Third trimester checklists/timing?

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Sugar bee

You got this! You’ve taken care of the most critical stuff already from the sound of it. 

So this time around the thing that weighed on me most heavily was my hospital bag. I dont even know why, I didn’t use 75% of the stuff I packed with EITHER birth but for some reason in my brain I just needed that done, so I had packed it by about 36 weeks (my first came a week early which made me a little more antsy).

With our first I was super stressed about the car seat so we had that installed by a certified technician at a fire station like a month ahead of time, so like 35ish weeks.

This time around we were lazy about it and thank god for that because 2 weeks before I gave birth, our car got smacked on the side where the baby’s seat would have gone (it was a hit and run while the car was parked on our street over night, no one was in the car fortunately), so we woulda had to replace it. Sooo yeah, we didnt get the car back from the shop til the effing morning we were discharged from the hospital. My husband ended up installing it in the hospital parking lot after we were discharged, while we waited in the lobby lol. But we were familiar with the seat by then, having used the same one with baby 1, so it only took him like 30 seconds..NBD.

Other than that I really hadn’t done much at all until around 38 weeks, aka the weekend before I gave birth, when I was suddenly hit with a severe nesting bug. At which point I:

Set up the bassinet in our bedroom and washed all the sheets

Set up the white noise machine (aka plugged it in and made sure it worked lol)

Organized all the newborn clothes in the closet

Set up two changing stations with plenty of diapers and wipes

Set up “nursing stations” in our bedroom and living room with breast pads, lanolin, and burp cloths. Located my haakaa and took my new electric pump out of the box/figured out how that worked.

I did not harvest any colostrum prior to the birth and never needed it, although I know people who did that and were glad they did! 

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Blushing bee
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I just got to 30 weeks and I feel like it’s just now starting to hit me that I’m SOCLOSE! Commenting more to follow, as I feel like I need this info, too 🙂

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Helper bee
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You’ve still got a couple weeks ! Basically I’d just install the car seat soon and get your hospital bag packed. If you’ve got diapers and clothes ready for baby then that’s really all you need, plus have your change station and bassinet ready to go. But at 33 weeks you still have time. I didn’t pump but I don’t think you need to worry about the pump yet, sterilizing probably isn’t a huge priority at this time yet. Don’t worry about harvesting colostrum I’ve never even heard of that. If you’re leaking a lot you can start wearing nursing pads.

good luck !

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Sugar bee

One other thing I did before baby 2 that I cannot recommend enough if you can swing it: we hired a professional cleaning service to do a deep clean and then continue coming for regular cleanings every 2 weeks. It felt like such an unnecessary splurge cuz we’ve always done our own cleaning, but just having that mental load off my shoulders was (and is) huge. And it made me feel better bringing our baby home to a deeply cleaned home (not that she would have noticed at all otherwise lol). 

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Buzzing bee

You’ve still got time! Both my babies were huge and first was born at 41 weeks and 2nd was comfy AF in there until I evicted him. 

so long as you have a car seat, bed for baby, and some clothes, everything else can be done whenever. Get your hospital bag packed in the next few weeks. I finished mine off the day of birth both times. We don’t even drive so I figured out how to install and use the car seat when the baby was born. Lol. 

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@dianaj17:  sounds like you’re well organised and have everything in place, don’t worry! Perhaps think about getting your hospital bag ready. For some reason that was the one thing that really stressed me out! 

We moved house (into a complete renovation house that was practically a building site) on the day my waters broke so you can imagine the lack of organisation that went on here! It stressed me out at the time because I really wanted baby’s clothes washed and folded, things set up, freezer meals etc. All we managed to do was get into the house and get the crib up before my waters broke all over the (missing) floorboards lol. We didn’t even have our bed frame made up haha. But in the three days I was in hospital after giving birth, my husband managed to get our bed set up, sheets on the baby crib, car seat installed, change mat on the chest of drawers, and we brought baby home to a building site… And it was all fine!! You manage, and if not there’s always amazon…! This time around, I am SO looking forward to nesting right and getting things set up properly! 

For specifics, I didn’t intend to bottle feed so didn’t have any of that equipment and I’ve not heard of harvesting colostrum. It kind of comes in on its own once baby is born 😊 When baby’s here you’ll probably find he’ll sleep for quite a lot of the day for the first week or so, so you actually will have time to get things set up then. 

