Things that went wrong!! What happened at your wedding?

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I lit my hair on fire on a candleabra on the bar while posing for a photo.  Dead serious.  The whole room smelled like burnt hair and it was right before our first dance and that was all my husband could smell.  Given the amount of hair spray I had in, it’s amazing that my whole head didn’t go up in flames!  Somehow the event coordinator was able to cut away a small little part of it and you couldn’t really even tell (I have a lot of hair!) but EVERYONE in the room obviously knew what happened in light of the scene/smell!  It’s laughable now but pretty mortifying at the time!

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  • Wedding: July 2019

Happily divorced now, but at my wedding reception, my MOH’s then-boyfriend was caught making out with my old roomate from college in the hotel bar. Someone called me over to see with my own eyes, I confirmed, and let my Maid/Matron of Honor know saying I wasn’t getting involved but she was welcomed to handle the situation however she saw fit. Ensue giant screaming match in hotel lobby. I just went back to the banquet hall and enjoyed my reception. Luckily the altercation never turned physical.

Other than that, the wedding was pretty great. My dress was slightly too big because I’d lost so much weight in the weeks leading up to the wedding (stress is a wonderful diet strategy!), and I wasn’t very fond of my hair and makeup, so my pictures weren’t as good as I hoped they would be. My mom stepped on the train of my dress while walking with it outside to hang for pictures, so there was some mud on it, but I really didn’t care. My now-ex-husband stepped on my dress while I was wearing it and broke my bustle during the reception. My ex-MIL through a massive hissy fit because her corsage needed to be affixed with a pin and she didn’t want a hole in her dress. I was very “zen” during the whole thing and really didn’t let the small stuff bother me. Alcohol helped.

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  • Wedding: April 2018

Mine were honestly not too bad… but I am very Type A, so I’m surprised I didn’t completely lose my shit!

1. The day before the wedding, my mom, sister and I went to the venue to set up the reception table decorations. We were told that the tablecloths and chair covers (supposed to be ivory) would be set up before we got there. When we got there, we were surprised to find a lovely range of stark white, ivory, and straight up yellow tablecloths and chair covers. Our DOC couldn’t get a hold of the company they rent from until the next day, but thankfully on the morning of they came and switched them out for all ivory.

2. My veil didn’t work out. I bought a $20 tulle birdcage veil from Etsy, and my hairstylist could not get it to sit on my head the right way. We were running late so I literally said F*CK IT and went without it. I had a pretty pearl hairpiece, so I didn’t miss the veil and my hair still looks complete in the photos.

3. My SIL were two-stepping together at the reception and she accidentally stepped on my toe and it BUSTED open. I’m talking gushing blood. I got a little bit of blood on the hem of my dress, but it wasn’t too bad. I had to sit down while my bridesmaids frantically tried to find a first aid kit. 

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  • Wedding: January 2018

The only hitch in our outdoor winter wedding was that I had an air bubble in my contact lens. The temperature was hovering around 0, which was fine for a short and sweet ceremony, but was cold enough that the air pocket started to freeze (how is that possible?!) and by the end of the ceremony, I couldn’t see out of my right eye at all and it was watering like crazy. I couldn’t wait to get back down the aisle! 


I also tripped while walking down the aisle and dropped an F bomb in front of my husband’s boss, but I think that that actually made him like me more, so I refuse to think of that as something that went wrong! πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: October 2018

OMG, yes, the speeches! At my first wedding, my maid of honor made a speech about how oblivious I was — how I used to walk absently around campus, not knowing what I was doing or where I was going. WTF. Then my dad decided to comment on how fat I was. I had recently gained some weight, but I was still well within a healthy BMI. He was just so “shocked” at my size, he had to mention it at the wedding! Finally, my Mother-In-Law invited everyone to the “real” wedding, which was a religious ceremony she strong-armed us into having a month later, threatening suicide if we didn’t comply. Lord! I will have to remember that for this time around!

