(Closed) Things you cant stand yet everyone seems to love?

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Helper bee
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I can’t stand


The Pussycat dolls= Hot Ghetto Mess

People at theme parks who stop right in the middle of a walkway and stand there while 5000 people are behind them. you can’t just scoot over 4 feet against the wall? Sheesh!

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Bumble bee
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Just thought of another one. No offense meant to anyone who does love these things but… House parties. I don’t mean and “everyone come to our place for a BBQ” party.

I mean 10-20 women sitting in the Living Room of some friend-of-a-friend who is hosting one of those PartyLite, Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia parties. The products aren’t bad but I can really do without the whole – party games, look how awesome this measuring cup shaped like a heart – thing.

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Helper bee
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Mushrooms – they look weird, smell weird and taste weird. WHY are they put in everything?

Baths – BORING, sitting still in water that gradually goes cold, fermenting in your own filth ew, no thanks.

Massages/pedicures/manicures/facials etc – Urgh. I get so tense with these, I really can’t relax. there is plenty of other stuff that can be done that doesn’t involve being sat still and prodded at for half an hour. boring, pointless, can do it myself in a fraction of the time (aside from massages, and I can live without them)

Elvis – don’t get the hype. Studied him in history and still don’t know where the hype came from.

Uggs/crocs – chav shoes. ’nuff said. one has no proper support, the other looks like polystyrene.

like – people who, like, use this word, like, after every, like, other word. like. GET A VOCABULARY!

Sex in the City/Ally McBeal, Desparate Housewives – found all episodes I’ve ever seen (granted only a handful) tedious

Soaps – OHMY! you guys don’t have to put up with the rubbish the uk writes for us on tv (unless you happen across BBC america). Eastenders (london based) and Coronation Street (manchester based), where affairs are commonplace, murders are frequent and sh*te plotlines daily. Emmerdale and Hollyoaks are worse. It is to the point now where I have to leave the room if they’re on.

Fizzy drinks – too sweet and too…bubbly. They make me burp and make my stomach uncomfortable for ages afterwards. I prefer an orange squash or a ribena. Coke is awful.

Apple – I’m sick of his chuffing iphone, i’m sick of his chuffing mac and itunes can just disappear for all I care.

Getting absolutely off your face drunk – qu’est-ce que la point?

Coffee – just don’t like it, don’t think I ever will.

Lovely Bones – everyone raves about this book, I really didn’t like it.

Twilight – It’s a book. FICTION. (poorly written fiction) get over it.

“at the end of the day” – I really hate this phrase. It’s used far too much and makes little sense.

Smoking – I REALLY hate the smell. it makes me gag. It makes me gag more when I have to look into px eyes and i’m millimetres from their smelly bodies. Thankfully not too many smelly ones about.

Diet stuff – “14 stone in a day” or some equally naff idea where you do something plain silly in order to shortcut your way thin. The weird diets, slimming tablets…all annoy me. Eat les cr*p, move more. It’s THAT simple.

Cosmetic surgery – when it isn’t needed. it will NOT improve your self esteem. You’ll just wonder what you can do next.

I’m a grumpy lady, I’m sure I’ll remember more 😉

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Helper bee
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Ms. Gingerlex, thanks for pointing out twilight.  Yes, I hate the twilight series.  The books were so poorly written.

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Buzzing bee
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Lady Gaga – Just don’t get the appeal. 

The Godfather – I might get ripped for this one, but I’ve never loved that movie. It’s good, but not amazing.

Crocs – I just … can’t.

Video games – I really don’t enjoy them. Especially the Wii. My husband has one, and I would rather actually be bowling or playing tennis than fake playing.

Coffee – I will never get it. It tastes horrible. Smells amazing, tastes like poop. 

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Sugar bee
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Oh yeah.


so soooooo GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bumble bee
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oo Miss Chapstick I dont like coffee either…but I do like Late and hot tea!

To all those in the beginning of this post…I love baths! 🙂 Not all the time…but once in a while its nice. oh and massages I love when my fiance gives me a massage please explain more why you dont like them?! I dont understand that one!

I hate the singer Kei$ha and think its horrible that the radio keeps playing her song about brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack!


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Busy bee
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Haha these are HILARIOUS!

For the record, I can’t stand baths and Nickelback either!!

I’m also not a huge fan of bananas (unless they are still green-ish… weird huh!), oranges (unless they are those small ones, and someone else peels them for me because I can’t stand that smell on my fingers!) … and also cooked fruit or chunks of fruit cooked in things, including yogurt… But I loooove fresh/dried fruit. I know, I am so weird about fruit!

I do not like smoking at all either… especially when people smoke in areas where they aren’t supposed to be or where there is a clearly marked no smoking sign… ugh.

I don’t like coffee either or coffee flavoured anything… but I love the smell!

I also can’t stand anything ‘diet’ because of the aspartame…. yech!!

I’m sure there’s more, but they probably fall more along the lines of pet peeves and things that bug everyone, not things that people generally like!

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Helper bee
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Blushing bee
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Beer. Norah Jones. Dave Matthews Band. The Muppets. Uggs. Crocs. Cilantro (tastes like soap!). Juice.

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Helper bee
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@fiya: YES!!! I can’t agree with you more about the fake moustache photos!!! Oh look at you, you’re holding a fake moustache up to your face so it looks like you have one. Aren’t you funny?


@AnnieAAA: Agreed about Friends. I too can’t stand it.

Wow this thread is making me realise how much of a bitch I really am!

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Bumble Beekeeper

@fiya- 30 day shred is no joke either. You do see results in 30 days and you can use it for much longer. It kicks your butt.

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Blushing bee

Ok, a few more:

Flavored creamers, like French Vanilla or Hazelnut. I want my coffee to taste like coffee, not dessert.

Bling (Sorry, I’m just not a sparkles girl)

Eggnog (Someone else mentioned this and I agree!)

Robin Thicke

Bars / THE new hot club (Whhhhat? Huhhhhh? Oh yeah, I’m haaaaving a gooood time tooooo!)


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Bumble bee
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@ Bluestuff…lol whats wrong with the Muppets? I love them esp Kermit!! So cute…I esp loved the muppet babies when I was little!

I cant stand Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, or Matthew McConaughey!

Hmm…. I dont get why theres so much time put into envelope liners for invitations…its pretty paper and looks nice…but people throw them out any way…so why put your time into it?

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