(Closed) Things you wish you could say (or scream) aloud (the vent thread)

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Helper bee
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@EffieTrinket:  That was my sister’s comment when I told her I wanted birdcages at my wedding.  I hadn’t even thought of that.  Lol!  Needless to say, I switched out the birdcages for something else.

My rant:  Dad, before we even booked our Destination Wedding, we ran it by you.  Specifically asked you if you’d be able to save up the money to come.  And you said yes.  You and your girlfriend would be happy to attend and would probably spend an extra day or two in Miami after the cruise.  And you told me to let you know when you can get your tux.  But here we are, less than 85 days to the wedding, and you haven’t booked your hotel, your cruise, your flight.  Nothing.  And the cruise price keeps going up and up.  You could have locked in a lower price months ago for just 100 bucks down with nothing else due til February, but you didn’t want to.  And yeah, I know, you get to choose how to spend your money.  I get it.  But I thought you’d put a little bit more effort into going to your first-born’s wedding.  You missed my sister’s wedding because your life wasn’t in order.  And now you’re going to miss mine.  How fitting…

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Blushing bee
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To one person: ‘STOP asking me dumb-ass questions about the hen. I mean, SERIOUSLY!!! How STUPID are you?!. I said lunchtime, at a place on a date – and its 3 weeks AND I have told you 11 (yes 11) times that i don’t know my bloodyself about what is going on. Also don’t be a complete moron on facebook and misspell ‘ill’ as in poorly to ‘I’ll’. It is the only time you ever use an apostrophe. AND (it’s wrong. Also don’t be like a 15 year old and judge me in a moronic teenagerish way about my eating meat. You’re 35 not 15. Also STOP asking me the same question again and again and again and again AND if you call me ‘sweetie’ or ‘honey’ again I will seriously barf into your hat and make you wear it.


To some family members: person a) stop being a horrible peice of work, move out your parents house and have some respect for the women you touch, for yourself and for your parents and siblings. person b) I’m sorry and I do feel sorry for you but if you know your father is not able to help you out with your wedding costs and you are broke do not go on a 5k honeymoon and do not invite 200 people to a seriously expensive venue. It’s s shame you spent your inheritance on paying your credit cards back and I hope your lovely brother does not give you his share. It’s for his house.


To myself: STOP BEING STRESSED! Stop not sleeping in the night. Stop worrying about everything you say and everythig you do. Stop feeling guilty about every little thing you do. Have some pride in yourself. Have some belief in yourself. It is not stupid to cry and breakdown at work – you’ve had a hard year (cancer, cancer, death, death, death, moving, new job) be thankful of the help you’re going to get (free!) from work. It is not something to be ashamed of. You are pretty ace and you need to realise it, beeatch!


To random people: yes I have a different accent to you. My accent is actually closer to Olde English than yours. I say phonemes correctly when you look at them in their graphematic form. 


To other random people: person a) Why would you invite yourself to my wedding? I met you once. Person b) why would you think that it was ok in any way to invite your husband and daughter to the day part of my hen? Now I have to say ‘NO!’ or have them come. My father wants to come now too – and due to my feelign guilty about everything (see above) I can’t say no! lol!!!




To train people: PRESS the DOOR OPEN button!!!!!!! It opens the door!!!!! 😮 Shocking! ALSO if I am getting off, don’t bleeding ram me out the way. I will spank you with the free paper next time you do it. And not in a kinky way. In a painy way.



Line under it. Phew. Thanks!

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Helper bee
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Dear neighbours below us,

STOP moaning about every teeny tiny thing we do, stop moaning to our landlord about things we are apparently doing to the house, aside from the fact that is completely fabricated, your not being very neighbourly.

YES we live above you and yes we are young and you are old. We have very right to hold dinner parties and have friends over and if you keep nagging we will GIVE you something to moan about. We live in a communal building I WILL NOT start wearing slippers and walk around MY HOME on eggshells just out of fear of annoying youuuuuU!

We work hard and will proabably be working until we die, so this retirement you are so lesiurely enjoying is something we’ll never have.

So stuff yourself and making me feel bad, we are good decent people and if you really want to get the lawyers in to try and evict us be my guest, you’ll be wasting your money because we DO NOTHING WRONG! Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 

Oh and you can SHOVE that “terms of tenancy contract” where the sun don’t shine, it’s based on “the board of directors” rules and isn’t worth the paper it’s written on! So F### you!!!!!!

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Buzzing bee
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this is to my bff who’s fixing up their house. It makes me cry a little.

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Busy Beekeeper
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My fiance has a sudden onset of a fairly serious mental disorder.  It’s so hard, I love him, I would never leave him because of this – but I worry that he won’t be able to be happy, do the work he wants to do, provide for a family, be a capable father, will possibly pass on mental health problems to our children…  *WAAAAHHH THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!!!!!*  Please dear God let this medication solve our problems – he can’t live like this and neither can I.

