(Closed) Things you cant stand yet everyone seems to love?

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Helper bee
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ohh i wanna play!

-Obama..sorry, just do not trust him.

-Clark wallabee shoes and crocs..fugliest shoes i have EVER seen!

-North Face jackets…ok i do own a NF backpack but around here it is a status thing..ugh ok..take it back and buy a personality!

-Ugg boots..ew especially worn with short shorts and a huge puffy jacket..never got that one!

-People who automatically assume i am Mexican because i speak spanish..uh..there are other hispanics besides Mexicans (i love me some mexicanos though)

-Yea..baths..sit there in my own filth? no thanx!

-inpatient patients hehe..it’s not my fault you dont keep up with your appointments..no we’re not required to remind you! Stop filling my inbox with requests to “squeese you in” and stop harrasing our receptionist!

-Lady Gaga and Katy Perry..this doesnt need an explanation.

im sure i have more..

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Blushing bee
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@D.Marie Can’t explain it other than that they creep me out a little. Just generally don’t enjoy puppets. People think I’m crazy when I tell them I hate the Muppets.

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Blushing bee
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Well, I’m from the south and I hate ham, corn bread, pinto beans, and sweet tea.  Everyone around me thinks it’ll change if I have it made by THEIR grandma…but it doesn’t.  I’m the odd one out in my family.  I like decaf unsweet tea.

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Sugar bee
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pink and brown

skinney jeans

boots over pants

miniskirts with ugg boots (not really popular anymore)

the “bump-it” hair look

Mel Gibson

George Clooney


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Blushing bee

@Danielle I have the saaame feet issue. I got a pedicure once with my mom and actually kicked the lady when she touched my foot as a horrible reflex. 

-The God hates fag people
-boots over pants
-sweat pants with writing on the tush

-Mel Gibson
-diet beverages
-beer and most alcohol in general
-black licorice

Looord that’s a lot of things.  ha I’m sure I have more though.

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Helper bee
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Working out (seems like a lot of my friends are obsessed with it… I consider it more like torture)

Laptops in class (the clicking annoys the crap out of me)

Driving (stresses me out)


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Helper bee
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Oh, I have to second lots of other people on this thread: Dave Matthews Band

Ooh, and crocs is a good one @redhead. They look realllly weird and give me blisters.

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Bee Keeper
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Hey now, I don’t think the Shred is a get-fit quick fix! It’s a gateway exercise drug! 

So I’m not the only one who hates Nickelback and Elvis. And the Bachelor. And Crocs. Ugh.

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Sugar bee
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@legallyblondebride – with you on the driving!!

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Busy bee

caramel!  yuck!

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Bee Keeper
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Does anyone actually like Mel Gibson anymore? Because seriously, I think he’s pretty much the most judgmental, anti-Semitic person in the American spotlight right now. 

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Sugar bee
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I want to play again I’m in a crap mood today

-hipsters: the styled-to-look-unstyled haircuts, the ironic facial hair, the skinny jeans on men, the fedoras, the liking obscure bands simply because they are obscure… just, ugh

-jeans with high heels

-fake boobs, botox, etc. etc.

-unnaturally whitened teeth

-orange fake tans

-really long nails with french manicures

-guys who hit on you in bars by telling you they work in finance because they think that makes them look like they’re hot s**t- hey, guess what, you guys are all f**k ups. thanks for the recession, d-bags.


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Bumble bee
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I feel like I’ve found “My People” !!!! FInally!! SOmeone understands!  There are so many things I hate! Surprised

– Coffee

– Baths

– Massages/Foot Rubs

– Uggs and Crocs

– Breakfast Sweets

– Kids (just kidding…sort of) !

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Helper bee
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one more for me:

John Mayer

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Bumble bee
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This is great!

@Dancy905- I also hate the word ‘moist’.  It should never be used.  I have one friend who is banned from saying it in front of me because it gives me the willies.

I am anal about many things that others seem to enjoy. Namely:

– Cilantro- it DOES taste like soap.  No, I don’t want it sprinkled on my curry, drink, salad, salsa, chips, etc.  If you just pick it off, I can still taste it and can’t eat the offending area. 

-The gooey part of the tomato.  I can handle the flesh, but not the gooey seeds and gelatinous mess.  GROSS!

-” Wuthering Heights”.  This book made me INSANE at school.  Everyone in it is awful and I couldn’t wait for most of them to die.  

– Tuna sandwiches.  They are gross.  They look gross and they smell DISGUSTING.  Can’t deal.

– Board games..really most games.  This is a problem because my Fiance loves them.  I especially dislike the games played at bridal showers, baby showers, etc.  My friends seem to love these games.  I don’t get it.  No, I don’t care what crazy things you have in your purse, that your FI’s nickname for you is “sex kitten” and that you love chocolate.  Can we please move on?

– Reality TV, Idol, LOST

– Martinis….shaken, stirred, whatever.  Gross.  

– Olives 

EDIT: Forgot to add: small dogs in purses

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