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Honey bee
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So we went through a period of me wanting to murder him because of his snoring. A couple of things we did that have worked for us:

-I go to bed first because usually if I’m asleep first I don’t hear it

-I wear earplugs which really helps

-He is not allowed to sleep on his back anymore, ever. I’m not kidding if he rolls over onto his back I will push him onto his side. He is fine with this, if he sleeps on his side or stomach he snores less.

-He wears breathe right strips on his nose and they sometimes help

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Send thy husband to a doctor. Snoring is not healthy.  It’s common, but it’s not healthy. 

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My boyfriend snores pretty bad if he sleeps on his back, I just push him until he’s on his side and he shuts up 🙂 

Or if he won’t roll he gets a poke in the ribs, that stops him too! 

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dodobee :  same problem with my fiancé. He snores very loudly some nights and I take awhile to fall asleep, so if he starts snoring before I fall asleep I go sleep on the couch . 


Edit: sorry I just read you have no place else to sleep. Usually a good nudge gets my fiancé to adjust his position and he stops 

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Buzzing bee
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I agree with pps. Go to bed first. Nudge him until he is off his back (ideally facing away from you.) I tried earplugs but they didn’t help me much. I started sleeping with white noise (rain) and that usually prevents me from being woken up by his snoring. It does have to be pretty loud and takes some getting used to but it works for me. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

UGH I feel you  bee! My husband goes through cycles of snoring and the murderous rage it induces in me is frightening lol. To be honest, the only thing that helps when he’s hellbent on snoring is getting myself out of there and into the spare bedroom. I’ve literally tried everything…ear plugs, white noise, those nose strips for him, hot tea for him, nose spray for him…if he’s determined to snore, nothing will stop him, and nothing will stop me from lying there wide awake, consumed by a growing fury.

We have found that for my husband, there’s a link between diet and snoring. If he eats healthy (minimal dairy/carbs/alcohol),  he tends not to snore. Also sleeping on his side rather than his belly/back seems to help….sometimes.

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Sleep Apnea is very dangerous and it can take years off his life. My husband’s snoring was SA and now with his CPAP he doesn’t snore anymore. It’s great. See a doctor. 

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Helper bee
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My husband snores too. Although I’ve grown up with men in my life snoring anyway aka I could hear my dad snoring from my bedroom! My poor mother…

Usually he snores more when he drinks. 

I would roll him on his side and it stops. Try this first? He doesn’t mind when I do this. 

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Bumble bee
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Short term, no idea. 

Long term, get him to a doctor and get him tested for sleep apnea, if he does have it, get the CPAP or oral appliance, if he tests negative, get him a night guard from the dentist. 

Thank you for the laugh, your post such a wonderful combination of hilarity and real wold talk! I really hope you guys get it fixed fast for the sake of your marriage, I know so, so many people who  have been there. 

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Sugar bee

two words:  Separate Bedrooms. It was that or he would  have to sleep on the couch.

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Helper bee

Cheekie0077 :  did… I write this post? Lol we do the EXACT SAME THING

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Honey bee
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RPSGT here. Snoring can be treated by a sleep physician. Over the counter snoring solutions don’t work. Unless he only snores on his back, in which case you can try to keep him off of his back. 

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Bumble bee
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I used to snore horrifically. I went to a sleep doctor and they said I had sleep apnea caused by chronic tonsillitis. So I went to an ENT and got my tonsils removed and rarely ever snore anymore.

I’d say, get him to a doctor. The issues caused by sleep apnea are actually quite dangerous. 

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Busy bee
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dodobee :  get him tested for sleep apnea. Buy the CPAP mashine. Live happily ever after. My Darling Husband has sleep apnea. I couldn’t sleep for the 1st month we were together because the snoring was just crazy. I insisted he get tested, turns put his sleep apnea is really bad and he now sleeps with the CPAP mashine for the past 5 years. It’s awesome. 

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