Third Trimester: How much did you back off/slow down?

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indiblue : Wow I’m jealous you were able to continue with that much exercise. As I felt so sick and tired in the first trimester my plans of jogging etc failed. I learnt early on in the second trimester that I could no longer clean the whole house in one go, it caused me sciatica on the two occasions I forgot and carried on like normal, so from this point I knew I couldn’t do as much as normal. From week 20 through to the third trimester I felt good, blooming in fact. When I hit 33/34 the tiredness kicked in. People had warned me about this but I underestimated it. I just listen to my body, when I walk now I’m walking slower, and if I feel I need to sit down then I do. 

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indiblue :  I’m still in my second but I’ve already noticed that some days I just can’t go at my normal pace. I’ve accepted it and rest when I need it and really take advantage of the good days when I have lots of energy and my back doesn’t hurt. If I try to push through on the tired days it just takes me that much longer to recover now so it’s extra important I listen to my body. 

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Hey – if you can still do it all I’d continue. I think you’ll know when you’re pushing yourself to far. Just listen to your body. I am so jealous – I had all these plans to work out my entire pregnancy, but couldn’t.

I wasn’t able to work out my entire first trimester due to morning sickness and debilitating nausea. When I tried in the second trimester I became extremely fatigued and light headed and began to cramp. By the 3rd trimester I’d been diagnosed with sciatica and rlp – so my OB had me on a 10lbs weight limit at work! 

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indiblue :  I’m 33 weeks and I’ve still been feeling pretty good, but I keep hearing that exhaustion is coming. I’m also a pretty avid runner, but I stopped at around 25 weeks mostly because it’s winter around here and I obviously shouldn’t be running when it’s icy. So, since around 25 weeks, I’ve been using the elliptical 4-5 days/ week for 35 minutes. I’ve also been walking the dog daily 1.5 miles. I’ve definitely had days when I feel super tired, but if I can motivate myself to get to the gym, it helps a lot. And, when I go to the gym and feel tired, I just take it easier. I’m just trying to exercise as much as I can because I know once the baby is born, it’s going to be a healing process.

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indiblue :  I was put on VERY restricted duties at 16 weeks to where I could not stand or walk for more than 15 minutes at a time and could not lift more than a gallon of milk. I had a hip injury and couldn’t walk that long if I wanted to anyway. Went into early labor at 28 weeks and was on strict bedrest after so – I would say I slowed down pretty damn early on, lol. I tried to eat as well as I could during that time at least! 

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I had lots of energy in my final trimester and did a lot of walking to try to ‘walk out the baby’ which ultimately didn’t work but I think it gave me a lot of stamina for my long labour as well as sanity to get out the house instead of going ‘why aren’t you here!?’ at home. Listen to your body, if you’re getting lots of BH and feel uncomfortable or out of breath sit down and take a break or walk slower. Your body will let you know if you’re overdoing it! Your baby steals a lot of oxygen by the end so it’s quite easy to get out of breath!

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Well done to you !! Im only 17wk and my GP told me nothing but walking until 12wk. As I was frequent at the gym with weights and ran trails this was bizarre to me but I was so tired and naseaous I had little choice. Ive gone running 3x since 13wk however each time has left me with very bad pain in my pelvis for a day or so after. Ive got back to minimal weights (nothing over 15lbs/ body weight) and stairs (I live on the 4th fl).  I find after 60-90min out (shopping etc) Im tired and need to rest. I am not even showing yet so this is all quite strange to me. I think just keeping listening to your body but youve done amazing !!

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indiblue :  I didn’t really slow down. Baby came early, so I was at work the day I went into the hospital!

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indiblue :  I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant and still go to the gym about 4 times a week. I do a weight class twice a week where I have reduced my weights alot from my normal lifting amounts. I also do prenatal yoga once a week and try and walk the treadmill when I get a chance.

I feel like I get ore tired doing normal daily tasks than I do going to the gym LOL Like doing laundry makes me breathe so heavy haha. I hate having to ask my husband for help but I know that I need to learn to ask for help when I need it

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indiblue :  Thanks for posting this!  I’m almost to 31 weeks and still exercising, but I’ve been wondering what to expect over the next two months.  It’s helpful to hear from other bees!

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i swam laps 3x/week until 32 weeks when being face down caused too much acid reflux.  i did yoga until the end and other light cardio at the gym.  i also went hiking with the dog a few times.  baby arrived at 36w6d.  i  felt great up to the end!


my  mom was playing tennis when her water broke when she was pregnant with me.

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