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    A woman’s body may be hers, but a baby is a separate being. I try to ignore threads like this on the internet because I’m pro-life and obviously don’t agree with it. Then it occured to me that if I were to post a thread from a pro-life viewpoint, I would still be flamed as a “misogynist, sexist, conservative ( which is apparently a dirty word), judgmental, etc.”

    So I said the heck with it, voted “no” and shared my position here. I know some women have health circumstances that make carrying a baby full-term impossible. I know some women are raped. The majority, however, use it as after-the-fact birth control.

    20 weeks is 5 months. If a woman doesn’t know she is pregnant by then, there is something wrong. You can’t just call it a clump of cells at 20 weeks.

    I admire the passion of the girl in the video, but I think she is woefully misguided.

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    @MsW-to-MrsM:  I am not opposed to the 20 week part of the bill, But i am oppsoed to the other half that will close all but 5 medical clinics that provide them… that means that ladies that need one for medical reasons will be forced to travel hours away or out of state / country for them… I find that simply unbelievable and putting many ladies at risk. 

    It is also very dangerous as many ladies will just go to mexico and could get very very poor treatment and get very sick. 


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    I look at this very logically… I try to elminate all political stances and religious viewpoints because no one is evveerrrr going to agree on those…


    LOGICALLY: Our society protects unborn sea turtles more than unborn humans. Our society mourns miscarriages but allows abortions. Our society’s definition of “life” in regards to space exploration is single cell bacteria, but a few thousand cells in the womb doesn’t count. We are fighting for women’s rights to do what they please with their bodies, but outlaw prostitution and shame hookers.


    Life isn’t a situational condition. And women either have control over their bodies or they don’t. No picking and choosing what is or isn’t valuable life, and no picking and choosing what is and isn’t a woman’s right to her body. These are all or nothing issues.


    Something’s gotta give. Way too many contradictions.

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    @CarolF:  Wow, very well put! +1

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    @CarolF:  well said.

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    @MsW-to-MrsM:  I respect you posting your views on here in a respectful way…and please don’t take this as an “attack” but rather a way to continue a discussion.  You mentioned that “The majority, however, use it as after-the-fact birth control.”  You state this as a fact – can you tell me your source for this information? 

     The reason I ask is because I hear many people use this as a reason to limit abortion practices, and yet, whenever I ask “where did you get your facts from?”, no one can give me a reference. 

    I certainly have not gone to all PP in all 50 states to categorize why women get abortions.  (And who knows – that information may not be available??)  But until it is, I don’t think your statment should be stated as a fact.  Just like I should not state “many women only get abortions as a “last result” and don’t take them so lightly as an ‘after the fact BC'”  (But then again, I may be wrong, and I would certainly appreciate you sharing your references with me!)

    Likewise, you also state “A woman’s body may be hers, but a baby is a separate being.”  Since a fetus cannot live outside the womb until well into the third trimester, how are they separate beings?  If a 2nd trimester baby was removed from the womb, it would cease to be a “being” (because it would die), so I am not sure how this can been seen as separate.  Again, I would appreciate you clarifying your viewpoint so I can better understand your POV.

    Thank you.

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    For me it is very simple: Can it sustain itself without a host or serious medical intervention?  If yes, I consider it a discrete entity,  and alive.  If not, I consider it part of the host entity, and thus the host entity should be allowed to freely make any and all decisions regarding it, as we should all be able to make decisions about all parts of our own bodies.   Sea turtle eggs?  Self-sustaining.  They can be destroyed, but left undisturbed they do not require outside support to survive.  20-week fetus?  Not self-sustaining.  Not, in fact, even viable WITH major medical intervention if immediately delivered (the earliest recorded delivered baby to survive was over 21 weeks).

    The sticking point, of course, arises on each individual’s definition of “major” or “serious” medical intervention.  For me, an oxygen rich environment or oxygen supplementation,  for example, do not count as “major” – but a respirator would, as it indicates non-functional lungs, and thus a continued reliance on the host entity for support during development.

    Note that I am not saying medical intervention should not be given to premature infants!  That’s a horrible thought.  But rather, that a fetus that cannot survive outside of the host entity is not yet a separate entity.

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    @CarolF:  I think you are trying to simplyfy things too much here.  You stated “LOGICALLY: Our society protects unborn sea turtles more than unborn humans.”  I assume you meant scientifically?  If you look at this though a cold, hard scientific lense….sea turtles are endangered, humans are not.  That is why they are protected.  But, that is a really cold way to look at it, right?  I think we can both agree that most humans (being what we are) would not put human and sea turtles on the same level….

    You also said “Our society’s definition of “life” in regards to space exploration is single cell bacteria, but a few thousand cells in the womb doesn’t count.” – Again – too much over simplification here.  We need to differentiate between “life” and “human life.”  “Life” includes the bacteria we kill in our bathtubs, the insects we kill that get into our houses, and the cows we eat for dinner (just to name a few).  Now, I could be wrong, but I highly doubt that even the most pro-life person has any issue with killing harmful bacteria in their home, on their plates, etc, etc. 



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    The Texas Abortion hearings are not just about abortions. If you look into the bill, its going to close many low cost, or free, heathcare providers to women in rural areas. It’s going to negatively impact thousands of women who depend on these clinics for services. Yes, that includes abortions. 

    I have to note, though, that she had an excellent point that made me want to scream “hell yes, girl!” Texas is pro-life, and pro-death penalty. On the day that govenor Rick Perry defended the bill, they executed their 500th inmate. If all life is precious, as the legislators are quick to preach, shouldn’t those on death row be afforded the same grace?

    And I’m sure I’ll hear some “oh but they made their own choices, they deserve it” check out this list.  

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