Things that you don’t get (for fun survey)

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Busy bee

1. Oprah (way over-hyped), Ellen (find her awkward and not funny), Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Will Smith, JLo, Coldplay, ANY teeny boppy singer (Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears etc.)  or boy band (Backstreet Boys, etc.) EVER – even though I was the age to like them when they were in their prime, I never got it! 

2. Las Vegas – never been there, never want to. It’s my idea of hell. Any kind of cruise or all-inclusive resort.

3. Each to their own I guess, but I would never want to put on a performance for my guests. Singing or dancing.

4. Game of Thrones, greys anatomy, “The Voice” (or any kind of talent performance show), and probably a lot more that I’ve chosen never to watch. 

5. Meat (not that I don’t get it. But I don’t like it and have been vegetarian for 23 years). Ice cream (not a fan). Popcorn.

6. I don’t get most things that are popular. Or why everyone follows what everyone else likes just because it’s popular or fashionable,and fool themselves into believing they love it in its own right.


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Bumble bee
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socalgirl1689 :  

Fun idea!

1. Celebrity:  Jennifer Aniston.  When Brad left her for Angelina, I was like “Yeah – me too.”  And I don’t especially like Angelina.

2. Place:  Disney parks.

3. Any wedding related stuff:  The thing where you pay actual money for a fake cake with one slice of real so that you have a picture of yourself pretending to cut cake.  I don’t understand the concept of cake-cutting pictures to begin with (I don’t know what I look like cutting cake, but I’m sure it’s not thrilling) and faking it just makes the whole thing seem so extra.

4. Tv show/Movie:  The 50 shades franchise.  If I want porn, I’ll just watch porn.

5. Food:  Kale. It’s a curly lettuce, I think?

6. Standing desks. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

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socalgirl1689 :  

1. The Kardashian/Jenner clan, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce. 

2. New Las Vegas. I really miss the old LV that wasn’t just shiny buildings full of plastic people.

3. Expecting bridal parties to pay for attire and the “it’s my day” mentality

4. Sex in the City and reality TV shows especially ones like the bachelor, love island, married at first sight (basically the one’s that use peoples emotions for entertainment).

5. Meat – I hate the texture overall.  Beetroot, beer and vegemite which makes me very unaustralian

6. People who drop litter and those who drink bottled water in areas with drinkable tap water.

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Bumble bee
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1. Any and all celebrities. I don’t know them…

2. Venice – it smells bad and not as beautiful as so many other places in Italy/ the world

3. Showers. They seem very gift grabby to me and everyone I’ve been to was super boring. Just women talking about dumb things and playing cringe games. No thank you.  I hope to never attend one again 🙂 

4. Anything with Will Ferrell. 

5. Tomato-based sauces on pasta, pizza, etc. 

6. Guns.


And there’s my negativity for the day! 

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Honey bee

1. Celebrity (actor/actress, musician, model, etc) – Rihanna

2. Place – Miami 

3. Any wedding related stuff – GD mason jars, and the same basic lace wedding dress that literally everyone wears  

4. Tv show/Movie – The Office 

5. Food – “fad” and trendy foods. Like when everything was about unicorns. Why?

6. Name one thing random – reddit

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Buzzing bee

1. Celebrity (actor/actress, musician, model, etc) – Imagine Dragons–that Thunder/Lightning song is horrible.

2. Place – Vegas–too much smoke and it swings between cheap/tacky and super expensive with not a lot of in between…an odd dichotomy.

3. Any wedding related stuff – photo booths 

4. Tv show/Movie – Stranger Things–rip off of Steven Spielberg without the same depth of characters, talent, etc.

5. Food – sushi. No.

6. Name one thing random – avocado ring “boxes”

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Helper bee
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1.The Kardashians or Honey Boo Boo

2.Anything Tropical, I hate heat and humidity. 

3. Garter Toss,I don’t want my husband up my dress infront of my entire family. 

4.Walking Dead, I’m a huge horror movie fanatic and watched the first two seasons. I couldn’t do more it was so boring. 

