(Closed) Things you cant stand yet everyone seems to love?

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

I’m with the Twilight haters.


Cereal with milk. I will eat dry cereal. I will drink milk. I will not eat them together.

Cottage cheese.

Canned tuna. (Tuna steak, tuna tartare, tuna sashimi – awesome. Something I would feed my cat – not awesome.)

People who type “u r” for “you are”. Really? It takes THAT much time to type two extra letters per word??

Coach/Louis Vuitton purses….any purse that costs $500 extra dollars because of the name on it.

Women who talk baby-talk to babies.

Poofed-up hair (the bumpit look, or people who just spray-poof it up.)

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: November 2011

Twilight!!! Lol I hate Twilight and everything to do with it and everyone that I know thinks I’m nuts.. Everyone is so Twilight crazy but I just don’t see what’s so great about it..

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Bumble bee

veils, I actually like the ones that cover the face but otherwise I’m just totally puzzled by how it makes sense, it’s a tail of tulle!

white gold


and in defense of vera bradley, what’s wrong with grandma’s taste? Isn’t grandma awesome?…

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  • Wedding: June 2010



low rise jeans-the ones with the 1 inch zipper

Burger King


and the tree branch things that everyone seems to love and pay rediculous prices for, I think they are called Manzita Trees? Maybe for Halloween or a Sleepy Hollow wedding, but they arent for me

the bug eyed sunglasses

red lipstick

just to name a few

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: July 2010

My NO list:

  • twilight (it’s overkill).  Didn’t anybody ever read Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles?  Waaaay better.  I’m vamp-ed out.  Got over that about 14 years ago.
  • mentos and mentos commercials.  Damn annoying.
  • licorice.  Tastes yucky to me.
  • energy drinks.  Dang they taste like cought medicine!  Robitussin to be exact.
  • Paris Hilton.  WHY is she famous?  Why? 
  • Ditto w/Black Eyed Peas.  I’m down with the veggie though, and like it w/cornbread and greens.  The band is way overdone and that song with the “monday tuesday wednesday”lyric drives me batty.
  • bubblegum pop and some hip hop.  Just not into it and will change the channel if I am bombarded w/it.  I’m an alternative, country, rock, classic rock, and believe it or not, classical music type of chickiepoo!   

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Ok my list is LONG!

I dislike baths. The idea of a bath is great, but once I’m in the tub, I’m uncomfortable and hot and it lasts about 5 minutes and then I feel the need to shower, which totally takes away the point of a bath!

Cotton balls – I literally get the chills if I touch one. EEEK! I’m cringing just thinking about it.

Mean people – especially people who mistreat animals. HATE THESE PEOPLE.

Smelly sponges – Fiance is guilty of not squeezing out the sponge after doing the dishes. The smell it leaves on your hands is so disgusting, and you have to throw the sponge away.

Gazebos – very sorry to any of you ladies using one in your wedding, but they just aren’t for me.

Red cars – mine is maroon and I hate it….it’s borderline red. Something about red cars is just cheesy to me.

Loud eaters – I lose my appetite when I hear people slurping food that is not meant to be slurped, like pizza, or chewing with their mouth open and then cleaning out their teeth with their finger. UGH! I could just vomit. My sister is guilty of these things and I cannot eat around her.

Yellow teeth – like, severely yellow. It just looks unhealthy. Seriously, invest in Crest Whitestrips.

Smoking – see yellow teeth. Also, it’s gross, makes your breath smell gross, and makes me smell gross if I’m near you. I have long hair and I get SO ANNOYED if I just washed it and have to cross paths with a smoker!

Japanimation – so. not. cute. I hate all these new age cartoons people have. Whatever happened to She-Ra and Care Bears and Jem?!?! LOL

LOL – hate it but I use it constantly. I’m a happy person (despite my long hate list!) and yeah. I just can’t control that damn LOL.

Starbucks Coffee – tastes like bad breath.

