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Busy bee
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Not sure how much you paid the DJ, and I am not a legal egal, but if he showed up and provided a service, you may not have a leg to stand on.  Did you sign a contract outlining exactly what he was supposed to do and how he was supposd to do it?

You can talk to an attorey but there are many variables.  If it were me, I would move on and let it go and not give any referrals and let those who referred him know your experience.  Also, if he was that difficult to work with,  why didnt the other vendors tell you before he wedding so you could have perhaps headed this off before it started.

None the less, I am sorry it happend on your special day.  One of the things my husband I agreed on is that we knew there would be some mishaps on our wedding day, but we both agreed no matter what we werent going to let it get to us and we would see the beauty in the day rather than the bad stuff.  And trust me, there ere some mishaps

1.  My limo driver was late

2.  Our Jazz guiarist for the recepton as late and was setting up in front of our guest

3.  Several people gave speeches and turnd them into a sermon

4.  My sister was in a bizarre mood

5.  one of our guest drank to many drinks and knocked over the  cakes on our dessert bar

6.  The guitarist was supposd to annouce everying at the recepton and didnt, so my sister had to do it


And those are the mishaps we know about, none the less it was a beautiful day!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I am sorry that he was such a disaster to you. But I don’t think it is his responsibility to keep your other vendors informed of anything so I don’t think that is anything to complain about.

As for the other stuff- did you have a contract with him and what did that contract say? Did you know the people who gave you referrals? Are they the type to like more Portuguese music than main stream? I kind of think that he might argue that you knew what type of DJ he was going in and booked him anyway. Same thing for the lights but he should have turned them off straight away instead of arguing.

The fact that the cheque will say gift if they get a copy of it may also go against you. This point is going to come down to he said/she said and probably become a moot point in court with no actual proof like a contract.

I think you need to look at this objectively and consider on the evidence or lack there of would you believe your story or his. Then consider the time and money that will go into suing him. Did your guests still enjoy themselves? Did it actually ruin your wedding or was it just annoying? Is it worth it?

You can also review him on lots of sites since they allow you add the vendors details. Be objective in the reviews, list what he did right but also list what you were disappointed in and what is true and provable (asked him to stop playing music and continued to do so, asked to turn off lights nad argued with the photographer etc). 



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Honey bee
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He turned up and played music. 

He might have been a bit of an ass, but this is not sue territory.

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marie1214:  I’m sorry this happened to you! How frustrating.. He sounds like a tool! 

I have a legal background and to be honest with you this could be tricky to get anywhere with. If you end up taking it to court it may end up costing you more than it’s worth (financially and emotionally). That said, if you want to explore your options start by speaking to the ombudsman in your state responsible for consumer affairs – they should be able to tell you whether you have grounds to pursue it further. 

As PPs have asked – do you have a contract? And if so, how detailed was it? If you didn’t, what he did (while rude and unprofessional) can still be reaosnably interpreted as fulfilling his duties so you may not get far with any claims. If you have other vendors who can back you up that will help but unfortunately whether he did a good or bad job is subjective – often these situations are only successful when you are claiming material or monetary loss (i.e he broke something that you had to replace or pay for) however you could potentially go down the ’emotional distress’ route as it’s your wedding day but it’s a gamble.. judges often aren’t too empathetic unless it’s very obviously distressing. 

If I was in your position I would certainly explore every option available – even if you don’t get anything out of it, at least you’ll be a pain in the bum to him for a while and he deserves that! Im sorry you had to experience that on your wedding day!

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Helper bee

He sounds like a d*ck. But, the dance pictures with your father, as special as they are to you, will only make up a very small portion of your wedding photos so I don’t think you would get much in the way of compensation for them.

You mention that the lights were eventually turned off but he cut your song short resulting in bad/lack of pics of your dance, couldn’t you have confronted him at the time, or your photographer if she knew she didn’t have any good shots of you?

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Bumble Beekeeper
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You could certainly take him to small claims court but I’m not sure what (if anything) you would get. As far as the tax stuff, I work at IRS and people do this all the time. As soon as they piss someone off people complain. Knowing someone that works here will do nothing. 

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Sounds like a bad DJ, but trying to sue him would just be a bunch of your time and money wasted.  Instead, maybe just spend some effort to spread the word around.  Maybe his business will suffer from it a bit, and maybe you’ll save some other brides from the same thing.  

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You’ve got not grounds to sue. Your photographer shold have not allowed the first dance photos to be ruined, either by alerting you to the issue (so that you could stay in the dance floor long enough for a photo to be taken)  or by offering to restage them. The guy sounds like a very crappy DJ but lots of people suck at their jobs and you domt get to sue them for it. Ask again for some money back again. And regardless of the outcome, let it go. Time to move on.

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Bumble bee
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I’m sorry you had a negative experience, but suing him because you didn’t like the lighting and he played unpopular musical choices would be insane. Being disappointed in a service is a matter for Yelp, not for court. You would be laughed out of the courthouse and quite possibly liable for his legal costs in defending himself.


I’m sorry to be blunt, but I’m trying to save you the cost and emotional expense of a frivolous lawsuit.

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I know 10 ppl who were so pissed at their dj that they either refused to pay him at all, or wanted to sue, so they say. I think ur just extremely pissed, but do u really want to go thru all the legal crap and have the emotional turmoil of this, and possibly lose? I say just let it go and embrace what made ur wedding different and unique. Just because it didn’t turn out like u originally planned doesn’t mean it was ruined. 

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My DJ sucked ass too. 

I got over it. 

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