(Closed) Things that went wrong!! What happened at your wedding?

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This thread is giving me LIFE! I absolutely loved my wedding, and I look back on the day fondly. However, despite planning, there were still things that didn’t go the way I intended.

1. The wedding flowers were not exactly what I asked for. Even worse, my bridesmaid who knows a lot about flowers said the flowers were old. My fiance’s boutonniere was the smallest out of all of the groomsmen, and it was also visibly wilting. Ugh! This was an especially tough pill for me to swallow because I had been between two florists, and I ultimately took a risk on a local florist who charged $200 less. 
2. Not really a regret, but the cheap Black Tux tuxedo my fiance (husband now!) rented was so worn in the bottom that it ripped. We just laugh that my mom had to sew it. 😛
3. The church coordinators were an absolute nightmare. They were rude to everyone, almost lost the bubbles and unity candle, yelled at my cousin while she set up the pew bows, etc. The worst part about them is that they made me stand facing everyone (who stood up for my entrance) and insisted on straightening my train for almost a FULL minute. It was excruciating, and the priest made a joke about the world’s longest walk down the aisle. The women even tightly gripped my arm to prevent me from walking down the aisle until my train was perfect.
4. The church had decorations made by little kids throughout the front of the church, so they were in the background of every picture in the church. It was annoying to see the decorations there when I had actively contacted two people about the decorations since the rehearsal a few days before. Someone had told me he was working on getting them removed, then they were there. 
5. I never made time to bustle my dress (even though I had a 5-pt bustle the seamstress made), so I was walking around holding it the entire reception and during the dances. It actually made it really hard to get around, and I feel like 80% of my interactions with guests were based on how big my dress was. It made me feel a little silly!
6. We hired our dream photographer for only eight hours because it’s all we could afford (literally 20% of budget spent on her). The pictures are AMAZING, but I do regret not having coverage of any of the dancing and pictures of groups of wedding guests. (We did get non professional coverage of this.) We also missed getting video of my now husband dancing even though he actively hates dancing! 
7. The photographer, as amazing as she was, did not get any pictures of us that were with us far away. I would have liked at least one photo like that. I tried to communicate this with her on the day of, but she didn’t understand what I was asking. Also, most of the pictures were with greenery in the background, which is not my preference. 
8. We did not practice our first dance…and it showed. tongue-out It was reeeeally hard to manage while holding a huge train!
9. My parents spent most of their time in the months before the wedding creating a slideshow. This was going to be their biggest contribution to the wedding. My dad had the screen all set up, but then he didn’t have a cable, so he told the DJ to stop playing music the last 15 mins of the wedding. My dad then tried to show the slideshow just on my laptop screen. I felt bad that my parents had spent so much time preparing this, then it didn’t go as planned. (It was supposed to be projected for everyone to watch during dinner.)
10. Our venue did not serve the chicken we wanted. We painstakingly made our food choices (I’m a food blogger, so this was a really big deal). The fact that they served the wrong thing, and then never owed up to it was a bit of a downer.
11. The venue never put out the chocolate for our sweets table. Then the person we talked to at the venue was kind of rude to my mom when she asked when we could pick up the chocolate to bring home.

All in all, most of these things are very small. Even the more annoying “regrets” of the day do not even come close to overshadowing such a beautiful day. I still can’t believe we are married!

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  • Wedding: May 2019 - City, State

The issues on my wedding day were all really minor, all things considered. 

– it started POURING rain just before the ceremony, which wasn’t a huge problem because we decided a week or so before to have it inside as opposed to outside. 

– The flowers were hideous in person. I wasn’t thrilled with the florist prior to this because she was an absolute unprofessional PAIN to work with, and then she managed to include literally every single element that I explicitly told her I hated. Every single one of them. And on top of that the flowers were already browning.

– The ceremony started late because first, my Mother-In-Law attempted to rearrange the whole procession AS IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE STARTING. Threw a fit with the DOC, who luckily would not budge. Second, in order to not start a fight with her my mother stepped out of the holding room, then my sister goes RUNNING OUT WILDLY, trying to find my mom – who was literally just outside the door. Meanwhile I’m standing out in the hallway of this hotel, watching my sister run wildly around the lobby, my mom running after her, my dad and I just got our que to start walking towards the ballroom when clearly no one had started down the aisle yet. My Mother-In-Law had the nerve to later try to tell me that the delay was all my mother’s fault because she just got huffy and disappeared for no reason.

– Our DOC disappeared during the ceremony, without telling anyone where she had put the marriage license. So we spent around 15 minutes running around trying to find either her or the license.

– Since it was pouring, we could no longer take pictures outside, and our DOC who was supposed to organize the photo taking was still MIA. So we were all kind of just wandering around looking for places to take group photos.

– There was also a prom in the hotel on the same day, and all of the nice locations inside to take pictures were mobbed by teenagers with professional photographers. Also random guests just wandering in front of the camera and just…standing there, watching us pose for pictures…while blocking the camera.

– My dress was quite a bit too big, the bridal shop did not believe me when I said I lose weight when I’m stressed and I needed to order a size down…lo and behold it was still too big after alterations and they couldn’t alter the dress any smaller than they already had due to the structure. So it was sagging and not supporting my rather ample chest terribly well. That’s mostly on me though – I should have gone with something more structured, or put my foot down and made them order the size I needed.

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  • Wedding: May 2019 - York, ME

Well the biggest for us was probably that my husband lost his vows!  No kidding, middle of the ceremony, panicking and not able to find them.  He winged it and they turned out great!  Ended up finding them later during dinner – in his pocket!

