(Closed) Things you cant stand yet everyone seems to love?

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Helper bee

Had to add, tattoos. 

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Bumble bee
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One word: LOST . . . .what the heck is the big deal with that show?! I couldn’t watch I for ten minutes (and YES for those of you that are diehard fans, I did know what was going on in the story line)

Mayonnaise – – -somebody get me a bag, I’m going to be sick

oh and Ed Hardy T-shirts. Their screenprinter must have blown up.

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Busy bee
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Red roses. Ugh.

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ooo thought of a coupple more.

i’ll join the turtleneck club-urghhh i HATE them, feel like someone is freaking strangling me.

sauerkrout- the smell alone makes me want to puke and never eat anything again.

girls who look like they rubbed their bodies in doritos- hate fake bake look. i’ll take my pasty ghost white skin anyday instead of an orange glow.

when people dye thier hair black when their orginial hair color is blonde/ a lot lighter (looks way unatural and way too dark.)

tight clothes- i hate wearing tight clothes, i would rather be in the nude lol

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Helper bee
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I hate:

-Strawberries cover in chocolate.. eeewwww

– Peanut Butter


-Coach Purses.. Hate them all.. dont know why

-Greasy hair! yack


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Bumble bee

I just read all 7 pages of this and I simply cannot believe how many of you hate baths. I get so crabby when I do not get my baths. I am a Lush addict and take like, hour long bubble baths twice a week. Now for my list, in order of how much I hate these things:

  1. People who take themselves too seriously– You don’t need to prove you are cool, or mature, or more rich than I am. So pathetic.
  2. The sound of people chewing- This makes me instantly want to vomit. I can’t have meetings with people where we are eating because if someone chews loudly I just want to gag.
  3. Chain resturants– I refuse to pay $12.95 for a nasty sandwich from TGI Fridays. I would much rather go to a local resturant that uses food that doesn’t come from a SYSCO truck.
  4. Knock-Off Crap– Everyone can tell that your bag is fake, or that your sunglass are fake. Why not just buy a cute pair in your actual budget? No one is going to believe you have a Fendi bag when you are 22, in skanky clothes, and shopping at Target.
  5. Country Music Made After 1965– Seriously, country music is the most generic music on earth. It sounds like they wrote the songs using Mad Libs. “My girl left me so I am going to go to the bar, I LOVE AMERICA and I shop at WAL-MART.”
  6. The use of American Indian people/culture as a fashion trend or mascot. Just take these things, apply them to any other culture, and look at how wrong it would seem. Like if your kids birthday was “Black People” themed? That would be so wrong! But people have “Indian” birthdays for little boys and girls all the time. Or stupid hipsters with feathers in their hair and facepaint.
  7. People who give their children stupid names. Think of the name you are about to give your kid, then apply it to a serious successful adult. Precious Diamond does not sound like a CEO.
  8. Those Balls hanging from Trucks– Way to look like a dumbass.
  9. Tomatoes– The texture is just revolting.
  10. Bloody Marys– I drank like 5 glasses of water and a pint of beer to wash that nasty taste out of my mouth.

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This thread is slowly proving that you can’t please everyone. 🙂 Imma gonna please myself with my flip-flops, baths, Lady Gaga, and tattoos. 🙂


-people who think that everyone needs to know every detail about their kids, especially the non-breeders who just don’t understand the significance of said detail. Like my friend who, God love her, thinks that I need to know how much her little tyke measures (in inches) and weighs after every check-up and waits for a response from me while I think “umm….is that little? big? just right? let’s see, 12 inches equals a foot so….dang it….WHAT DO I SAY???”

I love kids and I want kids but God help me if my life ever revolves around how many poopies my little angel made in the potty that day.


-LOL after every sentence. I use LOL but only if I’m truly LOLing. Or L-ing OL. Or whatever.

-Vampire Weekend. Their songs sound like a record got stuck.

-Phoenix. The band. Their songs make no sense and are unintelligable.

-Saying you got your “hair did”. NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD.

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Busy bee

Hmm…things I hate that everyone seems to love??

American Idol 

Top 40 Adult/Alt Rock 

Manicures (I confirmed this hate a few days ago.  I used a gift certificate for a mani-pedi and had both done to me simultaneously.  Least comfortable pampering experience ever.)


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