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Helper bee

I’m only at 30 weeks. But last night was the first night I couldn’t get comforatable at ALL. In any furniture, any position to sleep, with any pillow options. And I already feel like a turtle. Like if i’m on my back I can’t easily just pop up. I feel like I’m flailing about. I used to have REALLY dry skin and did have luck EATING oil. Like olive oil with dipping bread or avacado sandwiches or nuts. Also just puting straight almond oil on my skin. Lotions and creams didn’t do much for me ever so I don’t hold much stock in them. OH oh oh- the granddaddy of all – Vasoline. If I have really dry skin i just put vasoline on it. It’s messy but is 100 percent not going to itch for hours. In case you need like a “Screw this looking normal stuff I’m taking care of this” option.  (BTW, eating more healthy oils actually helps the hemmroids too. But I mean quite a bit of oil. Not like 2 tablespoons) 

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OfficeBride:  Ohhhh great thread!!!

I’m 34 weeks and a few days and 1st and 2nd trimester were pretty easy but now I’m paying for it with the HUGE SWOLLEN feet and ankles! Like Kim Kardashian big feet! And getting comfortable at night ugh forget about it. My night contains of tossing and turning the whole time. God Bless my poor Darling Husband for dealing with me lol

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Is it possible the itching is PUPPS? I have had a couple of friends who had to suffer through that πŸ™ You might want to bring it up to your doctor.

Pregnancy is great, but it can be physically awful. I have gone through all sorts of lovely physical awfulness (mostly hydronephrosis) with my first pregnancy, and I am so hoping it doesn’t happen this time ’round! You’re almost there though!

This pregnancy (Im 16 weeks) has been full of BAD morning sickness (and I mean ALL DAY sickness), exhaustion, hemmrhoids, and trouble sleeping. I’ll take all of that if I don’t have kidney issues this time though. Today I’m having some groin pain though πŸ™ Which was the first sign of issues last time..


I hope you can get some relief!

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34 and a half weeks here….I can say I’m not happy about the lack of sleep, the crazy itchy skin and feeling like I can’t get up from the couch! It’s like having a basketball strapped to your abdomen! Lol πŸ™‚ but I suppose I don’t want to wish it away, it will be over soon and then I think we will be looking back on the good things like baby moving πŸ™‚

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Awesome thread!

I am 31w (tomorrow).  I’ve felt huge and started to develop a waddle over the last few weeks.  Can’t get a good sleep for the life of me, and over the past few days I can’t even get comfortable on a couch or chair.  And my tailbone feels like it is permanently bruised!  I also have HORRIBLE baby brain – so bad that I had to check my app to see if I was 31w or 32w.  lol

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38+5 here and it is rough… She is most active at about midnight which is when I am trying to go to sleep. At this point it feels like she is literally trying to shove her foot through my side and OMG it is painful. I know she is out of room because everytime she moves I can feel her appendage scrape along my entire belly. I am back to either sleeping all the time or not at all. Heartburn is mostly under control thanks to Zantac and a never ending supply of tums, and the body aches are pretty much gone since I am on leave from work so I guess I don’t really have much to complain about. I am just ready to be done!

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OfficeBride:  Oh no! you poor thing πŸ™  I am also 34 weeks, almost at the end of it.  I had a pretty rough first trimester and part of the second one was pretty bad too.  Now, I am super achy, legs, hips and sometimes back (not always) I wake up about 4 to 5 times every night to pee and my breast are super itchy, but I dont scratch sigh! …. I went to my dermatologist and was told I have something called Puppp, which is usual on your last trimester with your first pregnancy only.  Maybe you have that on your tummy?  Does it look like a bad rash?  Mine did, that’s why I decided for my MD to take a look at it.  I hope you start to feel better soon.  Those babies are coming!!! GL πŸ™‚

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35 weeks with twins here. My biggest compaint is is itching in my groin area like not my girl parts but above them! I can’t even see what’s going on or why, driving me nuts. I make a co cooks effort not to scratch…as I notice if I do I do end up with hive like weals. Also numbness, aching burninf sensation right below my ribs. πŸ™ top that off with a unreliable bladder and barley being able to turn over in bed….oh and disappearing ankles..lol. I still am enjoying every minute…I know it will be over soon! 

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Oh boy!  I’ve had pretty smooth sailing but I’m getting overwhelmed with the amount of appointments I’m trying to keep track of! Non-stress tests, OB appointments, an ultrasound…I’m 34w4d and wondering when my brain will explode!

Baby’s head is down against my pelvic bone, squishing my bladder and I have been suffering all weekend with going to the bathroom every 10mins, and unbearable painful pressure down there! I’m thinking about just sleeping on the toilet so I can actually get some sleep!  I wonder if I’ll make it to my due date?

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OfficeBride:  Aww- Not long now though!! Almost there! 

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