Other than that, I was really dissapointed with my bouquet and my dress.  I try not to ruminate on them, and just focus on the photos where I love the way the look! 

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chelbell23 :  Sounds like we both had a frustrating florist experience! I can’t believe receiving browning flowers is even possible with professional wedding florists. You would think fresh flowers would be the bare minimum of expectations. Did you ever say anything to your florist about not being happy to see if you can get a discount? (I didn’t because somehow vocalizing my dissatisfaction makes me more upset about it?)

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chyangra :  Right? I also went with a local florist, still a professional business but anything but a professional as far as ethics or conduct. And no, I didn’t say anything to her about not being satisfied. She was just so judgemental and rude about everything, the thought of having to contact her again makes me angry. She is also the mother of my SIL’s close friend, and both my SIL and Mother-In-Law loved her work so I don’t really want to deal with the resulting drama of telling her that I was not happy with her work. It’d just be another thing my Mother-In-Law would say I was “being a diva” about. So I figured it was just best to leave it be. Everything looks fine in the pictures, so that’s about all I can ask for at this point.

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  • Wedding: November 2017 - City, State

Our wedding day went pretty smoothly for the most part, but we did run into some hiccups.

1. My husband tends to be pretty forgetful, so we decided I’d be in charge of bringing the rings to the ceremony. So of course in the chaos of getting my hair and makeup ready, I forget all about the rings. Fortunately I remembered in time to double back and get them, but I ended up arriving to the church later than planned and as a result our ceremony started a little late too.

2. We had a simple luncheon afterwards with a buffet line. Husband and I got our food first–we each filled a plate, and then there were soup bowls to take as well. Right as we got to the end of the line, husband sees a relative he hasn’t seen in forever. He hands me his plate, asks me to get him two bowls of soup, and takes off. I thought he was just going to say hi and come back, so I dished out two more bowls of soup and waited for him to come back to help me carry everything. He had actually meant for me to carry it to our table, but I stood there waiting for much longer than I should have plugging up my side of the buffet line as people struggled to get around my dress without spilling their soup. I should have realized sooner he wasn’t coming back and just made a couple trips to get everything to our table. Fortunately my aunt came by and helped me carry everything, and the buffet moved a lot faster after that! (DH apologized later that he didn’t think through how much he was leaving me to carry–he was just so happy to see this person.)

3. That night we had a small openhouse at my in-laws’ house. We were married out of state close to where his family lives. Once everything was wrapping up and it was time for our dramatic exit, DH realized he’d forgotten to pack his bags back up. By the time he’d done that, everyone was gone.

4. Since we got married in another state, we also held a reception back home. We started the night with one of those traditional receiving lines so people could come by and greet the bride and groom, and talk a little to our wedding party. Unfortunately a couple people in the wedding party (the ones at the end of the line, of course!) were very talkative, and would spend much longer than is normal with each person. We couldn’t get them to speed things up. It took so long to get each person through the line that there was over an hour wait to talk to us, and sometimes (particularly with people we didn’t know well) things would be awkward as we’d all have said everything we wanted to say, and then be stuck continuing the conversation for the next 5-10 minutes because the next people in our wedding party were still chatting to the people ahead of them. The receiving lines ended up taking up the bulk of our reception time because we felt bad cutting it off when so many people had been waiting for so long. If I could go back, I would handle that differently.

But really those are all little things, and it was still a wonderful day.

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What went wrong? Oh so much! Ha! Most of these I can laugh about but a couple still make me cringe! Overall it was such a magical day and as the months pass, the memories of the hard and stressful times fade and only the good is left!

The laughable ones:

  1. Probably had around 10 people cancel for attending the week of. Too bad we’d already paid for their food!
  2. DH lost his driver’s license (you know, the ID that you need in order to pick up a marriage license and be legally married?) and had to have his passport overnighted by a friend
  3. Bridesmaid forget her dress 2000 miles away. Again, someone overnighted it for her and it would’ve have mattered to me anyway but the poor thing was a mess! It came the morning of the wedding and thank goodness because then she could actually enjoy herself!
  4. I forgot about this until writing this out but we got married on a golf course and during the ceremony, someone tee’d off right behind us!? LOL. Venue coordinator should have caught that and DH’s awesome uncle went running after someone to get them to stop that. A helicopter also went over us while I was saying my vows which was probably a good thing cause I was crying!
  5. We were running late after pictures so I had a minor hissy fit during bridal party photos where I sternly told my husband to stop stepping on my veil. LOL! 
  6. I had asked some family to help with photos and they were nowhere to be found. Doesn’t matter, photos turned out lovely 🙂 
  7. For the same reason as above, we missed some photos like just us with our parents. Doesn’t really matter to me but Mother-In-Law seemed a little upset that there wasn’t one of just DH and his dad. And honestly… there are photos of me, DH, and Father-In-Law + Mother-In-Law so it’s not like we didn’t take them at all lol. Missed one with his sibling in it, which is a little bit of a bummer

The not so much: 

  1. My in-laws pulled MAJOR drama the night before the wedding (really more like the early morning of). I’m still really, genuinely hurt and upset about the fact that they pulled this all the night before what’s supposed to be one of the most important days of my life. TL;DR — completely their fault and 1000% preventable had they approached the situation with a shred of maturity and awareness. 
  2. Our (incompetent) DOC told the DJ to make a (supposed to be a joke but came out rude) comment about my dad as he was introduced for his speech which basically ruined the mood and general ambience for my dad. (After the fact, I learned that the DOC had been charged with fraud the month before… lovely lol). My dad is finally “over it” months later.

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