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Helper bee
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**Just because I have short hair and tattoos does not mean I am sexually attracted to females. Seriously, it’s just rude to make assumptions about my sexual preferences and voice them within minutes of meeting me. It only succeeds in making me feel unfemnine and unattractive.**

For context, I have a (styled, dyed, and may I add, bloody expensive) pixie cut. I wear a reasonable amount of well-applied makeup and wear fairly stylish, female clothing. I also have quite a bith of tattoo coverage, but they are all very colourful, girly images (think flowers, stars, a lucky cat…). Yet I have had complete strangers voice their assumptions about my presumed sexuality (both in neutral, and highly offensive manners) a few times recently. 

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Helper bee
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STOP asking me when I’m going to pop out our first child and how many will we have? Just because we got married recently does not mean we’re on the path to have children!  I’ve told you many times WE DO NOT WANT KIDS!  But why do you keep saying we’ll change our minds?  Ugh.  No we won’t!  We want none!  We will not change our minds just because we’re currently under 30.  I will not freak out when I hit 30 and want a child.  JUST. STOP. IT.  I’m so sick of people asking us when we’ll have kids. It’s really irritating and I want to punch them in the face every time they say, “Oh sweetie, you’re still young, you don’t know what you want.  Trust me, you’ll change your mind.”   I’m almost 27, you assholes! I know what I want and don’t want.

Phew, that felt a tiny bit better. 🙂


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@Sunnyday278:  OMG +1 forever! Was stuck in that for like a year! The only way I got an interview was through my sister in law and thankfully, they hired me. Good luck in your search!

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Honey bee
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@Woodstock:  UGH! Some people really need to step away from the HGTV.

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Worker bee
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Wow, this looks like fun! And right when I’m so stressed I’m becoming unpleasant to live with too…


1) Ginger Jokes. It isn’t big or clever. What it DOES, in fact, is make you look like a bigoted, stuck-up old bint with all the social skills of a brick thrown through someone’s window.  I have long since gotten past the point where I wished to have another hair colour – clearly YOU never did, eh?


And making a joke like that in front of me AND patients? Think yourself lucky I didn’t make a formal complaint, because that kind of shit gets people fired. 


2) How could you risk losing your only living daughter, not even two years after my sister died? How can you decide that I mean nothing, that my life means nothing, because this wedding isn’t panning out the way YOU wanted? You stupid, selfish woman – you’ll regret this in years to come, when you wonder what I’m doing or if I’ve had kids yet or how my career is going. And it’ll be too late. 


The hardest bit is realising that this is your choice.


3) You’re a damn coward, whose reflex to give yourself an easy life is going to end up your downfall. I hope you like where you’ve gotten yourself, you spineless little toad. You deserve to stay there.




You’re right, that was rather cathartic!


Oh and to the lady at the top who was talking about being told labour horror stories? I’m a student doctor hoping to specialise in O&G – don’t listen to any of that crap. What will be will be, and every single pregnancy is different from the next (including if they’re all with the same mother!). Getting to meet your little one, no matter what happens during that end journey, is the sweetest bit of all.

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Helper bee
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Hunting is not a game or a sport. It is MURDER, plain & simple.

Yes, I’ve been engaged since Dec 7. NO, I haven’t started planning yet. Why, because I am broke and in debt, so unless you want to give me some money to help pay for my wedding, STFU already!!!!!

Mother nature, quit it w/ this f*cking artic cold bullshit already. I’ve had it!!!!

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Buzzing bee
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@EffieTrinket:  Some of the stuff she’s doing is nice… like getting rid of popcorn ceilings (where there isn’t wood) and tiling her sunroom and painting the walls a cheery tropical blue to go along. But she wants to paint over all the real wood in her house because she thinks it makes the house dated. I keep trying to tell her she CAN have white and wood mixed throughout. She also wants to tear up a REAL hardwood floor and put down decent but not the greatest quality engineered floor (because that’s all they can afford) because it looks like this and doesn’t look like the normal straight pattern. 

ps that’s not her wood, it’s just something I found on google images that looks similar.

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Honey bee
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@Woodstock:  !!! But that floor is beautiful!!! Please try and talk her out of it. If nothing else, real hardwoods are such a good selling point for a house. If she hates it, they could put carpet over it.

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Buzzing bee
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@EffieTrinket:  I’ve talked to her hubby and he think she’s crazy for wanting to replace it… SOOOO he’s making her replace the carpets and laminate in the kitchen and bathrooms before they even THINK about taking it up. Hopefully by then she’ll realize it’s good floor and I don’t think he’ll let her replace it either.

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Busy bee


I am going to laugh really, really hard when you lose your job because of this.

Oh, and I see absolutely no progress, BY THE WAY. End rant

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