(Closed) Thinking of TTC…but I'm SO FLIPPIN SCARED OF THE EPIDURAL. Anyone else?

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LuluInLove:  You don’t HAVE to have an epidural, only if you have to have a cesarean.

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LuluInLove:  As per PP you dont have to have an epidural. Of course it’s scary but so is having to push a baby out of your vag (except that you dont really have a choice with)

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Roflmao!!!! OMG you are too funny.. Ok well, I’ve done all 3!! 

I did not want an epidural, I wanted all natural, nothing to harm the baby, I was strong, I knew I could do it! Took all my Lamaze classes, breast feeding classes, I was ready for anything. I did not expect 36 hours of labor, him stuck in the birth canal and them telling me I had to have the epidural to help me relax as I was stressing the baby out or they would do a C section. Well… I was too tired to argue any more.  As they had me bent over to put it in my spine, while im contracting, i knew i had to throw up! they told me i couldnt throw up yet! well uh, it happens when it happens! i thought id end up paralized or something. Holy mother of god, I wished I had done it sooner!! I did finally relax but when it came to push he ripped me front to back before they could do an episiotomy. Yup, lots of stitches after that because I didn’t listen to them. 

Oh and the breast feeding was hard! 10 lb baby drained everything I had and still wanted more and more and more and it did not come in fast enough and had to supplement in the beginning.

Needless to say, all is back to normal,  nothing was wrong with him and he’s such a wonderful, intelligent man now and I wished I had just got the epidural straight from the beginning!!!! You can do it, just go in with an open mind. 

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I actually never gave the epidural much thought. I’m a nurse, I’ve seen them done but I honestly want imagining the equipment or steps as it was being done…I was in too much pain to even think about it. Having said all that It was a bit scary….and I woils be nervous to get one again. I remember the doctor saying “your gonna feel stinging” and then I’m like yeah I feel it….and then he goes “now I’m gonna put in the catheter, you shouldn’t feel anything, tell me if you do”…and the foest and second time I felt jolts down my spine and right leg as he tried to insert. freaked me the f out! I remember screaming “stop, stop!, I feel that!” And him aplofizinf profusely all while I’m having massive hit wrenching contractions. The third time it wa places correctly and 5 minutes later i was thanking god for anesthesiologists. 

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LuluInLove:  I was the same as you, terrified. In fact, in the beginning of labor , just getting the hep lock in my ARM was a huge ordeal emotionally and i carried on a lot. I never thought I could do the epi without freaking out. But, four hours later I opted for the epi anyway. And honestly it was fine. I simply asked them to make sure I never saw ANYTHING. And they were very respectful of that. My advice is don’t think about it and do not read about it  And when the time comes you may surprise yourself. Or – as others have said – just don’t have one. 

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I wanted to avoid an epidural at all costs and planned to go all natural. I told my midwife and everyone not to even mention it to me as an option during labor. I had read too many horror stories of lingering side effects, epidurals not working and making the pain worse, etc. Well after 24 hours of labor I was literally begging for it. When the anesthesiologist walked into my hospital room, she was like an angel. I almost named my baby after her. I might still name my next baby after her. I don’t even remember her putting in the epidural at all, I just remember the sweet, sweet relief. (I ended up needing a c-section after 38 hours of labor and I also wished I’d gotten the epidural sooner!)

I did have one small side effect, I had numbness on one area of my butt that lasted for several months afterward. Totally worth it.

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Another here who was terrified of it and wanted to go natural. I ended up with severe preeclampsia and each contraction pushed mt Bridal Party up so my DR all but forced me to get one. Honestly it was the most painful part of labor for me as they had trouble getting it in. But I actually tore less because of it as I was able to labor down and take my time pushing Thanks to an awesome dr who took it slow. It’s scary but when faced with the decision you will take it if you need it. 

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I loved my epidural and really don’t even remember the feeling of it happening. I will say that I had been given a dose of fentanyl about 30 minutes before, so that may have taken the edge off. I think I was just so miserable from the pain of contractions that the epidural just seemed like sweet relief and really didn’t bother me at all. I had a great epidural in which I was still able to move my lower half on my own, and yet not feel the pain of my contractions. The epidural was the best decision I ever made!