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  • Wedding: October 2017

These speeches ones make me VERY glad we limited it to three people and those were three we trusted A LOT.  

1) We got married at an Arboretum and there were many weddings taking place that day.  Upon entering there were no signs directing people to our location.  There wasn’t, but people found us anyways – so that turned out well.  But looking back I should have said to staff:  “Hey where are the signs?”

2) I should have insisted on Aqua Net or it’s equvalent when getting my hair done.  My hair is super fine and soft and does not hold curl well.  It was kinda humid for early October and my hair got a bit wilted, but it still looked good.

3) I was SHOCKED by how many people went through the buffet line and helped themselves to three or four portions of food, like the food went vertical on the plate, lol.  We were able to order more ASAP but I was like, people……save a little for others, would ya?

Pretty minor things and overall our day was excellent!

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  • Wedding: October 2018

Oh, I remember another speech debacle from the above maid of honor’s engagement party. Her FI’s dad made a long and bizarre speech about his, the dad’s, brother’s cancer diagnosis. No mention of his son or future DIL or their marriage/wedding at all. It was weird.

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beeliever88 :  I want to start off by saying that i loved my wedding. So many wonderful things happened that it does overshadow the bad.

That being said, i am a bit bummed when i think about this stuff. But it has been a couple months ago and I remember those parts less and less.

1. Family Drama! I mean multiple issues just blowing up there at the end. Most of the guests didnt see it, but I am talking on full blown drunken melt down by my new sister in law. My other new sister in law (Brother in laws wife)  decided to try and hash out whatever issues they have with DH sisters by cussing and yelling at them. 

2. I forgot to increase the daily limit on my debit card to pay for the reception! I had to spend all this time on the phone with the bank and they still would not increase it – someone ended up putting it on their CC and i paid them back. 

3. Speeches were delayed because i was on the phone and we had to rush them at the end. My dad didnt want to make us stay over our time so he didnt get up and do his speech πŸ™ it would have been OK, but he didnt know. 

4. One of my bridesmaids was realy being a party pooper (nicest way to say it) and caused us to be late and rushed down to the ceremony. We arrived on time but it was a mad rush and unnecessary stress. I also had planned that time for bridesmaid photos and things got too crazy after.  so i dont have any individual ones with them! Not even my own sister! πŸ™ 

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  • Wedding: October 2020 - New York, New York

My wedding isn’t until 2020, but something bad happened when I was a bridesmaid! My friend, her groom, and the wedding party were all on a party bus. There was a gap between the ceremony and reception for the photographer to get all of the pictures my friend and the groom wanted.

However, no one remembered to stock the party bus with beer. The groomsmen insisted that we drive to a liquor store near the church, where almost everyone bought bottles of liquor. With 7 groomsmen, 1 usher, and 7 bridesmaids, it took 40 minutes to drive to the liquor store, pick out and buy the drinks, and get everyone back on the bus. My friend wasn’t able to get all of the wedding pictures she wanted because we ran out of time. THEN, because there was so much liquor on the party bus and everyone was drinking on an empty stomach, a bunch of the groomsmen and bridesmaids were hammered by the time we arrived at the reception. One bridesmaid started ripping the flowers out of her bouquet and laid down on the ground behind our wedding party table. 

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  • Wedding: October 2017

We ordered 15 dozen donuts in lieu of cake (one for each of our 180 guests) and my brother picked them up for us about an hour and a half before the wedding. There was a mix-up though (still not sure if it was on my brother’s end or the bakery), and we were only given 5 dozen donuts. I don’t realize this until my husband and I went over to take a picture by the donuts before they are served. I had a slight moment of panic, but then just told the caterrs to cut them into pieces. It was all I could think of at the time. 

If that’s the worst thing that happened, I shouldn’t complain, but I still cringe when I think of our guests getting pieces of donuts! 

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  • Wedding: June 2018

Wedding was last Saturday.  Most everything was perfect!  Just a few things (that we can laugh it!) PS we had 5 toasts but we told them to keep 2 minutes or less, and they were all sweet and wonderful and from people we knew wouldn’t be crazy drunk or anything!  In fact they made me cry – in a good way!