Baby talk – to babies, to your friends, to your SO….it seriously makes me angry. LOL (there it is again! See?!?!)

PDA – as in, making out right in front of my face. I’m a sensual person and I love a good makeout session, but in the privacy of my home! I do not want to see you ramming your tongues down each others throats and dry humping in broad daylight. Sick.

Vitamins – I hate swallowing pills that have no coating because they taste so bad. That’s why I take gummy vitamins for adults! 

Crocs – do not wear them unless you are under the age of three or a nurse. Even then it’s questionable. 

Mullets – although the funniest website I have ever been on is mulletjunkie.com!! 

Seagulls and pigeons – I dislike most birds – too unpredictable with their flying – but seagulls and pigeons really take the cake! I will seriously change my route if I am walking and see that I might have to encounter one of these birds. PS – did you know there are seagulls in the rural parts of NY? So odd!

Orianthi – Cool in Michael Jackson documentary. Not cool as an artist. I HATE her song and change the station every time it’s on the radio. 

Avril Lavigne – just….yuck. Sometimes I go to Kohl’s for household items and when I walk by her clothing collection I can’t help but laugh. She’s definitely trying way too hard. 

Wood paneling on walls – I have this in my apartment and I feel like I’m stuck in the 70’s.

Old men driving corvettes – totally skeeves me out. 

Nicholas Cage – see above. 

Closed minded people – I was raised in a Christian home and am very open minded about EVERYTHING. I have gay friends whose relationships I support, I’ve been drunk way too many times in my past, I believe sex before marriage is actually a good thing, and sometimes I have a dirty mouth. But I have limits to many of these things, and I know where I stand in my values and my beliefs and I don’t judge others for theirs. Well, unless you believe in Scientology….haha. Sorry but that religion creeps me out!

Women with man muscles – I don’t get it. 

Sushi – NO. 

Parents who are rude to their kids – uh, hello! Aren’t you supposed to be the parent?!

And on the opposite end of the spectrum…

Parents who let their kids run their lives – again I say, uh, hello?! Aren’t you supposed to be the parent?!

Ketchup with chicken fingers – I’m not 5 years old anymore. 

Sausage – I have a hard time eating it ever since I saw Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie make sausage on an episode of The Simple Life. 

Speaking of which…Paris Hilton – need I say more?

Zumba – I tried it once and it looked like the whole class was having a seizure. I’ll stick to hip hop. 

Apple Juice (but I like apples), Grape Juice (but I like grapes) V8 (SOOO GROSS, but I like tomatoes). 

iced Tea / Hot Tea – and I’m from the South!!

Tulle on every. single. wedding. decoration. in one wedding. 

Being hot at night – I cannot be hot when I’m trying to sleep. I seriously HATE IT. The more cold, the better! Unfortunately, my Fiance despises fans and air conditioning – he says they make him sniffle hahaha. We’ve actually fought about this! 

People who wear sandals that are too small and let their toes hang off the front. 

People who can’t have fun! I’m 30 years old and I feel like I’m mature in all of the areas of my life that count – my job, my relationship, my finances. Other than that, I enjoy being young at heart and allowing myself to not care what others think if I want to hop onto my grocery cart on the way to my car for a little ride! 

Orange juice with pulp. 

Skim milk. Just drink water!

Bread that gets soggy (unless it’s french toast)!

I promise that for every one thing I hate, there is something else that I love! 😉 Maybe that could be the next thread. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2010

Seinfeld. I just don’t get it, but Fiance loves it.

American Idol.

Princess cut diamonds.


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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: January 2013

Fun thread.