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MrsUPS:  Where did you hear they’re just for c-sections?! Absolutely false. You can get the epidural for normal (vaginal) labor, not just a c-section. My mother and most of my friends had epidurals for their vaginal deliveries  (and LOVED THEM).

LuluInLove:  Delivery could be bad, it could be absolutely fine and low-pain. You just never know!

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LuluInLove:  There is a reason Pregnant women get so uncomfortable at the end of pregnancy. So that they are willing to do anything to get their little baby in their arms. At least that’s my theory! I had planned on having an all natural birth, but things didn’t work out the way I had wanted. I ended up getting an epi and then having a c-section. I was definitely afraid of the thought of having an epi when I was pregnant and said that I would try everything possible to avoid it. Then once the intense pain hit and I wasn’t dealing with it very well, I couldn’t ask for the epi fast enough.

I would say the actual procedure to put in the epi was the easiest part of labor for me. The only hard part was sitting completely still while rolled up in a ball during intense contractions. The anesthesiologist who put mine in was fantastic. He tried to do it between contractions, but unfortunately mine were only 30-45 seconds apart and lasting 2-3 minutes. I told him to just go for it and had my husband and a nurse help hold me still. It was over really quick and I felt immediate relief to the point where I was smiling before he was even done taping the tubes to me. 

As for your other concerns, I can’t comment on the vag ripping since I had a c-section but I am breastfeeding. I can tell you that I have pretty small nipples to begin with and I was afraid of them getting big also. I can say that they are a bit bigger for maybe 10-20 minutes after I nurse or pump, but then they go right back to the same size. Of course my Dear Daughter is only 5.5 weeks old, but my LC said they won’t really get much bigger. The only thing I have noticed is that they are hard most of the time. They don’t really flatten out all the way so I’m glad I use breast pads so that I don’t have perminent nips showing through my shirt. I’m hoping that will go away after I’m done breastfeeding. 

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There definitely is no rule saying you HAVE to get an epidural. I didn’t want one so I didn’t get one. Now, I had a fast moving labor. Had I been in labor for days? You bet I would get that epidural. Sure it’s kind of a freaky thought that they’re sticking something into your spine but it’s really quite small and I hear once it’s in you hardly even notice it. Getting the epi would be so much better than spending hours and hours in labor, IMO.

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My due date is in 17 days and I’m absolutely terrified of the epidural, and the whole labour process to be honest. It’s the unknown that is freaking me out. I’m a first time mom and have nothing to compare this to other than the horror stories friends and coworkers have told me. I also know that I am not a hero, have an extremely low tolerance for pain and have decided on the epidural. It’s trading one evil for another. Yes the epidural is going to hurt and creep me out, but how much more painful would a vaginal birth be without it? I cannot imagine, I give BIG props to all the moms out there who did it naturally. 

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Just wanted to add that I found the IV to be way worse than the epidural. I couldn’t even feel the epidural after I had it, not so for the IV!

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LuluInLove:  I was terrified of the epi even though I always knew I would get one! I started crying when they came in to do it despite being in pain from contractions lol. It didn’t hurt at all! The worst pain was the doc pressing on my spine to find the spot! They numb it with a little needle (small prick didn’t hurt) and you can’t feel the bigger needle at all! It does feel a little weird inside when they put the cath in but it’s not pain. And the relief is instant! I didn’t feel a thing during childbirth and my experience was so awesome I can’t wait to do it again!! 

You don’t have to bf if you don’t want to. The bonding is so amazing though I love it (didn’t think I would) and my breasts haven’t changed at all (yet / only 12 weeks in) but all my body change fears have been non existent since my baby got here.

If you tear they will stitch you up back to normal. Trust me! If you have the epi you won’t feel a thing.

I think pregnancy and birth are an amazing experience and torally worth the scary things you go through to be able to experience it. 

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