(Closed) Thinking about ending my breastfeeding journey… :'(

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If it will be less stressful for you, there is nothing wrong with switching to formula, or using a combination of milk and formula. A happy, healthy mama is an important part of having a happy, healthy baby! And “breastmilk v. formula” doesn’t have to be as all-or-nothing and polarized as it often seems to be.

If you are looking for more ideas to boost supply: I have had good luck with brewer’s yeast. You can sprinkle it over cereal or soup, eat it with popcorn, blend it into yogurt smoothies – I always notice a boost to what I can pump if I’ve eaten it that day.

I am also the mom of a 9-month-old, and although I don’t think I’ve had as hard a time as you seem to, I’m reaching a point where my stockpile of frozen milk is dwindling and I think we’re going to have to tell the daycare provider to start giving LO formula if I can’t keep up with the pumping. We’ll still bring as much milk as we can, but if it’s not enough, a bottle of formula isn’t the end of the world and it’s certainly better than a hungry baby!

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MrsPhishBee:  Think of it this way: you’re probably already introducing her to new solid foods, right? And you will be introducing her to cow’s milk in a couple of months? You can introduce her to formula as a “transitional food”, in addition to breast milk rather than instead of it.

You will need to figure out the solution that works best for you, but if I were in a situation like what you describe, I would continue to breastfeed when baby is home with me and only use formula at daycare. That way it’s still a special, bonding experience, but without the stressful aspects of pumping.

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Dont be upset its ok . If you want it up . Have her on the boob babys can pull more milk out then  pump , and it might be harder because your working so you cant feed on damned but she can get it back up if you put on on tge boob and not just bottles 

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MrsPhishBee:  I loved breast feeding and my Dirty Delete is now 9 months old too, though I decided to call it quits after 6 months so we could try for baby number 2. My view is, you breastfed for 9 months yay! That is awesome and a feat itself! Pumping is like a second full-time job! Your daughter got so many benefits from it and is lucky to have you as a mom. Any breastfeeding is better than none. If it’s stressing you out it may be time to move on. I thought I would miss the bond but I actaully don’t, we do so many other special things together now that she’s a bit older it makes up for it. On another less important note, once I stopped breastfeeding my last 5 lbs just flew off and I lost an additional 5 and ended up weighing less than I did pre-pregnancy.

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MrsPhishBee:  I had to call it quits a few months in. I took it hard at first (I cried a lot), but you know what? My son, now 6 months, is happy, healthy, and an absolute gem. It’s harder on us than them. There is nothing wrong with formula. As long as your baby is happy and healthy, that’s all that matters.

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MrsPhishBee:  If you do stop, that’s ok! You gave your daughter breastmilk for nine months- that’s so awesome and good for you pumping at work and at night and everything- that is real commitment that you should be really proud of! You could call La Leche League or a lactation consultant just to ask them if they have any advice for you and give it a bit more time- or you could just stop and know you made the right decision for you. Either way, don’t feel bad, it sounds like you did a great job!

PS here’s an article on Kelly mom about increasing supply but disregard if your decision has been made!

Increasing Low Milk Supply

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MrsPhishBee:  My mom only breastfed my twin and me for 6 months because she had such difficulty getting enough milk and we were premature babies who had trouble latching on. She was trying all sorts of crazy cures and put on weight as a result but didn’t get a huge increase in her milk supply, just like you describe. I know this because my mom and I talked about it and she told me that at that the 6 month point we had started eating solid foods and through the transition period she supplemented with formula. We both grew up to be happy, healthy, intelligent, great kids and adults.

Don’t think of yourself as a failure. You did everything that you could and gave your Dirty Delete the benefit of being breastfed for 9 months. I can tell you that you are not a failure and I highly doubt your child will think anything negative of your decision. Don’t let anyone, even yourself, make you feel bad for doing what you feel is best for you as a mom. You matter too. And if it makes you feel better, most women stop breastfeeding earlier than 9 months, actually.

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Give yourself a break. You’be breastfed her for nine months, which is awesome. It’s not worth the struggle to keep going for the remaining 3 months. 

I say this as a mom who’s still BFing at 15 months. I wish I had put less pressure on myself to pump so much and to keep going for so long. I am now at the point where I want to wean, and my baby doesn’t! 

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You’ve come a long way and should be proud of yourself! At this point your ped may suggest moving to cows milk. I would ask them about it. it seems silly to get her used to formula just to change it up to milk in a few months…

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