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My dad’s middle name is Noel (Toronto area, Scottish background)

he doesn’t love it, and always tied it to Christmas… Of course his first name is Perry so we made him a shirt a few years ago that says “Perry Christmas!” To wear during the holidays… I mean, how could we not.

he has accepted he won’t have any grandsons named for him.

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HaaaveYouMetTed:  Even reading your post, I was thinking and hearing “No-el” as in the First Noel. I also associated it with a misspelling (or yooonique) spelling of the girl’s name Noelle, and was thinking it was an odd choice for a girl’s name used for a guy. Then I read this thread and learned that pronouncing it Nole was common! I never would have known otherwise though.

I vote Nole, Nolan, or even Noah, but Noel is confusing to me.

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HaaaveYouMetTed:  Even though it should just ryhme with Joel, I honestly would think No-elle when I saw it because that is how you spell No-elle. 

If you like the idea of spelling it Knoll like grassy knoll, why not go with that spelling? It’s unique and I think people would pronounce it the way you want. Though personally, as a Florida State Seminole,  I’m partial to you spelling it Nole ๐Ÿ˜‰

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When I saw that you mentioned it was a boy’s name, I knew it was pronounced Nole but actually only because of the character on the show Pretty Little Liars. Which, frankly, I am embarrassed to admit…however it’s a mean character so it was memorable! That all being said, I like Nolan with the nickname Nol best!

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I can’t believe no one has mentioned Felicity! No one else used to watch that show?! I loved Noel ๐Ÿ™‚ When I first saw the thread and Noel, I thought girl and No-el, but as soon as reread the title and spotted boy, I knew it was the Nole/knoll pronounciation. It’s not super common and you’d be correcting people a lot, I think, but I think it’s a super cute name! And for the record, my baby girl is getting a name I anticipate pronouncing for everyone the first time they see it. They’ll get it after that! 

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HaaaveYouMetTed:  I live in the US and have a friend who named her son Noel and people pronounce it “Nole.” My friend has had to pronounce it for people during some introductions, but she doesn’t think this is a big deal. I have a first name that is pronounced much more uncommonly and I agree that it’s not a big deal. I only have to correct people once for them to remember, and certain people get the pronuncation right without me having to correct them. Usually the response I get to introducing myself is, “You have such a beautiful name; I love that pronunciation!”

I would definitely recommend naming your son what you want to name him. The name you chose isn’t yoonik and I don’t think you should change it for other people.

craigslistgirl:  I don’t think “small hill” has a negative connotation at all. There are many names with similar meanings. Paul (small), Vaughn (small), Rowan (little redhead), Kieran (little dark one), Hamilton (treeless hill), Landon (long hill), Brandon (broom-covered hill), Bryn (hill), etc.

There are also many names with worse meanings: Cecilia/Sheila (blind), Claudia (lame), Gladys (lame), Emily (rival), Calvin (bald), Byron (barn for cows), Blaise (lisp), Portia (pig), Gideon (having a stump for a hand), etc.

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Noel was my grandpa’s name ๐Ÿ™‚ I quite like it, I think a lot of more ‘old fashioned’ names are coming back into popularity. I like Nolan too, sounds a bit more modern. 

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I’m in Australia, so it’s pronounced correctly here. I’m surprised that it’s so unheard of in the US. Noel Gallagher? Noel Fielding? I know they’re British, but I thought they were internationally famous. Guess not!

There’s also a Noel on Pretty Little Liars.

Please don’t make up a random spelling for it!! 

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I’m in the US and I know a Noel (male) and he goes by “No-Elle” … Thus that’s how I pronounce it. I like “nole” version but that just wouldn’t be the way I said it on instinct 

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I think if you go with Noel your male child will get a LOT of mail addresses to “Miss Noel… etc” I thought it was No-elle when I saw your post. I would name him Nolan and use Nole as a nickname.

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It’s relatively unusual these days and it stands out from all those Noahs.

I would associate it with Christmas, so if you have a December baby, it would be perfect.

I’m English and in the south-east/London region, we’d usually pronounce it either ‘No-ul’  with the emphasis on the first syllable (as someone above said, like Joel), but I’d imagine Americans would probably say ‘Nole’. ‘No-elle’ would be the female version whch I think is spelt ‘Noelle’ with emphasis on the last syllable.

Personally I don’t like Nolan much- it’s a surname. I know those are popular in parts of America  but here in the UK surname names tend to mark you as coming from a ‘less privileged’ background. Noel is definitely more traditional and classy, in my opinion. (And it is just my opinion! )



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I like the name but I do think of the Frasier character that was always in love and hitting on Roz ๐Ÿ™‚

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Im in the US and have an uncle named Noel “No-elle” because he was born on Christmas day.

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I LOVE Noel, but my husband shot it down. I would pronounce it like Joel with an N, so No-uhl. I like Nolan too, but i think it’s probably a lot more popular/common than Noel. Funny story about the named Nolan — I know a woman who named her first child (daughter) Nola, and then 5 years later had a son and named him Nolan… I guess she was out of ideas? 

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I think most in the U.S. would pronounce it No-Elle based off the Christmas Noel.  I think Nolan is a nice alternative.

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