Things that went wrong!! What happened at your wedding?

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beeliever88 :    

1. My mother stepped on my dress 3 times with her heels as I walked to car to go to the church. I almost thought she does it on purpose. Thankful it was a bottom layer, but if you looked for it you could see where is torn. 

2. On way to church my father refused to give me his phone so I could do GPS to the church. He was driving me and my mother. He never likes to let anyone use his phone as he uses it to cheat on his 2nd wife. He cannot use internet very well, calls it “maps google” instead of Google maps. I told him I was going to count to three and then start screaming. I had enough. So he gave me his phone i put in the address and we turned around to the right direction. 

3. The bags we had for the donuts were to small. No one took them even though was meant to be favor.


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  • Wedding: September 2015

Wow, compared to some of these, mine are trivial indeed.

During our sand ceremony, our officiant (very close, long-time family friend) decided to pour her entire container of “base” sand in the bottle and it took AGES.  Luckily she filled the silence with some words about how the foundation of a good marriage takes time to build.  I don’t think anyone besides DH and I noticed.

My dad stepped on my dress while walking down the aisle, but it wasn’t very noticeable to anyone else.

During the reception, someone stepped on my bustle and pulled it loose.  They also tore a bit of the inner liner, but that was later fixed when I got it preserved for storage.

I forgot to bring my getting-ready robe, and we didn’t realize it until after hair was done.  One of my bridesmaids lent me a zip-up hoody and, through teamwork, we pulled off my tshirt over my hair and I put on the hoody.   That way the makeup wouldn’t get all over after it was applied.

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  • Wedding: September 2017

Haaa alright. My sister is a lesbian, and is pretty alternative looking. She was grabbing me drinks earlier in the night but drank very little earlier on because she wanted to be pretty sober for her maid of honour speech. Not long after the speech she was cut off, as was her girlfriend, and also one of the other openly gay people at our wedding. None of these people were particularly drunk, other people were and were able to keep drinking. My mum went and complained and also got cut off. My dad went and complained and they hid from him.

While this was happening my nearly 90 year old grandfather who isn’t quite all there anymore unfortunately, managed to get ridiculously drunk without leaving his table. The waiters kept refilling his drink, despite relatives around trying to get it to stop. My dad and his brothers ended up having to get him out of there, and asked if there was a wheelchair around. The staff disappeared to look for one and then never came back. My dad ended up having to wheel my grandfather back to his room on a luggage trolley. No ambulance called, no concern, nothing.

Went on my honeymoon, then got an email while I was there from the venue threatening legal action against myself and my sister, because it turns out my sister left a review about feeling discriminated against and about what happened with my grandfather and they didn’t appreciate it. I gave them my sister’s contact details and asked politely that they leave me alone, as I was on my honeymoon, but they continued to pester me.

So being the petty person I am I also left a detailed review, including the fact that I had been threatened while on my honeymoon. Turns out previous people had left reviews saying similar things, I wish I’d looked a bit more closely before hand, it’s just such a beautiful location. My mum also sent an email expressing her concerns. Didn’t hear anything more from them, never an apology or an acknowledgement of our concerns, but a year on, rumour has it they’re going out of business. It really is a shame because it’s a beautiful spot but also not surprising. They also lost the left overs of our wedding cake, and because we were up and talking to people while it got served and they cleared it away before we got back we never got to eat our wedding cake.

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  • Wedding: July 2014

Ours was generally amazing, but we got married on a cruise ship so the captain was our officiant, and he kept saying my name wrong (Daniella instead of Danielle). I also NEVER go by Danielle in the first place (always Dani) so it was just funny and sounded like he was talking about someone else entirely. And then immediately after the ceremony he was basically like ‘I’ll leave you now to do your toasts/speeches’ and then proceeded directly to the bridge to give the update from the captain, complete with LOADS of info about where we were. My poor mom was right in the middle of her speech, getting all teary eyed, and we had to wait until the booming loudspeaker was done before we could continue. Definitely broke any tension!