1. I was clear with DJ before that I would cue him for first dance (we used 2 songs) and my father daughter dance, but he started the music before we were ready.  I had to tell him to start over for all 3 songs πŸ˜‚. Otherwise he was great with the music, played the songs we requested, and kept the party going with other selections!

2. The hotel fire alarms went off – twice!  Once during cocktail hour, so we missed it, but our guests had to go outside! We arrived to see fire trucks and were like “what happened?!”  The second one went off after the reception. But not what I imagined our wedding night – having to evacuate πŸ˜‚. (I think they were both false alarms thankfully!)

3. During the ceremony, we had both our brothers read Scripture and then hand us the rings after.  Husband’s brother forgot to give the ring, so he walked off stage and apparently my brother mouthed THE RING! so he came back up to hand to husband πŸ˜‚. My brother didn’t forget though haha

4. The reception room was HOT and I don’t know if they tried cooling down, but it was a little too warm.

5. Otherwise the reception went fantastic and was a lot of fun, the food was good, everyone seemed to have a good time.  However my parents and family complained about the rooms at the hotel and there were so many issues.  So while the hotel did great with the reception part, thankfully, they need to better their room stuff.  I won’t go into it all but it was bad.  I feel bad for my guests that stayed there dealing with these issues and hope the hotel takes action to fix for the future (my dad sent a lengthy email!)

6. One thing that wasn’t bad, but something I would’ve changed if I realized – make the cake cutting earlier.  We had it about an hour before the end, and many people had left, so there were a lot of leftovers.  We intended for people to eat there as well as bring some home, so those that might’ve had left before they had a chance.

7. Everything was indoors except photos we took outside after the ceremony.  It was hot!  I got sweaty and my hair lost its curl and kept getting stuck on a button at the back of my dress!  I kept having to pull my hair off of it.  Super annoying.  That’s what I get for having my hair down!

Im still so glad everything went well for the majority and again, these are minor issues that we can laugh about and look back on.

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Speeches! I heard a best man speech where he quoted the speech from The Hangover movie. If you’re not familiar with it …..

“Four of us wolves, running around the desert together in Las Vegas looking for strippers and cocaine”.

Now there were some people in attendance that had seen the movie and laughed long and hard but I’d say about 80% of them did not know he was quoting the speech from a movie…..gasps, awkward coughs, raised eyebrows galore!

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  • Wedding: April 2017

I love this thread. 

1. While we were getting ready my sister and maid of honor sat at a table and didn’t realize there was glass under it. She got a huge, very deep cut in her knee. There was blood everywhere and she needed stitches but refused to leave. One of our guests who was an EMT had to come and bandage her up and re-dress it every couple of hours.

2. We lost the marriage license. We had to send someone back to the hotel to find it so we almost didn’t make it official.

3. There was a huge accident on the interstate and all our vendors (
including quartet, officiant, photographer, etc) were all an hour late. We had to start late.

4. Right before I walked down the aisle, a huge gust of wind knocked over the planter and floral arrangements at the top of the aisle. The boys just shoved it back in and moved closer to cover it. In all our photos, there is a flower massacre on the floor.

5. In the middle of our ceremony the speaker system started playing music and no one turned it off. We had some interesting background music going on there.

6. DH mother insisted we have a Rabbi as our officiant which we agreed to as long as we didnt have to speak hebrew during the ceremony. Our Rabbi was fine with it and we talked about it several times. Alas, mid-ceremony we heard “repeat after me.” I panicked and 100% butchered it. The video is so embarassing. You can see it all over my face.

7. We couldn’t get my bustle done after the photos and I missed dinner entirely.

8. After dinner, we were supposed to go to every table to greet all our guests. Before we even got to one table, the DJ changed the script and did the cake. We never made it to one table and I barely saw half my guests.

9. The best man’s speech was beyond awkward. He spent the whole time talking about all the times DH got drunk and did stupid things. Not a single laugh from the whole crowd.

