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    Moissanite 1 ct

    Diamond .7 ct

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    I think some of the cons of moissy can be the colour tinting, but this is a very subjective con, and the fact that some jewelers will not work with it.

    About the colour. It is crazy and I have yet to find any conclusive final say in what the colour is. Generally, unenhanced moissy is around K/L and enhanced moissy is around I/J….though some people say H/I.

    Someone is also working on another way to coat the bottom half of moissanite with something silvery to make it whiter and help with the tinting problems!

    This new moissanite product is called Mira. 


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    I’ve been thinking about what I’d say, too.. and my family would see it as a super responsible thing to do! If anyone asks, I’d just tell them the perks you just wrote about. Sure, some family members might judge me. But so be it! You can’t make everyone happy. If you feel it’s the right choice for you, do it!

    I’m hoping for a moissy for all the same reasons πŸ™‚

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    At one carat you don’t have to worry much about color, especially if you want a round stone. Also, you can get the stone enhanced and it will show even less color.

    Like Tunacupcakes mentioned, they are currently working on Mira, which so far promises to be amazing! However, it’s still in it’s testing stage and it also might be quite expensive (about double or triple the cost of moissanite I think I heard).

    I have an enhanced moissanite and I absolutely love it and I am so happy with my decision. The way I see it is it sparkles amazingly, it has excellent durability and it looks almost exactly like a diamond anyway, why spend so much more and get virtually the same thing?

    It’s up to you whether or not you tell people it’s a moissanite. If you do decide to tell people, be warned that not everyone is going to be kind to you about it. : All you can do is explain why you went with moissy (one very good reason is that it sparkles twice as much as any diamond) and if they still turn up their noses after that, just ignore them and own the fact you made the decision that was best for you. πŸ™‚

    Here are a couple of videos of my moissy: One before it was set | One set into my ring

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    I have a 1 carat moissy and love it. It isn’t exactly the same as a diamond and if you aren’t 100% okay with having an e-ring that isn’t a diamond, moissy isn’t the way to go. I have never been asked if it’s real or not but if someone said, “Is that real?” I would answer yes as it is a real moissanite! People close to me know what type of gemstone it is. I went the unehanced route and it does have a hue of yellow depending on the surroundings. Right now, in the beautiful spring sun, it is back to its beautiful, clear, sparly white self! It’s a beautiful stone but you just have to know it will not act exactly like a diamond!

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    @DeathByDesign: Your ring is amazing!!! If I haven’t told you that enough yet.

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    @mrsb2013: deathbydesign even posted video of hers in action!

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    I have a 1 ct moissanite and I’m all for it. My social and family groups are pretty unorthodox, so I wasn’t too worried about the diamond/non-diamond issue– but I will say that in my experience, if I don’t bring it up, no one does!

    Mine is unenhanced, and I will say that in this size it’s almost always very clear and non-colored, but sometimes on a cloudy day (especially on a cloudy day in a car, for whatever reason) it will look a tiny bit off. It’s not important to me, but you might want to go for an enhanced one if the slight color difference will bother you, as PPs have said.

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    @mrsb2013: Hahahaha. The diamond lovers might be worried the moissy mob might get them.


    [ I am TOTALLY joking. No one get persnickety about this please. πŸ™‚ ]

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    We had the same questions early on, neither of us heard of moissanite but when I found out about it on the weddingbee I brought up the option to my Fiance. 

    He looked into it but didn’t want to rush (even though I was fine with just ordering it online) and decided to track some down in our area to look at, I was glad he did because I actually did not like them in person, we looked at many sizes and in different settings and it looked better in white gold but the rainbow fire really turned me off. 

    I’m not a diamond person, I LOVE gemstones, I’ve been obsessed with them since I was a little girl (my first solid career choice was a gemologist) and my dad had some jeweller friends who always brought different gems to our house, plus we had some in our posession for many years.   I like to set my own trends and hardly ever worry about what people think but at this point in my life I was open to a diamond.  

    I did not feel like being questioned by strangers or family members, one look and they would know it’s an engagement ring, and if they asked if it was real I wanted to just say “yes”.  It’s totally not what I imagined myself with my whole life but it just felt like a breath of fresh air to have something really stereotypical when my life has been nothing but unconventional. 

    We went with consignment, had it appraised and we got a 3/4 carat diamond ring with wedding band (diamonds in both bands) for less than what we would have just spent on a loose 3/4 stone across the border.  My Fiance also bought a setting and has set the stone in it, and I can’t wait to see it when he proposes!

    I would definitely say keep your options open, I hope my post does not offend anyone, just wanted to put my experience our there πŸ™‚ 

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    @tiny tuna: This has nothing to do with the subject of this thread at all but I just wanted to say that I totally completely 100% know how you feel with it being a breath of fresh air to have one stereotypical thing that isn’t mysterious and that you don’t have to explain/qualify/justify to every single goddamn person who sees it. I’ve always LOVED green sapphires, way more than colorless stones, but for my engagement ring I just want something colorless in a classic solitaire setting. Totally not my usual style at all but I just need that one “normal” thing that I know people won’t question or snap-judge. It’s comforting! Glad I’m not alone in this haha.

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    I picked diamond.  Personally, I just prefer a diamond ring.  I’m not big on gemstones for engagement rings.  I think they’re beautiful, but they’re just not for me.  I think I’m just more traditional and wanted a diamond engagement ring.  That being said I’ve seen a lot of nondiamond engagement rings on here and they are all gorgeous and I love how they fit each person and their personality but for me I prefer a diamond.  


    If you decide to go the diamond route, check out jamesallen.com  My fiance got me a .83 ct beautiful diamond engagement ring with a platinum band for less than $4,000.  We’re both in college so price was a big factor, but james allen had plenty of beautiful rings and diamonds in our price range and I couldn’t be happier with my ring.


    Good luck with your decision!  Remember it’s your ring so it should be all about what you want and like!!

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    I don’t know much about moissanite but I’ve got a 1ct diamond if anyone wants to post their 1ct mossy for comparison:

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    I have been meaning to post letting the “moissy mob” know that I recently became a card-carrying member.  I had a bad experience with a first engagement ring and had to find a cost effective way to offset the loss we took on the old one. I went with the enhanced moissanite with a genuine diamond halo.  Overall, I am extremely happy with my decision.  Pros of my 1.5 carot moissy, sparkles like nothing I have ever seen before, i was able to go bigger than we would have ever paid for a diamond, to the untrained and arms length eye, it looks like a diamond. 

    Cons: I wore a green sweatshirt today in the grey gloomy Ohio springtime and I noticed a distinct change in the color of the stone.  It is the first time in nearly two weeks that I have noticed a change in hue so it does not bother me that much but if you are concerned about color I would consider buying the stone and spending some time with it before deciding to keep it and set it in a ring.  Also, because I went with diamond accents, I notice a difference in color.  The moissy is more “white” than the diamonds.  I like it because it makes the round stone more prominent.  Finally, my Future Mother-In-Law wasn’t duped (not that I was necessarily trying to trick her).  She suspected it was not diamond because she knows my fiance and I are frugal and would never spend the 15K+ on a diamond.  However, if other people challenge the size my fiance wants to tell them that he spent his reinlistment bonus on a rock rather than a downpayment on a house. If you want to pass it off as a diamond, make sure to get a size you can afford.

    I would love to post a picture but I am in the process of moving and have no idea where my camera cord is. 

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