(Closed) This woman is driving me crazy.

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Busy bee
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Wow. that girl sounds crazy!!! I am not sure what to do OP, but i wish you the best of luck!!!

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Bumble bee
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When I read post like this, its just almost too crazy to be true. To think there are actually people like this. I would of told her off already. I don’t have patients for people like her. Good Luck!

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Blushing bee

There are no words! Perhaps it would be easier to just express your dislike for her to her face? Of course, that will create its own drama, but surely after the smoke clears she will not cause you these kinds of problems (or at least I hope not). The next time she says something that upsets you (racist comments, complaining, etc.) just tell her how you feel instead of sugar coating it. It truly seems like that’s the only way she will understand!

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Worker bee
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I can’t imagine doing that myself, but you may need to sit down with ALL of you , Fiance , his friend and the crazy woman and flat out tell her she is not in the wedding party, she is not a bridesmaid and she needs to stop hinting about it. PERIOD. 


Nothing like the truth .



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Sugar bee
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@HeyKaraoke:  ah the irony of life, on other threads there are brides complainingabout women who won’t help them with their wedding, and here you’ve got a woman throwing herself at you to help choose your dress, to plan a bachelorette party, etc.

But seriously, you know what you’ve got to do. Continue to smile but firmly say “No I’m sorry, I’ve chosen my bridal party” and “No, I can’t accept your kind offer of a party” and when she asks “why?” you just smile again, and repeat “No” and if she continues to press again, repeat with “No, I don’t want that, sorry.”

You aren’t going to change her, and athe boundaries that you set have to be very firm. Sorry you have to go through this.

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Busy bee

Woahhhh… good dose of crazy with that one. Wish I had some good advice but all I can offer is to distance yourself from that one as much as possible and suffer through it. If she continues to push you probably need to sit down with her and give it to her straight. She won’t take it well and there will be drama as she is obviously a whiner and immature, but you at least were direct with her.

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Bumble Beekeeper

Wow!  No wonder the crazy lady is driving you crazy!!! Yeah, I have to agree with  @FauxPas2012: guess you are just going to have to set firm boundaries with her. Not easy, or fun, but necessary.  I feel sorry for you!


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Bumble Beekeeper
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She is annoying, but you’ve kind of lead her on so she thinks asking you stuff like this is acceptable. With people like this, you have to just shut them down. Don’t give her an excuse why she’s not invited to something, because that will just give her an opening to ask again. 

Her: “I need to go shopping for my Bridesmaid or Best Man dress.” 

You: “No you don’t, you’re not a Bridesmaid or Best Man. I’m sorry, but the decision is final.”


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Honey bee
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This b*tch is cray. Ignore all future contact with her at ALL costs. She’s obviously not well.

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Bumble bee
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@HeyKaraoke:  Because of her racist attitude in additiont to everything else, you have every right to not want to talk to this woman. I would seriously have a talk with FI’s best friend the next time he wants to start a fight about your ‘treatment’ of his wife. I would tell him what she has said, how you find it unacceptible, and you wil not tolerate it.

In the future, I would have not have them over your home. I would let Fiance plan all guys activities away from the house alone with him like at a bar or restaurant.

I hope everything works out.

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Ive dealt with a similar situation before….. Turned out the girl just didn’t trust her husband and couldn’t stand the thought of him having friends that were not friends with her or doing things that didn’t involve her, therefore she tried her hardest to be best friends with me so that we would be involved, one way or another, with practically everything the guys did. & if we werent involved she wanted to know exactly every little detail my guy had told me about it. It was her way of being obsessively controlling of HER HUSBAND, not me. and when I didn’t support that whole plan of hers it was all out war. Eventually I just had to put my foot down and have a blunt discussion with both of the guys, and though she still hates me it didn’t affect the guys friendship in the long run or change the way her husband and I interacted. I would maybe consider that possibility and see if you notice anything that could help you distance yourself without damaging any other relationships between the involved people. Its possible it involves you less than you think it does. Either way, this woman does not deserve to have her feelings tiptoed around. 

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Worker bee
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Jesus. I have no idea what you can do that you haven’t already done. I hate to say this, but even though the girl’s husband is a really good friend of your SO, is it really worth it anymore? It’s causing you stress, causing him stress, and putting a strain on your relationship and wedding. Anyone who requires this much work to be friends with isn’t really worth it, no matter how much you love him, in my books. It’s hard, but I think this guy just needs to be phased out or kept at arm’s length. 

Unfortunately because they’re married, you can’t really pick one over the other. They’re a package deal, and the package needs to be sent back. 

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Worker bee
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She sounds like a really frustrating person. I would tell her very clearly that she isn’t going to be part of your bridal party. I would also call her out on her racist crud. Sounds like a lot of what you say will get ignored, or laughed off, but I personally would feel better about myself for being clear and truthful with her.

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