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VictorianChick:  I started working out and eating better about a month ago. The trainer weighed me before my first workout and said i was 130. I hadn’t stepped on a scale since then. Two days ago, a friend asked me how much weight I lost and I told her I didn’t know, but I stepped on a scale at work and it turns out I have lost exactly 1 pound. I have decided I won’t go anywhere near a scale again because I have the photographic proof that I’m making progress and I don’t care about a number on a scale. Don’t let the scale get you down! I have a goal body in mind and by the time I reach that goal, I’ll probably end up gaining 10-15 lbs!


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What are you doing for workouts? Are you using body weight (squats, pushups, lunges), or strictly walking and eliptical? Have you changed eating habits too? Some more background might help us figure this out πŸ™‚



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Since you’re not lifting weights, I doubt that it’s muscle, entirely. However, not knowing your shape (fitness-wise) beforehand, it would be REALLY hard to guess. 

It seems like you’re on the right track though, so I wouldn’t stress it!!

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Lactic acid can build up in your muscles and cause slight weight gain or mask how much you’ve lost. It’s a fluid that will leave your system in a few days. But if you are constantly working out (some people are sore, others arent but still have acid buildup) then that may be masking your results. I did insanity and didn’t see results in the first month (in fact I gained weight). When I got a rest week before month two and in month two, I noticed a weight change finally (my muscles were ready and used to the strain and weren’t building up lactic acid).

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VictorianChick:  When I was working out hardcore I went against most advice and weighed myself at the same time every day (most people say you should only weigh yourself weekly), and I kept track of my weigh-ins on a calendar. I quickly noticed that my weight could fluctuate as much as 7-8 pounds in a week, depending on how much sodium I’d eaten the night before I weighed in or whether or not I was on my period, etc. I was working out hard and eating right so I knew i was losing weight, whether the scale said so or not some days.

If your clothes are fitting differently, you’re clearly losing weight but it isn’t likely you’ve put on significant muscle mass without actively trying by lifting weights. You just might have weighed in on a ‘heavier’ day. Maybe it would help to weigh in first thing every morning and keep track that way?

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What is your diet like?  Do you track all of your calories?  I spent 2 years working out and gaining weight like you are describing.  I hurt myself and couldn’t work out, so I got My Fitness Pal and started tracking calories.  Now, about 3 months later, I’m down 12 lbs and down almost 2 dress sizes. I was fooling myself before saying I was eating “right”, when really I was eating so much I was completely counteracting the working out.  I was eating salads, whole grains, etc. – so it wasn’t like I was binging on junk food.  I was just eating TOO much.  I had no idea until I started tracking calories. 

Someone once told me that if you wanted to lose weight, change your diet.  If you want to tone up, work out.  I agree with this. 

Good luck!!!!

EDIT:  I just saw above that your clothes are fitting better, so that means you ARE on the right track.  If you want to lose more weight, then you should track calories (it’s a pain, I know), but also note that it could come at the expense of some of your lean muscle. 

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2 years ago I was always working out & doing weights. I was really lean. I was 145 5’5 but a size 2 shorts! I stopped working out like I did, but even at the same weight those shorts I wore come no where close to fitting. 

Obviously you are doing something right! Keep it up!! 

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If you can fit into clothes that were too tight before, you are losing fat and replacing it with muscle. 

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17lb seems like a lot of muscle to build magically when you’re not doing any weights and just cardio+less food. I would try a second scale. Sometimes my scale inexplicably shows me up to 6lb lighter than reality. And sometimes it varies nonsensically in a range of 5lb in 5 minutes, repeated trials πŸ˜‰ I couldn’t care less as long as I fit into my clothes, and sounds like you don’t care very much either, but I do think that doesn’t seem a very likely scenario. It takes a lot of work to build muscle for women.

I could imagine an up to 10lb margin of error if your scale is acting wonky and you’re bloated due to various reasons, I know some ladies tend to show crazy high numbers on the scale when they’re bloated. A 7lb difference is more realistic. 

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ive been training intensly for almost 15 years (im a female firefighter) so im activly trying to gain muslce and eat and workout to achieve the goal of gaining and its taking me 9 years to gain 8 lbs of muslce. So you arent gaining muscle weight. BUT the scale is not a females friend, with our hormones and water retention focus on your measurements. ive done bikini contests before and only lost 6 pounds but dropped over 14 inches total body. Keep up the fitness, the benifits far outweigh how your clothes fit!

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VictorianChick:  I wouldn’t put too much stock into the number on the scale. So many of them are inaccurate and it also matters where you are in your cycle (sometimes you will have lots of water weight). I judge my progress based on measurements, I use a cloth measuring tape as well as body fat percentage (Which is consistent reagardless of water weight). 

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