This is definitely TMI, but…

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  • poll: How gross is your gas?
    1/5 - Can't smell it at all! Honest! : (17 votes)
    9 %
    2/5 - A tiny bit of stink, but mild and quickly vanishing. : (63 votes)
    35 %
    3/5 - There's no hiding the stench, and it might hang around for awhile, but no worse than average. : (53 votes)
    29 %
    4/5 - Seriously smelly and lingering. It's wise to evacuate the area. : (24 votes)
    13 %
    5/5 - If "Stinkiest Farts" was an Olympic event, I could compete for the gold. : (11 votes)
    6 %
    6/5 – Whatever awful description you can think of? Yeah, it’s worse than that. : (14 votes)
    8 %
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    lol loving all of these stories.  I was raised in a VERY farty family – my mother would instigate ‘fart tag’ on holidays where the person who was ‘it’ would fart on other members of the family.  My upbringing kind of riled my Victorian lady sensibilities though, so I’m generally really embarassed to fart around other people but in turn find it hilarious if someone else does.  

    FI definitely farts more than I do, but we’ve now been together more than 7 years so I’ve definitely dealt my fare share of toots.  We generally blame it on our teeny tiny dogs, even if they aren’t in the room tongue-out.  Best was when one of my dogs was inside my sweatshirt and she farted, effectively dutch-ovening herself in my sweater.  We were both squirming to get out of that stink fog!

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    Helper bee

    LOL. Thinking about the one time one of the three dogs farted and SO started gagging. So So bad. 

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    I started out not farting in front of DH. I would go to the bathroom to let it out. He said early on that there was no shame in it, and he didn’t mind if I farted. I was relieved, but still wouldn’t do it. 

    Funny story though. On one of our early dates, I was spending the night at his house for the first time and he went to lift me up to carry me upstairs and as he lifted he let one rip so loud. 😂😂 we both died laughing. 

    As far as now, we both let it rip when necessary. His are much more frequent than mine, and stinkiness levels definitely vary based on what we’ve eaten. If he has dairy, I know it’s going to be bad! Lol

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    We fart around one another normally. We typically make jokes or laugh about it when it happens. He usually jokingly responds with “Did you say my name?” if I fart audibly lol. I tried to hold them or be discreet when we were first dating but…one day one slipped that was audible. Before I could get embarassed, he just looked elated when it happened before happily saying “this means we’re serious now!”. Took any awkwardness away instantly lol.

    For smell, I mean…just varies. I tend to get gassier around my periods. For the most part, they don’t smell and are silent..but sometimes they can be loud and smell moderately to awful especially if, like others stated, I ate something to cause it.

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    Thankfully my DH is a very good sleeper and 99% of the time I’m gassy at night. The other 1% I’ll go to the bathroom. So it works for me. I wasn’t raised in a farty household. When my DH does it he always looks around and asks, where are the geese, lol!!

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    This thread is hilarious! My son is 11 and to an 11 year boy, NOTHING is as funny as a fart! I let him read the posts and he said, ” Mom, I really like your weddingbee friends. These are great ladies!”

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