Those who went team green…worth it?

posted 2 years ago in Pregnancy
  • poll: What was it like being team green?

    AMAZING! Totally worth it, 10/10 recommend it!

    It was fine.

    Totally overrated, didn't live up to the hype.

    I've never been team green but love voting in polls.

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    @revonue:  I don’t think it’s so much about there being a “right” or “wrong.”  Obviously no gender owns a certain color or theme.  For me, I’ve really enjoyed knowing it’s a baby girl so that I could buy all the girly stuff because I WANT to.  Not because I think she can never wear blue because she’s a girl, or that a boy can’t wear pink.  It’s just a way to enjoy the process.  It’s fun, not a political statement.

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    I was going to vote that I had never been team green, but then remembered that we never found out with our first. But we both knew, with absolutely no doubts, that it was a boy. It was no surprise when he was born, although we never technically found out.

    With our second, I found out when Dh went to use the bathroom during the US, but again, it was no surprise because I knew he was a boy.

    We found out with our third and last, but because I felt different, I knew she was a girl. Father-In-Law didn’t believe us no matter what we told him and bought her tractor bibs and clothing. We told him that the US tech told us twice she was a girl, and he still didn’t believe it until she was born!

    So, anyway, it was overrated for me because I already knew.

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    I was team green both times. With my first, I was like 99% sure he was a boy from the second I took a pregnancy test (and I was right). So when my husband didn’t want to find out, I was happy to not find out either (I was sort of scared I was wrong and figured it would be more of a fun surprise at birth than a possible disappointment along the way). My second I thought was a girl from day one and I was also right, but it was harder with her not to find out. It felt like it mattered so much more (boy mom for life? Or one of each) even though really it doesn’t. 

    My husband loved being team green and tries to convince everyone he knows to go that route haha. As far as the nursery/clothes etc, I didn’t have a shower anyway so people didn’t get me stuff until after. I was given a bunch of handed down clothes which were mostly boy-leaning but lots of animals etc. Anyone who got me stuff ahead of time went with greys etc which I like anyway. So now my 2 month old girl has been wearing her brothers clothes with a couple girl outfits thrown in. His stuff gets more boy as he gets older for sure, as other people buy him things. Our nursery was just navy and grey anyway (because we already owned a navy laz e boy haha) and that is working fine for my daughter as well. My son’s bigger boy room is mostly greens and greys. I hate the ‘baby’ shades of blue and pink anyway. 

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    @dianaj17:  I stayed Team Green and I loved it! We never heard any crazy advice related to gender and we never received name advice because of it. It made for an easy, happy pregnancy!! I’m thinking about doing it again with Baby #2.

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    I have not had a kid yet, but we plan on finding out the gender for ourselves and keeping it a secret for the rest of the family until birth! We need gender neutral clothes for future children, and I know both sides of the family will not be able to stop themselves from buying little dresses if they find out it was a girl (which they will do after the birth regardless).

    Also, my cousin was team green for her pregnancy and loved it. My mother was for the last two of her pregnancies (not sure about the first), and it is expected of us by family not to find out the gender until birth. We still want to know, so we will and just won’t tell the rest in order to avoid judgement!

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    @dianaj17: We went team green and so glad we did, it was so exciting. The anticipation was great. We have said however if we were to have another we’d consider finding out so we can prepare.

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    I was team green for #1!  I am usually the type of person to find out EVERYTHING so it was a surprising decision for both me and my husband, but it was great.  I got to know our little baby without any gendered expectations and hearing he was a boy was the coolest thing in the world.  In my friend group it’s about 50/50 for those who find out and those who wait, so I definitely had people to follow.  My family wasn’t as understanding (but in a way I was glad about that, we would have gotten so many gendered clothes instead of the less exciting things that we actually needed).

    We’re TTC #2 right now and I’m torn.  I’d love to be team green again but I’ve always wanted a boy and a girl.  If it’s a girl then I’m sure this would be my last pregnancy and if it’s a boy I’m not so sure, so part of me wants to know if it will be my last pregnancy while I’m going through it.  But for #1, no regrets on being team green, and hearing the doctor say “it’s a boy” is something I will never forget.

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    I’m theoritcally into the idea of team green for my next one but with my son at his 20 week scan he had slightly more fluid in his kidney than is preffered, they told us this is really normal for boys and all my googling gave us hope (he’s fine now and it was normal at 28 weeks). I would have hated to find out his gender with some scary news.

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    I loved it and I’m so glad I did it, but I’m not 100% sure we would do it again.

    I have soooo many baby clothes. If I found out we were having a boy, I would love to get rid of them. We do have lots of neutrals, but it’s hard not to buy gendered clothes as they get older!

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    I am just too damn curious to be team green and nearly died waiting until 20 weeks lol. It would be a damn amazing surprise though if I were patient enough to wait until birth! I just love knowing all the information there is to know.

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    I totally couldn’t have waited until he was born to know currently 29 weeks and also as I like to be organised.  It has also helped with us narrowing down a name short list, however no one else will be told this until he is here.

    We went gender neutral on all the big items with a white and grey theme but are then adding small touches just for a boy. Also like a previous poster said I had a feeling it was a boy.

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    @dianaj17:  Team green on both my pregnancies. I was convinced my second was a boy and was surprised with a second daughter!

    No regrets!

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    Basically, what

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    @bluecutie00:  said.

    We didn’t find out for our first, and the advice was pretty much limited to “sleep now while you can, ha ha ha…”. I did have some people be annoyed at me but 🤷‍♀️

    I did end up with a C-section after a failure to induce a massive baby (10lbs10oz, and he was looong not just fat, lol) and I still really enjoyed DH telling me that he was a boy.

    For our second we did find out, as to stay team green for the first one I had to promise DH we would find out for the second. We had the ultrasound tech write it on a card and we found out together on a date night when I was around 30weekish. It was also really nice. We did hold of telling people the sex though, or that we knew, because I enjoyed not having to discuss names with people that much lol.

    If we have a third, I think we’ll find out sooner and not keep it to ourselves as much. But by the third kid anyway people are less in your business about it all I have observed.

    Good luck deciding. It is fun either way. 🙂

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    I’ve known folks who had zero regrets going Team Green. All were in agreement that they felt it “was the truly the biggest surprise of their life.” 

    I think that’s incredibly sweet, and a totally personal and respectable decision. but I personally feel that it will STILL be “truly the biggest surprise,” regardless of whether you find out at 3-4 months or when you deliver.

    Two super-cool alternatives to finding out early or going team green that I’ve encountered are:

    * Finding out early, but keeping it a secret from everyone else until the baby arrives. 
    * Letting parents or other closest loved ones (that can keep a secret) know the sex but keep it from you. My brother and his wife did this with their first child, and their parents loved having a few extra months of excitement and secret planning. 

    Both options still ensure that you won’t get tons of annoying pink or blue shit from Great Aunt Ethel.  

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