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I’m sorry, Bee. I get stress hives as well so I can relate. And I think just about everyone would be a mess in this situation. 

I like to do yoga, go for walks, and take baths. Watching my diet carefully and eating salads every day works wonders on any weird physical symptoms. But I think the best thing you could do is try to be as organized as possible, and then remind yourself that this is all going to be over. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with to do lists and things, creating a calendar might be a good idea. Get a gigantic May calendar. Go ahead and write down the most important things you have to do, and try not to schedule more than one thing a day. For me, seeing the big picture of what I have to do in the next month is so beneficial, because otherwise the things that I have to do keep popping into my head and giving me anxiety.

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teacher-bee-in-the-sea :  I’ve had stress hives on and off since the election (I have to listen to the coverage all of the time – no getting away from it). Totally sucks. 

I will try salads like lovelyruby :  mentioned — that’s a new one! 

I have found Hyland hive tablets (homeopathic) help, and I’ve ordered oxy hives which many rave about. I can’t stand the itching and burning. I had my allergies tested and I’m not eating things I shouldn’t so I really don’t know what it is other than stress.

Im sorry you all are going through so much! Definitely remind yourself it’s one day at a time and take time for a daily walk or stretching – whatever relaxes you. I love looking at nature so that’s one of my relaxing tools re taking a hike or walk. But that doesn’t kick the hives in the hiney. 🙁 



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After outlining your month like lovelyruby suggested, I would see if any of the tasks could be completed quickly and without much effort, just so you can start to feel forward momentum.

I would also see if any of the tasks could be delegated without causing additional stress to you. I am certain your close friends and family would do anything possible to help, especially if they knew the impact of your current level of stress. 

Feel better, bee!


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I’m so sorry. It really does sound like you ARE handling this all amazingly well – but you’re human and can’t be perfect. I wonder if journaling would help? Or just taking a few hours to do something FUN and impractical – reminding yoursel to find joy even amidst so many stressors. A gratitude log could also help put things in persepctive. I also swear by kava stress relief tea. Sending you hugs. 

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I know some people really benefit from sensory stimuli to help relax in stressful situations. There are a few sellers on etsy who have ‘aromatherapy inhalers’ that are just little scented sticks with relaxing smells, but you can do the same thing with a little bit of fabric and some essential oil which is pretty cheap on amazon and at sprouts. Spearmint or any citrus are really good and you could just keep a hankey with some on hand and try to find a few minutes somewhere you can turn off the lights and just focus on breathing. Obviously not a fix all but sometimes enough to give you the little relief needed to refocus

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I get hives when I’m stressed but I got a case of them sooooo bad once I had to take a round of prednisone. They’d been hanging around for weeks. That was when I discovered my NICKEL allergy. I had a white gold piercing in my belly button and once I removed it, hives were gone. 

My then pregnant daughter was over the house a few weeks ago and she had a bad case of the hives and I suggested that she remove her 14k white gold earrings. I gave them to her in 2010 and she’s worn them nearly daily since then. I swapped them for some 14k yellow and the next day she said hives were gone. She wears a white gold wedding set and I’ve taken recently to wearing a white gold ring and as long as they’re nicely coated with rhodium, no problems but those that go THRU the body in the form of a piercing seem to be problematic. I don’t know if they choose to not coat posts or what but for BOTH of us, it resolved the issue lickety split. Won’t hurt to try. 

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Oh bee, I feel you! Our lives have been one thing after another, and major life event after major life event for the past 6 years.  My only advice is to look after yourselves, whatever that means to you. If you have to spend an entire weekend sitting on the couch and doing nothing, do it. If being out in nature helps you decompress, go for a day-long hike, or camp for a weekend. If you have some spare money a weekend away can be great at ‘resetting’ everything. 

Write everything down, seriously, everything. Helps clear your mind and you don’t have to stress about remembering things. 

Remember the positives, and tell yourself “This too shall pass, and the best is yet to come”. 


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teacher-bee-in-the-sea :  Congratulations on your graduation! That’s one thing to tick off. And good luck with your move tomorrow. Our wedding is in 12 days so I know how you feel in that respect! I have never heard of that before, but at least you have an answer. Just think – in 6 weeks you will be graduated, married, in your new home, and hives free. That’s seriously exciting! You should be so proud! Xx

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teacher-bee-in-the-sea :  Woo nearly done! I just have to confirm times with everyone and find a dog sitter, then I think we’re done! Will be nice to have everything finished 😊

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teacher-bee-in-the-sea :  if you actually need a cat sitter ask at your vet 🙂 they will probably know who does it. I asked for my dog and it turned out one of the vet nurses did pet sitting which was nice and reassuring. 

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