(Closed) Things you wish you could say (or scream) aloud (the vent thread)

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Lady. Instead of telling your friend all about your  drama on the cell phone, why don’t you hang up, finish your transaction with the bank teller (maybe even tell her “hi, how about this weather?”), and talk to your friend at a more convient time?

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To my FMIL; stop being so f**ing selfish and demanding. We are trying to build a future and a life together and also planning a wedding. Stop your idiotic “projects”, we have full time jobs and our own life to sort out. Why do you need our help for EVERYTHING; why do you need to make a years worth of tomato sauce, why don’t you stop all your freaking unnecessary demands. Go and find some friends; we cannot be your friend and your servants as well!!!!

Servant Duties PAGE 1

Two-three weekly shopping trips

Mowing lawns every two weeks

Daily newspaper delivery

Fresh bread every two days

Buying alcohol every two days (but not at the same time as buying bread – seperate trip please)

Putting the lottery on weekly

And all your those freaking “projects” STOP IT!!!

My God and those incessant phone calls; I’d like to once have sex without a phone call from you!

Don’t you see; if you don’t leave us alone EVER then you become someone to avoid and not want to spend time with. Don’t you get it.

Your exhausting negativity and judgemental comments are off putting – you make it impossible to like you.



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To my ovaries….. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start functioning!!!!! I can’t take this much longer,  I don’t know how to fix you!

To one lady in particular… STOP TELLING ME TO HURRY UP & HAVE A BABY!! Even if you are jokingly probing to see if I tell you I’m pregnant, it’s not funny at all & seriously unappreciated & I have to hold back tears everytime you open your mouth.  Especially since you terminated your 2nd pregnancy at 23 weeks because you weren’t ready for the additional responsibility. You may have fallen pregnant 4 times without planning but I have been trying for nearly 1 year with no luck and my chances are getting slimmer by the day. I would give my right arm right now to even have that chance of being a mum!!

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To FI’s parents and grandparents,

I don’t give a flying fsck that you had a 20 person wedding with SIY bridesmaid dresses, DIY decorations, a DIY cake and a lame ass camping honeymoon. I don’t give a rat’s @ss that you got married 4 months after your proposal. And I certainly don’t care that “something small and simple” is how your family does it. Did you HONESTLY think that your (grand)son marrying a Greek WOULDN’T result in a Big Fat Greek Wedding!?

I am SO STINGY in EVERY OTHER ASPECT of my LIFE. I deserve a fun night where I won’t be chastised for “spending too much money.” Our budget is only 10k and you’re acting like we’re nuts, you old bat!!!!!!  

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To my Future Mother-In-Law: STOP trying to control everything! Your son is a grown man, not your little pet project. He has a good job and a good life – WITH ME. STOP guilting him that he never visits his grandparents, because he does – when he has the time. It’s not his fault that his job is demanding and only gets one day off a week. He’s a Head Chef, what do you expect??

STOP trying to worm your way in with snakey remarks about how you think our wedding should be, and how YOU would prefer it. On that note, STOP trying to invite all your friends to our wedding without us knowing. We have already sent the bloody things out, and if your friends aren’t on the list, I’m not sorry!

We’re having a destination wedding. My parents are organising the reception. STOP being so horribly nosey wanting to know every single detail. Even I don’t know all the details. All I know is that we’re having an intimate dinner at a restaurant after the ceremony, don’t get all HOITY-TOITY because we’re not doing it “properly.” We don’t want to do it “properly.”

Deep breath inhale….  Now exhale…



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Welfare complainers piss me off like no other. Especially when I see their racist, ignorant somee cards posted on pinterest all the time. I just can’t beleive the disgusting sense of entitlement! Welfare recipients do not owe you anything just because you pay your taxes. You have to do that anyways. It’s what you pay for the privalage of living in this country, and receiving all the privalages that go with it. They say they “work so hard” just so ALL of the taxes taken out of their check can go to lazy people on welfare, to buy cigarettes and iPhones with. UM, do you not realilze that your taxes pay for other shit too? Like maybe the roads you drove to work on, or any of a thousand other things? And who the fuck do you think you are to dictate what someone else does with their life just because you had the DUMB LUCK to be born into a situation in which you would be able to get that job, and make enough money to be paying those taxes. Not everyone has the same opportunities, it’s not as simple as just pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, because there are systemic and pervasive disadvantages that some people have to deal with, and not others. And I know there are some people that will abuse the system, but that is not a reason to perpetuate these harmful myths about poverty. 




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Thisis NOT you wedding!It’s does not matter if YOU do n like my colors, it’s MY & FI’s day.

No you can not invite your boyfriend’s friend so that he will have somone at the wedding to keep him compnay! WTF!

NO you can not decide who sits at the table with you! 


-SIGH- This is all coming from one person.Frown

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Not Wedding Related:

Mother-In-Law you are driving me absolutely mental -yes we’re living with you right now, but telling me how to raise my 4 month old daughter, being passive aggressive all the damn time and making your son feel terrible about his weight (he’s gained a belly, so what?!) is making me like you even less. Also whats with the damn favouritism with the grandkids? Whenever your grandson is here, my daughter is instantly ignored, plus why are you buying him everything he wants but the only thing my daughter has recieved from you was a book at christmas!! I can’t wait to move out and escape from you!

DH – can we hurry up and move out please!!!

housing market – you suck, we have being approved for a certain amount, but theres nothing available in our price range! The only one which was had uneven floors, was tiny, and had blood in a closet! I wanna escape my mil and i can’t til we find a house!

