave them the list but they wanted us to stay and help clean up ourselves because it was OUR wedding after all.


But with all that being said, it’s all fairly minor. So it wasn’t too bad of a day.


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  • Wedding: May 2012

@drummerbride:  Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. The guy was only invited to the after-party, not the ceremony and not the meal beforehand – but he turned up to the whole thing and we had to squeeze him in.

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