Back home, we did an at home BBQ reception and self-catered like fools (for nearly 150). My mom’s wedding present to us was a pig (she had a farm at the time) but unfortunately the butcher didn’t truss it properly to go on a spit, so the body ended up too far from the heat and despite getting up at 4am to start it, the meat wasn’t cooked 12 hours later. I’m not really sure what happened as luckily we had some friends helping out who–I think–sliced it and shovelled it into the oven, but that was probably our biggest oops.

Overall it was great though, nothing major that I heard about at least!

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  • Wedding: August 2018

My wedding was this past Saturday!  It was fantastic, but like with every wedding not everything went as planned!  

For one, the two days leading up to the wedding were full of melt downs and panic attacks, and my Dad was incredibly emotional which created a spiral.  Had NOTHING to do with my now husband, he couldn’t be better, but the whole shebang is super stressful!

At the wedding, it rained a little, but honestly the cloudy weather made for beautiful pictures for lighting.  I accidentally referred to myself as a man instead of a woman in my vows and had to repeat a line (stage fright), then one of my anxious bridesmaids bolted into the tail end of the groomsmen entrance (but luckily our DJ played it off nicely).  There were four unexpected speeches and a close friend incurred a mild concussion from falling off a zip line at our venue that we had no idea existed.  

My bridal party couldn’t find my bustle so I spent a half hour of my wedding up on a stool with my rear exposed to 10 people panicking.  My cousin blacked out before the reception even started and spent his evening on a couch in the bridal suite.  My friend is a clepto and I’m fairly certain she stole my lipstick given to me by my makeup artist for the night.  Also, our getaway Denali never showed up at the end of the night, but by that time I was so tired I was happy to catch a ride back to our hotel by my FIL/MIL.  

Nothing tragic!  All little things, the big things that mattered were perfect. 

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  • Wedding: March 2019

Oh I like this thread but I don’t even know where to begin!

  • First, we talked about our “timetable” so many times with our wedding planner and I repeated so many times to my now-husband, that I wanted him to arrive with the photographer (a friend of ours) one hour before the civil ceremony – which was held at the same place – so he can take pictures of the two of us without any stress and only my family present. But when I dressed all up and was ready to go outside, they informed me, that the photographer had gone to his AirBnB place. And the worst was, that my husband had given him the permission to leave and told me afterwards that he didn’t know that we were to have pictures taken then (wtf?).
  • Then his family was 40 minutes late to arrive to attend the civil ceremony!! We were even going to start without them, as we felt it was rude to have the judge waiting so long.
  • Our cushions: we told our wedding planner to get the beige cushions for all the chairs, but she got us some shiny golden ones.
  • The flower arrangements didn’t have English roses in them (I imagine because they couldn’t get them) and they were replaced by orchids which doesn’t have the same shape at all.
  • Our wedding planner thought it would be possible to get everyone from the cocktail place to be seated and having my dad doing a speech and his dad and me thanking everyone in 10 minutes!! At the time I was like, hmm this sounds like a lot of stress, but she sure knows what she’s doing. But now it seems so obvious that this never was going to happen. So because of that we started to eat 20 minutes late and she also had the mariachis come in early. So they were only standing around and played 30 minutes instead of 1 hour. And serving the food was so rushed that most of my guests commented that they weren’t even able to finish their course before they took them their plate away.
  • Our cake looked beautiful but didn’t taste like it should have and again, most of the people didn’t even see it, as our wedding planner told us, that we just get some pictures cutting it and than it was taken away to be served. I wasn’t even able to eat my piece whole, because I stood up to do something else and when I came back, it was already taken away. My sister in law, that paid for the cake, wasn’t able to see it and didn’t get a piece. I don’t even know if there was some cake left I could have tried.
  • I had some straps added to my dress and when trying my dress on before the wedding I was noticing that they were too long. I wanted to stitch them down a bit and forgot about it until we already were at the venue. And in some picutres you can see them bulge.
  • I had a half updo and my hair was curled, but the curled hair looks so not natural and I actually noticed it in the hair trial and wanted to brush them out on the wedding day, but didn’t.

