(Closed) Those who went natural: Would you do it again?

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I’m interested in the answer to this too!

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I think if it’s your first child I woud say it probably will be long.  The pissiest part about it all is the prolongation of it all.  Maybe your water won’t break on its own, mine didn’t with my second and it just drug out!!  I eventually got induced and still it was like omg what the heck.  I had an epidural and couldn’t feel to push, so the drs were getting a little anxious with me cuz it was hard to push. 

My third I did have an epidural but she wanted to come and come fast!  So epidural was a no go!  She came pretty fast and yes it hurt a LOT when she was stuck there and they said okay now wait.  That was the only moment I thought I would die!  The blood vessels in my face broke from pushing.  I say that if that was how my first was that I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant again, but I say no matter how things pan out it is ALL worth every bit of anything you have to go through!  I had a planned c-section with #1 and I woud never do that again.  That was horrible! 


You will know what choice to make while going through it.  I did it and I was only 17 with my first.  Good luck.  I hope my jibberish helped a little.

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I had nothing two times, so I say,yes…in a heartbeat I’d do it again. I was up and about and home in a day.

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My mum went gas and air for me and my brothers, who are twins, even though they are fraternal and 57 minutes apart.  But she does have a high pain threshold.

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I went natural with my first two sons my third son i went natural up until 20 mins before ugggh i would not advise anyone to get an epi but that is your decision i wiish i had never done it i have back pain 7 yrs later. bedsides i loved how you felt everything without the drugs 

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I have not yet had children, but it is really important to me to go natural.  My mom did with all three of us.  If we have children, I will definitely be asking a lot of questions, so… just listening in.  My reason is that I fundamentally believe the drugs can harm the baby.  I hope no one jumps on me for that, just what I believe.  I hope I can do it!

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I had a natural birth at a hospital with a doula and my husband present. I would definitely do it again, but I would need my doula with me. She had some amazing techniquest that helped minimize the pain for me.

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I went 17 hrs at home without any pain meds with DS and did just fine until I got to the hospital and they started pushing pitocin… and then the gosh darn nurse asked me 6 times (literally with every step she took to the door) if I was “sure” I didn’t want anything…. I finally gave in just to get her off my back.

They gave me stadol until I was 8 cm… which I totally regret having ever gotten.. and then they prepped me for a c-section b/c DS didn’t like the pitocin they had been giving me over the last 12 hours.

The thing about the stadol or any med they give you through the IV to dull the pain is that they cut you off when you’re at 7-8 cm so baby isn’t groggy. What I learned from this is going from dull contractions to intense 8cm contractions is NO fun, and I would’ve much rather worked up to them then going from one extreme to the other. As I’ve since said… you wouldn’t go out and try and run a marathon without training first… all the shorter runs you go on lead up to that full intense 26 mile run.

I’m having a home-birth this time and would definitely advise to go totally natural if that’s what you’re hoping for.. Get a GOOD support system that can remind you of this when you go through transition and just stick with it. =)


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@MissDareDevil:  Wow.  Thanks for sharing.  It seems like back pain is a reccuring theme after epis.  I have casual observed and heard that.  Interesting.  My mom had me and my sisters 100% natural, but I have a half sister … who is half my age (different dad) and she was in breech, my mom was 42 at the time- so she had to have a C-section.  I don’t know too much about it other than she was really sick from whatever they gave her and she was barfing through the entire thing.

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Going natural was the absolute, hands down, best experience of my life. I felt like if I could do that, I could do anything. I re-live it every day and look forward to doing it again.

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I got pitocin with both of my labors I had a epidural with the first and pushed for almost 2 hours but didnt feel the pain. with the second I ended up with the highest amount of pitocin they can legaly give someone with a cracked rib and had no pain meds what so ever and I would never do that again the pain was so bad. 

I know they say you forget about the pain after you hold the baby but I will never forget that pain I felt like my VaJayJay was on fire and while i only had to push for 5 minutes I would rather to the 2 hours with the epidural. 

Not to scare anyone but I would never do that again if i had the choice.

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