Things I hate:

  • add me to the anti-turtlenecks club.  I could never wear one, I start freaking out and need to rip it off.
  • People at my school who take FOREVER to assemble their plate at the cafeteria.  We only have one for like 1600 people, and it’s only open about 2 hours during dinner time.  Your six tacos don’t need to be PERFECTLY layered, with nothing awry or falling out of the shell, at the bar while everyone else behind you stands and waits for, no joke, twenty minutes.  Just throw your fixings onto your plate and make it at the table so other people can serve themselves, you inconsiderate assholes.  I guess this applies to buffets/ serving lines in general.
  • tanning, being tan–love my naturally pale, cancer-free skin, cringe when I see orange girls or girls with terribly peeling skin
  • beer-never tried one I could drink and enjoy, and I’ve tried about 9 million.  It’s just never going to happen.
  • laying on the beach–kind of goes along with tanning, but I just find this so. boring.  sweltering in the sun while every passer-by stares at your tits is not relaxing.
  • public swimming pools.  It’s hard enough to get me in the one in my backyard because I also find that boring.  But knowing what’s the proper chemical balance of a pool and what grows in an imbalanced one keeps me away from EVER taking a dip in a public pool.  Ew.
  • How I Met Your Mother–FI and I have watched four episodes of this show and hated every one.  why is it so popular?  It’s boring and not funny and cliché and the acting is terrible.
  • Lime green: I have always hated this color (unfortunately my birthstone is peridot).  I just find it so offensive to look at.
  • Leggings: worn any which way, but especially as pants.  No one wants to see every contour of your butt and legs.  Please dear god stop.  And if it’s cold and you need something under your skirt, why not tights? They actually keep your feet warm too.
  • Small dogs.  Now, if I saw a lost or injured small dog on the side of the road, I wouldn’t think twice about scooping it up and helping it.  But generally, I do not like interacting with most breeds of small dogs and I would never, ever adopt one.
  • Flip flops.  I hate the sound they make, I hate that people wear them till they’re ripped up and filthy, and I just think they look lame unless you’re on the beach or bathing in a shared shower like at college.  Sorry.
  • Nicholas Sparks books.  I think he’s an awful writer and his overly sentimental books create unobtainable expectations for young women about romance, life, and love.
  • Pretty much any mainstream comedy movie.  You know, Anchorman, Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, etc.  I have set through all of these movies after being dragged to them by friends and sat in stony silence.  I found them painful to watch.
  • The vast majority music on the Top 40 right now.  For many reasons I will not detail.  Exception: I am okay with Lady Gaga and some other when I’ve had a lot to drink and just want to dance, as long as I tune out the lyrics.  But that’s not my favorite kind of music to dance to by far.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2020

I hate when people say “preggers”

I hate when people smoke, kill yourself but please don’t exhale into the air I breathe


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2010

tulle, Dane Cook, Twilight, Vera Bradley, The North Face clothing (saw wayyy too much of it in college), crocs, and snookie Poofs..lol


wedding sayings: dress twins, and other girly girl sayings…I have occasionally said “the one” and I hate that as well though. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

* people touching my ears or feet * the words: crotch, panties, notstril, armpits * massages and pedicures (I hate random people touching me!!) * fruit in my food (yogurt, strawberry shortcake, etc) * getting anything less than 8 hours of sleep

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2010

the word panties for me, too.  it makes me want to slap someone when they use it!!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: November 2010

Lol – I seem to love lots of things people hate. Love Actually, Anchor Man, Quacamole, How I Met Your Mother, licorice, tulle, seafood, BEER! LOL But I’m Australian so it’s practically law that I love beer!

Anyhoo I hate people doing my nails (the filing and when they push back your cuticles – ICK!!!!!), Crocs, Nickelback, Turtlenecks (although here they’re called skivvies – double claustraphobic ick!), Uggs with shorts – especially if it’s with tights, leggings with nothing over them – they’re NOT pants people – you’re getting around in underwear! I hate it when people use the word “gay” and they mean lame or not good. OH and I HATE it when people say “Youse” but that might just be an Aussie thing. BLURGH!

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@waitingbee PREGGERS!!! Hah! I also hate that word! Too funny.

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Helper bee

Lady Gaga



Sarah Palin (I don’t think EVERYONE likes her, but I live in the south and she has a lot of fans here)

Dancing with the stars

The beach, I *hate* sand.

Peanut butter

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