I’m most bothered by the things that we kind of saw coming, like the timeline, my hair and my straps, and could have been avoided if I would have listened to my gut feeling.

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  • Wedding: May 2019

Wedding with my ex:

– We practised for a first dance. It is only on the wedding day I realized that I cannot lift my arms in my wedding dress, and also have to hold the train. It still looked good but gave a moment of panic

– When meeting with a chef, I wanted a particular traditional dish. From the moment I mentioned it, he stopped me half way and said he knows well how to do it. On the day I only recognized the replica of that dish by method of exclusion. It was very far from what it was supposed to be.

– We had buffet in an expensive venue, but they did not serve enough food. After finishing entree I came to see only empty dishes for the main course.

– The servers were standing around and watching all the time. It felt creepy.


Didn’t have our wedding with my fiance yet, but there is already something to add to this topic:

– My friend assured me they can do the very simple alterations to my dress. I gave very explicit instructions with photos of what I want the final look to be. I ended up with something “they felt would look better”. Still not happy.

– We tried to do the on-line application for marriage license. My country of birth is not in their drop-down list.

– I ordered a beautiful tie on-line for our wedding. They sent me two pairs of sunglasses.

– Fiance really wanted to wear his particular suit for the wedding. Some of my items are matched to that look of his. It’s less than a month left now,  and he still can’t fit into it. I am worried he might change to a different look and then my items would not match.

I am sure there will be more to come.

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I know this thread is older, but since it was revived I am going to add mine :). I still think about these things and am still disappointed and my wedding took place a year ago (in just 8 days!), but maybe one day I will get over it.. -_- Maybe some are more trivial and others are not, but when you spend so much time and effort to plan everything to perfection, if there are some mess ups, of course it will hit you kinda hard. I do have to say though, overall our wedding was very nice, and I got a lot of compliments on everything. 🙂

– It was so windy that day that as I stepped out to walk down the grassy aisle, the wind blew my hair in my face and stuck it there while I was trying to remove it. Had my brother and dad not been locking elbows with mine, I’d have fallen on my face cus I tripped on my dress. I swear I could hear nervous sympathy giggles from the guests, it was embarrassing. And I remember looking at the sky rolling my eyes and thinking sarcastically “Of course this is how it’d go for me, story of my life, thanks a lot!” The whole wind blowing in my face and tripping on my dress was caught and immortalized in our wedding video. I tripped both down and up the aisle and I wished I had my dad and brother hold my dress up a bit down, and my husband help me with it on the way back.

– By the time my I was most of the way down the aisle the majority of the hairspray blew out of my hair so the rest of the night my hair was rather limp and scraggly rather than the beautiful defined old hollywood style waves I had done.

– I apparantly had compliments about the alcoholic version of our signature drinks, but the non- alcoholic version was really sour and not sweet at all, which was the whole point of the drink. My dad and I painstakingly perfected the drink and the bartender did it wrong. I didn’t know until dinner, and I had my husband go tell him to make it sweeter, but by then who knows how many times people drank it. 

– They didn’t use our birch branch looking straws for the drinks to go with our theme (which were in a bin and in plain site) and there were these ugly flourescent highlighter colored straws that were used instead.

– Because my SIL and Brother-In-Law were trying to be nosy and follow me into the barn where I was going to get dressed and ready, I told them that no help was needed and I needed all guests to not come in (so no one saw me when I was getting ready in the dressing room). No one was allowed in the barn prior to the wedding, even an elderly lady to rest her feet and other people go to the bathroom. I didn’t mean to torture my guests! I just didn’t want anyone being nosy and coming into the dressing room while I was in there! I don’t know why they did that, but that is NOT what I meant at all.

– Also, I wish that I had told the venue staff/my coordinator to not let any guests onto the venue before 1 pm (wedding was at 2), because who shows up TWO HOURS before to a wedding, JUST to hang around doing nothing?? It just caused problems for us (like the one just above) and because of that I have less pics of me because the photographer was too busy with other people. This is partly why I am having a small photoshoot taking pics of me in my dress sometime soon before I sell my dress (and am therefore now spending more money; I am just a little bitter about this as you can tell).