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Worker bee
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Regarding the car seat, if its an infant carrier install the base but NOT the seat. Leave that by the door by your hospital bag. If you’re in an accident, it would become unusable. Most car seat manuals require replacement even in a minor accident. I was actually in a minor accident at 9 months pregnant and was so glad my brand new car seat was not in there or it would have needed to be replaced. 

We had everything washed and ready to go, but I went in at 37 weeks with complications. Our bassinet hadn’t arrived yet! So for the first 3 days at home we actually used the PNP and slept on the couch until we could get the bassinet together and I could make it upstairs easier.

Early newborns don’t need much! A car seat, safe space to sleep, diapers and backup formula will go a long way.. they can live in onesies and sleep most of the day. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

what is harvesting colostrum? You honestly truly don’t need much and if you have a car seat and a place for baby to sleep you’re FINE. Everything else is easily obtainable with one run to target. 

My water broke at 37 weeks with my first and we hadn’t installed the carseat. Our neighbor saw us throw it in the trunk while I waddled to the car with a bath towels between my legs (I was one of those rare lucky ones who had water gushing out of me like in the movies) and she was cracking up along with us at the absurdity of our situation. She has three kids and totally got it. Baby still came. My husband installed the seat before we were discharged. Every thing worked out. 

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@dianaj17:  that’s actually not a bad idea with the colostrum, but definitely isn’t a “must do”. If you’re 100% against any formula supplementation make sure you bring it to the hospital and/or ask if your hospital can provide donor milk instead. Both of mine ended up with some formula at the hospital and it bummed me out (although the first breastfed for 20 months and the second is still going at 16 months so it didn’t ruin breastfeeding for us). I was kind of surprised a baby friendly hospital with midwives didn’t have donor milk, but I didn’t think to ask until my second kid “needed” supplementation (I knew he didn’t and the IBCLC said he didn’t because his sugar numbers were fine but a wench of a nurse told me I must want my baby to die since I told her not to give formula and I was so exhausted from 45 hours of labor and in pain from a c-section that I let her do it. I will wish terrible things upon that woman so long as I live). 

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Helper bee

So, im a bit of a planner naturally. 

We have the car seat installed, our chair, crib, bassinet, dresser, changing table etc i started buying diapers and wipes the moment we got pregnant, as well as cloth diapers etc so i have an abundance of those. 

Labor bag is ready for myself and baby, just need my husband’s to get packed and put some more snacks and drinks in it. Hopefully doing a birthing center, water birth. Just started infusions to help with my levels that are chronic, if they don’t go up will need a hospital birth.

Anyway, we got an air purifier, which i felt the need for because I have three large forever shedding dogs. 

I planned to meal prep but that’ll have to wait for another round of nesting. Family has discussed starting a meal train for us.

I have my nightstand packed with snacks, some breastfeeding supplies, etc both bathrooms have the fridamom postpartum kit in there. 

I made stations for snacks and drinks in every room of my house in case I’m stuck in there for whatever reason lol 

After my infusions are complete and hopefully I’m feeling better, i have a chore list I’m having my husband and i do. Baby clothes, and all his necessities are taken care of so this will just be a final deep clean of our house for my own comfort. 

I’ve also labeled and packaged everything in clear bags so that my husband doesn’t have to look forever if I need something. It’s written out for us and anyone else lol  

In my labor bag i have a pillar roller, rice sock for the shoulders, two wash cloths, a handheld fan, a mini body massager, peppermint oil for the toilet to help me urinate frequently, body oil, chapstick, comb, no hair ties because I have short hair, my robe, gown, slippers, depends, more Frida stuff, honey sticks, marathon gummies, Gatorade, body armour, water, phone charger, extra pillow and throw blanket for my husband, a swimsuit and change of clothes for him, beef jerky, lol for baby i have two sized diapers, two outfits, two blankets, etc i also put those all in clear bins and labeled everything so that my husband, midwife or Doula won’t have a hard time finding things. 

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@LilliV:  I’m so sorry that nurse said that!! Wth

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I always tell people to pack their hospital bag early. Everyone probably assumes that they won’t be the person to go into labour at 30 weeks, until it happens. Everything else is less urgent (except I would definitely install the car seat base before 37 weeks). But also just keep in mind.. most people feel like absolute shit and can barely move once they are full term. 

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