5.Szechuan Sauce, it is just overly bland teriyaki sauce. 

6. Snapchat.



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Busy bee
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1. Jennifer Lawrence. I just don’t think she’s that great as an actress, and I personally don’t find her as endearing as everyone else seems to.. Her horrible accent in the Red Sparrow commercials is enough to turn me off to what might have otherwise been an amazing movie. 

2. All inclusive resorts. Why bother traveling if you’re just going to stay in the same bland, touristy little plot of land to drink and lay on a beach?

3. Patriarchal traditions. Asking for parent’s blessing or involvement is sweet, but “giving away” a grown ass woman and watching her swear “to honor and obey” her husband is about as sweet as Stockholm Syndrome. 

4. Reality TV. I don’t understand how people find shows like The Real World and Teen Mom interesting enough to keep coming back to. 

5. Milk! All marketing aside, it’s super weird to drink another animal’s breast milk. It’s not good for you, the cows (except calves) or the environment, and it’s got a super gross aftertaste. I don’t get why it’s still considered a staple in the American diet. It really has no redeeming qualities. 

6. Outside dogs and cats. I’m referring to people who adopt socialized animals with no intention of letting them in the house, not people who support ferral TNR and barnyard cat programs. I don’t understand how anyone could be so disconnected with their pet. Mine are my babies, and it kills me to see pets with collars left out at night or chained by a dog house with little to no interaction. It’s neglectful, even if they have food, water and shelter. 

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Helper bee

I like Ross from Friends. Everyone hates him, but me, apparently. 

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Sugar bee
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1. The Kardashians. I simply do not get why people are so obsessed with them. They’re famous for doing nothing in my opinion.

2. The Gold Coast. As an Aussie bee, I’ve been a few times and I just don’t get the hype. It’s so touristy and doesn’t even feel like Australia.

3. There are a lot of things I don’t get about weddings lol – huge bridal parties, outfit changes throughout the day, going into debt, etc.

4. Star Wars. I’ve never really been a sci-fi fan but I just do not get why people love these films so much – they’re nothing special for me.

5. Latte trends. Charcoal, beetroot, lavender, matcha, tumeric – what on earth is wrong with having a normal latte??

6. Over the top kids birthday parties. My friend invited me to join a party group on FB and I cannot believe how over the top some kids parties are (especially 1st birthdays it seems).

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Bumble bee
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socalgirl1689 :  

1. Jennifer Lawrence – I find her more annoying than relatable

2. Disneyland

3. Multiple wedding events (engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette, kitchen tea, rehearsal dinner, breakfast after the wedding, etc)

4. Bojack Horseman (mostly because hardcore fans of it are SO annoying and act like being a fan of the show raises you to a higher intellectual plane)

5. Sushi. Ick.

6. Selfie culture – Snapchat filters, “Instagram modelling” etc

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Helper bee
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socalgirl1689 :  

1.  Kylie Jenner

2.  Sydney

3. Everything is expensive when Wedding is mentioned.

4. 50 Shades triolgy aka Twilight Fan Fiction

5. Nutella

6. Mid to late 90s fashion and objects making a huge come back and teens today think they are so cool for wearing velvet clothing etc.   I wore those outfits when it was first cool,  now it is just cringe.

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Bumble bee

1. Celebrity: Morrissey. God, he’s such an arrogant tool. 

2. Place: The DMV (It’s not necessarily that I don’t “get” it, but I sure do hate it.)

3. Any wedding related stuff: Being traditional for the sake of being traditional. (Way to keep alive a dangerous logical fallacy, though!) 

4. Tv show/Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

5. Food: Paleo diet foods 

6. Name one thing: Stereotypical angsty goth people who wear white makeup and black lipstick after 1992

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Sugar Beekeeper
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socalgirl1689 :  

Sushi.  I totally do not get sushi.  I can’t stand any seafood, I literally gag if I try to eat it, which is unfortunate.

But, eating it raw?  Just why?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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pbubs :  

Oh, I find milk utterly revolting, too.  See what I almost did there?

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