– We had a parent dance instead of a father-daughter or mother-son dance (since my husband’s mom had passed away my mom stood in place for his for the dance). The notes I wrote about this said to call MY dad and mom up to dance with us. The DJ called up HIS dad and my mom to dance with us.. I called to the DJ “No, no, it’s my dad (insert name here) not (insert H’s dad’s name)”. On our wedding video, you can see his dad start come up. Then, when I call out to the DJ he kinda slides away and is kinda standing to the side on the opposite side of the room pretending it the situation isn’t awkward, until the dance is done because he can’t get to his chair (kinda funny actually, but apparantly the DJ couldn’t read).

– And another ”the DJ couldn’t read” thing: there was supposed to be dancing starting AFTER our cake cutting. He started before it and kinda messed up the timeline a bit.

– My speech (I regret this one the most out out of anything): I was so high on adrenaline and nerves and I forgot my printed speech at home, and couldnt find my phone and I was stumbling on words and sounded so shaky looked like a deer in headlights, and also almost forgot to thank my husband at the end.. after he had JUST said a bunch of nice things about me.. If I had known exactly what I wanted to say, I’d have not looked so dumb floundering about like a fish out of water. The speech I had written was witty, and pretty good if I do say so myself and now no one will know how much throught I put into it cus the moment is gone. This one is also immortalized on video..sigh..

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  • Wedding: March 2019

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chatnoir :  I feel you with the speech! While for me it was what I wanted to say to thank the persons that helped us, paid for certain things, so I also had made a list, but on the same paper I had written down my vows, so the paper got lost after the ceremony.

And because of the timeline mess and stress that I mentioned, I was so stressed when I finally got to speak and only thanked my absent grandmother for the dress and our families for their emotional and economical help. I felt so bad afterwards for not having pointed out specific persons/friends that paid things or helped us out, doing our invititations for example.

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  • Wedding: March 2019

Honestly, I loved my day but still… things went wrong:

  • The highway was closed down on the way to the church so we left on time, but got there almost a half an hour late because it took us 45 min to get there. 
  • When we got to the church the room we were supposed to get ready in was still locked. No one was there so we had to call someone to come down and unlock it. As we were standing outside waiting to be let in, the guys walked into the church. Which meant we didn’t get any of the pictures we wanted before the ceremony
  • Father thought the ceremony started at 2:30 instead of 2:00, so nothing was ready. The lead server was lighting candles during the mass, moving chairs for us and walking the gifts down the aisle for the gift bearers to bring them back up to him. Luckily he played it off and no one realized it had gone wrong.
  • My DOC’s were worthless. They did nothing. My Mother-In-Law walked down the aisle with a special bouquet for her husband that passed away earlier this year and you can’t even see it because she had a program blocking it. They couldn’t take the program out of her hand and set one at her chair. (My Mother-In-Law and SIL were a whole other issue, but this was something I would expect the coordinators to see and take care of)
  • I tripped coming down the aisle with my dad. 
  • Had it not been for my parents and their friends, the reception would not have been set up (again – coordinators were useless. They just stood there and acted like they had no idea what was going on or what to do. The reason I hired them is so I didn’t have family members working the reception and that is what we ended up with) 

So yeah, most of this stuff we just laugh at now because it was such a great day! The only thing that still irks me was my Mother-In-Law and SIL’s behavior the day of. They just don’t think and couldn’t stand that this day wasn’t about them, so they did their best to make it all about them. Luckily my other two bm’s politely kicked them out of the room we were getting ready in and the 3 of us just had a drink and relaxed and I got to zen out a little bit before I walked (or tripped!) down the aisle! 