10. The cake was none of the things we discussed it being. It was pinterest fail 101. The simple buttercream rosettes, dots and swirls were nowhere to be seen. I took one look, laughed and walked away.

11. Also my bridesmaid couldn’t zip up her dress. She found out she was pregnant and ordered a size up. When it arrived, she thought it was too big and sent it back for a smaller size. Cue 3 months later and it wouldn’t do up. She had to wear it unzipped all night.


I laugh about all these things now. And for the most part then. But I think all the crazy things that happened make the best memories.

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1 week before the beer trailer we had had on hold for months called and said they couldn’t come. It was an outdoor wedding in late June, this refrigeration truck was also to be used to store our flowers until the day of. However we ended up using a 1950s flat bed truck and made a beer stand and put the kegs under the truck- crisis averted and it looked beautiful.

Our port of potties we ordered were supposed to show up friday at 3pm… They showed up Saturday at 2 (one hour before the ceremony, with no calls explaining what happened).

I did flowers myself from Sams club and Costco and ordered them to arrive on Thursday per research so they would open up. 2/3 of my flowers were stuck in Argentina at customs. I talked to the customs people in Argentina on Friday morning and they told me they would not arrive in time. So I went to a local flower nursery and got all the flowers I needed (they were beautiful I should have done this from the beginning)… And Friday at 6pm all the flowers stuck at the border showed up! So I had double the amount of flowers which was amazing.

Lastly, we ordered 200 plain brown chairs to come and be set up Friday evening. They showed up with 50 folding metal chairs. My SIL was 8 months pregnant and scared that delivery driver so bad he showed up an our later with 200 white wedding chairs (which were about $3 per chair more expensive) for our original price.

We had a few other small snags but all in all the things that went wrong, ended up looking more beautiful afterwards, and it gives us something to laugh about!

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  • Wedding: City, State

My wedding isn’t until May 2019, BUT I can tell you some horror stories from my best friend’s wedding in 2016 (I was the Maid/Matron of Honor.)

-First of all, her grandmother passed away the day before the wedding. It was expected, and we knew she wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding anyway, but damn that timing hurt.

-Due to her grandmother’s passing, the bride’s whole family was on autopilot. The bride’s aunt, who had sort of taken over wedding planning, had a meltdown and started yelling at the bride before the ceremony. (“I’ve done all this for YOU!!! You’re so ungrateful!! Etc, etc.)  So there were a lot of tears and hurt feelings.

-The officiant veered from the ceremony that the couple had provided because she didn’t think it was religious enough, and went on a soapbox, causing the ceremony to last WAY longer than it was supposed to. Neither the bride nor the groom are very religious people, so it got very awkward.

-Apparently the best man had a bunch of beer in the back of his truck so the groomsmen could pregame before the reception. He meant no harm, but didn’t realize that the bride’s father is an alcoholic. So guess who showed up to the reception absolutely trashed? Yup, her dad. We were able to escort and arrange a ride home for him very quietly, thankfully. But because of this, we had to tell the DJ to cancel the father-daughter dance. Well, I think we confused him, because he ended up playing a song that they had told him to play to honor her grandmother and called it the “Family Dance?” None of us were 100% sure what to do when he announced it. Also made things super awkward.

-The aunt that had previously yelled at the bride had also ordered the cake after the bride provided a photo of what she wanted. It looked COMPLETELY different. It was supposed to have chocolate covered strawberries cascading down it. There were no strawberries. Just a weird swirly design. Oops.

-My fiance, who had only been dating me for 3 months at the time and knew next to no one at the reception, ended up taking a seat next to the parents of my ex-friend. She’s my ex-friend because she slept with my last boyfriend. Oops again. Turned out okay though, her parents were very sweet and just told him funny stories from when I was younger.

It was a pretty rough day, but at the end of it, she was married to the man she loves. Also, I drank a lot of wine and let her pick my karaoke songs to cheer her up.

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