(Closed) This is way too much to spend on shoes, right?!?!

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    Accept the gift and buy the shoes!

    That is way too much money to accept as a gift and spend on shoes! Politely decline!

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    Jimmy Choo = amazing! Accept the gift, its your wedding day! 🙂

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    You have a very kind stepmom.

    IMO, those shoes are worth $150-250. If I wanted them I would wait till they go on sale (I have bought boots that originally retailed for over $1000 for just over $200, I love me a good shoe on sale) and keep looking. I believe $550-value shoes do exist but I’d be expecting something more unique/complex/rare. Not to say these aren’t nice…they are, that’s why I put a $250 price tag on them personally, in terms of what I think is reasonable.

    But now you have the issue with your stepmom writing you a check for them and not insulting her generosity. I also know that if you’re really infatuated with something, you’ll put a higher price tag on it than another person would, so IDK, maybe $550 is what these shoes are worth to you. I agree that you should only use her check for these shoes if you use it at all, unless you work out a different arrangement with her beforehand (such as buying a different more affordable pair you find and love just as much and sending her back the surplus as a check from you to her). Generally I would say don’t rush this decision. Make sure you can try on these shoes before you’re locked in (don’t buy from a place with a bad return policy). Expensive shoes can be just as uncomfortable as more affordable shoes, they vary, you need to try them out and see. Also consider that the heel is very skinny. You need strong ankles for this pair, ankle strap notwithstanding. 

    What I suggest is that you:

    – thank her profusely for her generosity but explain you have never tried on these shoes so you’re not sure you’ll love them so this is your plan:

    – use her check to order these shoes from a good place where you can easily return them without problems if you don’t love them (this is assuming you can’t try them on in person at a local store first before buying, which would be even better). Take a test-walk in these shoes and figure out whether these are as great as you hope! If they are not completely teh awesome, return the shoes and either: write her a return check immediately or find a more affordable pair that is comfortable and ask her for her thoughts on those (write a return check for the difference if she feels like buying the less-expensive shoes as a gift to you).

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    @AlliMayWedding:  Have you tried them on even? They don’t look that comfortable… especially since you’ve had foot surgery! o_O Those heels are skinny. 

    If they’re really super comfortable, I’d take her gift and repay her with something. She wants you to have them. However, I’d make sure they really would be good. I haven’t even had foot surgery, and I wouldn’t care for the slenderness of that heel at all to have to walk around in all day.  

    Also, they are at your max height… and you’ll be wearing them for several hours… are you REALLY sure they’re the perfect shoe after foot surgery…? lol

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    I say buy them and don’t feel bad. Think about how great it must make your stepmom feel that she is in a position to buy something so frivolous and fabulous for someone she loves on her wedding day. Just pay it forward! 

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    HEY! Those were my dream shoes too!!!! I could NEVER find anything like them, or find them used in my size on eBay or any used wedding websites!

    I think you should get them. I would’ve loved to have worn them, and I’d probably wear them again and again for dressing up. I think they’re fab, please get them and post recaps! 

    But in all seriousness… If your step-mom really wants to gift you a pair of shoes, and she’s being pretty adamant, I think you should accept them. I don’t know her, but I have in-laws that are very generous and are offended if someone doesn’t accept their gifts.

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    @Roxykitten:  Agreed. 

    OP, buy those shoes, they’re gorgeous.

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    I say don’t overthink it. It’s up to your stepmom if she wants to spend the money, and it’s pretty obvious that she does. I say, accept them, be grateful, and ENJOY. 

    I have injured feet, too, and ended up spending over $300 on my shoes. I couldn’t wear heels, so I searched for months for flats that made me really excited to wear them, and made me feel like my stupid feet weren’t preventing me from being beautiful and feminine. For what it’s worth, here are mine: 

    http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/shopsale-shoes/25254954.jsp' defer='defer


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    I think that is a sweet, genuine gesture for your stepmom to do and you should graciously accept it. Don’t focus so much on the price – they are a classic style, neutral in color so that you can wear them for years and years to come. Divide that by the $500 and it’s not really so much $ per each time worn, right?

    (take pictures when you get them!!)

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    I spent over $1000 on my jimmy choos and I regret every penny. it’s because I’m not a “shoe” girl and I never wear highheels over 2.5″ and it’s just so not me, but I kinda got caught up in the moment with the idea of “my first jimmy choos!!” and how every detail of the wedding has to be ~perfect~ and because I hadn’t found any other shoe after looking everywhere for weeks. but I really think it’s super over-priced, especially since they don’t wear very well. the bottom gets worn so quick, they’re not made for wearing (you’d have to patch the bottom before you wear them, if you really wanted to wear them for more than one day!). also it felt really comfortable in the store, but as I started walking around in it, it HURT! because I’m not the type to wear heels that high, so it was just really… weird.

    also you barely see the shoes under the dress, ha… ;P maybe I’d have felt it’s worth it if I got a short dress, hmm! (nah)

    but that’s just my horror story. perhaps you’ll turn out to really enjoy it! and hey, a gift is a gift. ;} as long as you fully appreciate it, it’s a gift well given! though personally I think you can do better than jimmy choo, for comfort.

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    I say keep looking, Especially if you have more time. Have you tried Jcrew? or even looked on ebay. Its a generous gift but I would stick to budget especially if you aren’t a shoe person. 

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    I am so impressed you can wear such high heels after ankle surgery! I broke my ankle about a year ago and have just been able to wear heels again. 

    I say go for it! Your step mom really wouldn’t gift them to you if she didn’t sincerely want you to have them. As others have said, write her a nice thank you note and wear those shoes forever! 🙂

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    @Nona99:  haha… agreed!  get the shoes!

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    I spend A LOT on shoes, so I’m probably biased, but personally I don’t think $525 is too much at all, esp as you’ll wear them again I imagine.

    I have 2 pairs of wedding shoes at a total cost of over $900; and then only because we got lucky on one pair and got a hefty $300 discount (long story short they messed up and put the wrong price on; we were fully expecting to pay full-price). I will have both pairs for years to come, and will wear both pairs again (one is actually the Jimmy Choo Isabel in the same fabric as the ones you like), so to me it makes more sense to splurge on the shoes than the dress (I don’t get people who spend like $2000 on a dress and $50 on shoes; but like I said, I am obsessed with shoes lol)

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