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  • Wedding: June 2019 - Tacoma, WA

Overall, not a lot went wrong, but there were a few snags that, in the grand scheme of things, didn’t really affect the day too much. Off the top of my head…

1. The gift my Fiance ordered for one of my daughters never arrived (she presented my kids with gifts and some heartfelt words during the ceremony, so this was an important piece of the equation). She had it shipped to her mom’s house near the chapel, so she could bring it with her to the ceremony, and her mom did get a package a few days before the wedding thinking that was it, but didn’t open it until the morning of the wedding. It wasn’t the gift. I got a frantic text from Fiance the morning of the wedding saying it hadn’t arrived as we thought it had. My best man and I had to run out to shop at 8am the morning of the wedding to find a suitable gift for my daughter (FI was busy taking care of other things). Luckily, we found something that ended up being even more perfect than the original gift (a beautiful necklace that my daughter has not taken off since the wedding), and my daughter is none the wiser. The original gift finally came 2 days later but we’re just going to send it back.

2. My bustle was done by a good friend after the ceremony (he went with me to my last fitting) and it looks so terrible in all the photos lol. All pointy and poking out everywhere the entire time.

3. One of my long-time friends from out of state ended up getting really drunk at the reception and was drunkenly crying to anyone who would listen by the end of the night. I’m still hearing stories a week later of all the weird conversations that happened with her lol.

4. We had to start the ceremony a bit late because one of my daughters was stuck in traffic and there was no way I was going to start without her. So, instead of starting at 1:15 like we planned, we started at 1:30. Luckily, it wasn’t too long of a wait for her to get there, but it did cause a bit of a last-minute panic for a bit hah.

Other than those things, everything went beautifully and as planned. Overall, nothing too terrible!

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  • Wedding: April 2019 - USA

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beeliever88 :  We had a blizzard the day before our wedding, which was supposed to be outdoors on this gorgeous patio with a grand staircase entrance. It honestly looked like a castle. But the blizzard caused about 30 people’s flights to be cancelled and we had to move everything inside into ONE ballroom- ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, everything. So while we were getting married the catering and cake baker were setting up. Ugh 

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  • Wedding: May 2019

We were incredibly lucky, the only thing that went wrong was as I Was walking into the ceremony room, with all eyes on me, the coordinator stood on my veil and it came flying off! Naturally I made a joke about it to our guests and continued on down as soon as the veil was on, but it did shake me up and all I remember of the ceremony was my husbands face as I couldn’t look at anyone!!

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  • Wedding: City, State

We had a wonderful wedding. Our parents recieved so many compliments from family members that it was one of the best weddings they’ve ever been to. If you knew my family and his old school Italian family you’d know how huge that compliment is. You can plan everything to a “T” but, there still will be things that will go wrong. I was lucky that mine no one knew about or were so small it only bothered me: 

– I cried two days before about the forcast saying it would rain and stressed myself out. The wedding came and it was cloudy all day, no rain. I’m happy it didnt end up raining but, I still wanted a perfect sunny day. I should be thankful we got to take all the pictures we wanted and more. Because I thought it would rain I had pics taken in the church and then outside at the reception. I would have only the reception pics if it was sunny

– The limo showed up to the house black and not the white one I had requested. I asked the driver why it wasnt white and he just shrugged his shoulders at me. the drive to the church was kind of tenacious as a result. Our friend/usher met the limo outside and cheered me up by his presence. 

– As far as my flowers go, I’m thankful they were fresh “enough” for the pictures and that I liked them for the most part. She didnt give me what I asked for with the type of flowers for the bridesmaids bouquets. I asked for roses and hydgrageas and she gave me peonies. She measured my sister’s head for her flower headpiece but, it was too long when she brought it over. Luickly I had wire cutters in my house. She also forgot to bring the aisle runner. I got the money back for the aisle runner but, I still wish i had a different florist. No one knew anything of it though! 

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We had an absolutely perfect wedding; however my Mother-In-Law (who had been a nightmare the whole planning process) had a  doozies. She spent our entire 2 year planning process railing against our non-traditional wedding, had her cell phone go off in the middle of the vows. Our wedding video has a close up of her face looking absolutely 1000% pissed. Before we made our entrance, she tried to rearrange people’s seats in a way she preferred. She successfully got a few people to move, but her own sister flat our refused and a bunch of guests were talking about it at the reception. Then we had a seperately catered event that she no-show Ed for. If she’d had to pay f&b for someone who didn’t show she never would have forgiven them, but she did it. 

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