(Closed) Those of you who have gone through a weight transformation, please help!

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@west.coast.blonde: Is your cousin someone who would feel a lot of gratification for succeeding in “challenges”?

Reason I ask is that I lost about 40 lbs in 6 months before I would let myself try on a wedding gown. I wasn’t all that large but it was becoming a huge self-confidence issue for me. I didn’t want to look in mirrors and none of my clothes fit. I don’t know exactly what made me finally hit the point when I was ready to do it. Maybe it was the wedding, maybe it was just a motivating factor. But I decided to start on a Monday.

I began with Hungry Girl stuff because you could eat a good bit and they were easy to do. However, I quickly got tired of that because nothing was natural and I LOVE pasta. I couldn’t cut out all meat and pasta even though I know those need to be eaten in moderation. I followed the Weight Watchers model but didn’t pay for the program because I couldn’t afford it.

But the biggest thing was exercising. I walked and ran every day, even twice a day sometimes until I could get in good enough shape to run for at least 30 minutes. Walking is very healthy too, especially if her knees hurt or she’s out of shape. To keep myself accountable I signed up for a half-marathon and then another 10K. I woke up and ran every morning throughout the summer and lost 1-2 lbs per week. The first 20 came off quickly…the other 20 not so much. But I was able to eat a good bit even though I was hungry a lot.

After awhile the lbs melting off people will compliment you, which helps a ton. And my Fiance was really encouraging, as well as my friends and family. I concentrated on 10 pounds at a time.

If she needs your support you could sign up for a 5K together and do the couch to 5K program or sign up to do a lot of them for local charities. Those registration fees are cheaper than the larger races. Or you could exercise together to keep accountability. What’s nice about WW is that you don’t feel totally deprived. You can have ice cream one day if you want…just make sure you exercise and cut a few calories from elsewhere. If she’s feeling down and wanting to emotionally eat, she can force the habit of going out for a walk or run to clear her mind. That would get her out of the house and away from the refrigerator?

Your friend can do it, and I’m sure she’ll be so happy when she does it! You’re such a great person for wanting to support her!

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I would suggest to her to keep a diary.  Everytime she over eats to write down what she was feeling and why.  It can help her to identify exactly what are triggers.

Then she can learn new tools to dealing with those triggers. Maybe she can go for a walk or take a bath or garden or call you to talk. Help her ID new strategies.

I would also encourage to read a few book.  You on a Diet, by Dr. Oz is a good one.  Also, she might want to read this http://www.amazon.com/Women-Food-God-Unexpected-Everything/dp/1416543074

If she can afford it she might want to see a counselor as well. As you said, its emotional eating more than just eating. You have to address the mental as well as the food.

For her next bday maybe get her a subscription to Clean Eating magazine to give her some easy recipes at her fingertips.

Only she can do the changing and she wont change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing. But you can help her and support her.

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i wanted wanted to chime in and say that i started at 251 a little over a year ago… and i do weight watchers…. it has changed my life…. ive lost a little over 52 lbs and counting… it may be an option for your cousin as well and it is a great support group too!

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I am thrilled to see people start down the road of health, it is such an exciting and emotional journey to start upon.

In June 2008 I was at my heaviest (300+) and went on our annual family trip to Yosemite. Although I had done the mist trail to the top of vernal falls a million times before and even much more difficult backpacking adventures I couldn’t even make it the 3/4 miles to the footbridge and had to turn back I was so heavy and out of shape. That was the bottom, the turning point so to speak, that pushed me to make a huge change.

Although it didn’t happen right away in October 2008 I started cutting out bad foods that I often over indulged in and starting to break my addictions to the fattier options and replaced those cravings with healthier snacks like hummus, carrots, apples, cherries etc. It has been two years since I have eaten a donut because I simply no longer crave them.

I also started exercising a little at first with daily walks etc. Now I run and play volleyball around 30 hours a week and I am truly addicted to being active. The old me could never have kept up with the the new more fit me.

I am a little over two years out from my starting point and I have lost 120 pounds. I am now a size 12/14 and I feel amazing. I just did Half Dome last week for the second year in a row (an 11 hour very intense hike) and I felt great when it was done. I rode my bike all over the Yosemite Valley without feeling winded and couldn’t wait to get up and go on our next adventure.

I know that it is hard and at first you can’t imagine your life without those delicious foods you crave. While you don’t have to cut them out completely one must learn how to control portion sizes and how often we eat them. I don’t count calories, never really did, I just know what is healthy and what isn’t (don’t we all???).

It is a difficult but rewarding journey that I am still on in order to maintain my weight loss. It is worth every tear, frustration and craving to be where I am now.

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