DH again – yes I’m breastfeeding, this doesn’t mean that 99% of caring for our child falls on me, yes you work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get up in the night once in a while!!

Phew, I’ll stop there before I get too carried away.

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To my unreliable childhood “friend”: Why the hell do you keep on making plans to catch up for a coffee or for lunch and then postpone with some ridiculous excuse at the very last minute!? I don’t fecking get it, You’re the one who asks to catch up, but then  you bail on me at the last minute EVERY time. It’s been over 20 times now! And, you never made it to any birthday celebration of mine, yet I’ve been to each one of yours in the past 10 years Yell And, the one time I couldn’t make it to something (because you were unclear on the plans and couldn’t get there because I’d have to catch 5 buses there and be 2 hours late to be in a neighbourhood I’ve never been in) you threw a hissy fit and sent me horrible texts and made stupid facebook statuses and threatened to cancel on your 4 other friends who were going to be there, and now you’ve had the audacity to cancel our past 3 lunch dates!?!

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I disagree. I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat meat at all, but I think that if you’re going to eat meat, it’s better to know where it comes from and how it’s killed. I don’t mean to be rude, it just seems hypocritical to say that you’re not a vegetarian, but oppose all hunting (which, done correctly, is very humane, much more so than the way a lot of meat animals are raised and killed). I work in the industry (broiler chickens) and can tell you that if I got a choice, I would rather be a free bird, shot and killed quickly, than born, thrown into a shed with 45,000-55,000 other chickens, where I progressively gained huge amounts of weight for around 45 days and then got gassed or electrocuted and had my throat slit. They do not have bad lives while they are on the farm, but I know that if I were a chicken in the final 12 hours of my life, I would be TERRIFIED. Imagine leaving behind all you had known, being shoved onto a crate, getting put into a gas chamber or electrocuted and then dying. Now imagine eating one day, and then you simply are no more, because a hunter shot you and you died before you knew what happened. Also, you’d be surprised by the process the meat goes through. You know that yellow look free-range meat has? That’s not from nutrients or the sunlight, that’s from dye in their food (and not all free range birds are actually free-range at all). The yolk of the egg? They can make that any shade, of any colour they like. I could go on, but I feel like I’m turning it into a novel lol. Again, I certainly don’t mean for this to be seen as rude, I just feel like some people may not know these things and information is power 🙂

<p> Onto my rant- YOU ARE A MOTHER! Your child does not need a parade of losers walking in and out of her life, I do not need to read about it all over facebook every time one of them abandons you, crashes your car, cheats on you ect. You NEED to get your shit together. Get a fucking job, stop expecting hand outs, don’t ditch your kid to go out with your latest fling, don’t even introduce your latest fling to your kid unless you’ve been together for a long while, definitely don’t let her call him dad until you are super, super serious and STOP throwing yourself at these drop kicks! Seriously, you’ve got no respect for yourself. Also, if I hear anything about your entitled ass expecting things to be given to you, I may actually tell you all this. You’re not a kid. You are much older than me, I don’t understand how I manage to have a fully functioning life, where I do not depend on other people, and you are the equivalent of a very immature teenager. Just STOP! You really grate on my fucking nerves.


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To the dude in my office…turn down the god awful techno music before you get a fist pump right to the teeth.

To my uterus….hurry up and get pregnant. DH is leaving in 2 months and we need you to have a new resident in there before April.

To my inlaws….we told you 6 months ago DH is deploying and have not heard a peep out of you wanting to spend some time with your son/brother until I send out an invite for a going away party.  Knowing we have a ton of stuff to do you send out an email filled with quilt about needing to have an inlaw only get together before he leaves. You have done nothing but cause drama in our lives so beat it nerds! We need to spend our own time together before he leaves for 7 months and that is more of a priority than you wanting to play proud parents and sister. 

I could go on an endless IL rant so I will just leave it as all of you need to STFU and stop being so selfish. 

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@Munchy:  Right there with you, honey.

@ my next door neighbor: I hate that I can hear your braying horse laugh through the wall and the screaming at football games. I just hate you period. You are a little weasel. Don’t you ever go anywhere? I hope to sell my apartment to people you can’t stand who torture you forever.


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Stop being so grouchy to your parents! Of course they’re excited and want to hear about the wedding plans.  You’re your mother’s only child. They want to be involved and are worried they’re not living up to what the Groom’s parents are supposed to do.  If you would help me out a little tiny bit on occasion, you might actually have something to tell them.  GRRRAWRRRURRAWR!!

And if you give me any kind of crap on any of these decisions I’ve had to make on my own – venue, food, music, whatever – I will request the 2 twin beds instead of 1 queen on the cruise and it will be a long, lonely honeymoon for you.  Since you made planning and booking that my job as well.

It’s a good thing you’re such a great guy in most other respects, and so stinkin’ handsome.

Non-wedding related rant:

Dear Boss,

It’s snowing.  It’s been snowing all last night and all day today.  The roads are crap. The nice news guy just told us all to stay home if possible.  And yet I know you expect me to be perfectly happy to risk life and car damage to make the 20 mile schlep to work,  so some spoiled affleunt types with 4 wheel drive SUV’s can drive down the street and get their weekly massage.  In fact, it will count against my record as an unexcused absence should I tell you I’m not coming in. And what will be even more fun, will be my drive home after 10:00 tonight, when all this slush will freeze and roads will be even more slick.  And dark.

Man, I need to find a job closer to me.

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