(Closed) Things you’ve come to accept about SO even if they bug you..

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He’s kind of a slob. He likes to leave dishes around.

He gets forgetful and doesnt text or call back.

He spends way too much time attached to his tv/computer/xbox.

He’s stubborn and wont let go of something once he gets it in his head.

lol. Its annoying, but I deal. I love him anyway. I know there are things about me that drive him batty.

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my hubby tends to live in the past alot.

example, i was cleaning out a cupboard and i found a belt that looked like it was last worn by gene simmonds at a KISS concert back in the 70’s, it was leather and had spikes and chains haning off it so obviously it hit the garbage pile

hubby: why are you throwing that out
me: because its UGLY
hubby: but thats as good as new and i wore that recently
me: when??
hubby: at a concert
me: WHEN?  (because i damn well know all the concerts hes been to lately)
hubby: about 15yrs ago

which to him was “recently”


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He adjusts to get comfortable in bed for like 5 minutes.  It’s super annoying. I’m trying to get relaxed in bed and he’s constantly moving and jerking (with pillows, the comforter, etc) for a solid five minutes. But, I love him anyway.  He’s a good man – even if he can’t get comfortable when he first gets in bed !

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He votes Republican.

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He will not make up the bed to save his life! And if he does “make it” its messy & everything is basically just thrown in place.. Also he will not clean to save his life! He will vaccum but thats it, other than tidying up the kitchen, etc but when it comes to deep cleaning he refuses.. Drives me nuts!

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  He picks at the skin on his hands! His poor fingers! He also has to research EVERY. LITTLE. DETAIL. about something before he can make a purchase. On some things, this is really good, but other times, I know what I want, I know what I’m looking for, let’s just get it done! This also carries over into his school/work. I’m one that when I get an assignment, I finish it, and I’m good. He can over-analyze it and stress himself out.

  However, these are all small potatoes when I think about the things that I KNOW I do to him.

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@zippylef: Are we married to the same person? I was going to make pretty much the exact list. Too much video games, messy slob, stubborn to death and doesn’t like to call people back.

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My Fiance has a grace period. And by this is mean, if I ask him what time it is, I would like to know the real time. If it is 4:50, he’ll say it’s 5:00. He loves to do this when I ask “what time does the movie start?” lol, It annoys me beyond all ends.

He loves to leave dirty dishes in the sink which I don’t mind, but can you at least wash the darn thing!

He is also notorious for leaving empty packages or tubs in the fridge and panty. I went iinto the fridge one time, and he left the empty pitcher in there. And then when Ii called him on it, he blamed it on a ghost.

But after everyday, I can’t help but love the fool <3


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FH is pretty messy. He leaves dishes all over the place, clothes on the floor.

He is too set in his ways for his own good. He sees his opinions as right, and everyone else is wrong.

He’s more conservative than I am.

His views on what makes a man, a man, are ridiculous and outdated.

He is in love with his beard. FH does not have the genes for growing facial hair. All of his beard is under his chin. His mustache grows in patches. It looks bad, but he won’t shave it. He thinks his beard is like a god. Blech. Haha. I keep hoping he’ll shave one day.

He’s kind of a momma’s boy.

He refuses to pick up poop if the dog has an accident in the house. It’s “my” dog so I should pick it up…

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My eyes get really dry, and when I wake up, I have to immediately use eye drops. Every single morning, right as I’m trying to put in the drops, my husband shifts around in the bed and I damn near stab myself in the eye with the bottle. He knows that he does it, but is in that half-asleep stage and can’t control his early morning thrashing about.

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The answer to all questions he doesnt know is “I forgot” drives me UP THE WALL. I KNOW that he doesnt”forget” things all the time…just say you DONT KNOW. lol

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He’s always late.  Always.

He won’t put dirty dishes in the sink.  He lines them up on the counter NEXT to the sink.  WTH?

He has a pile of miscellaneous things in the BR that never disappears or gets smaller.  Same with mail pile in the kitchen which is awaiting shredding.  The shredder is right next to the garbage can.  Hello!

He promises to do certain chores and doesn’t follow through until MUCH later. 

He doesn’t do laundry until he is completely out of clothes.

He screams at the TV when watching sports to the point where if I am not paying attention he scares the crap out of me!


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