Thoughts on birthing prep class?

posted 2 years ago in Pregnancy
  • poll: If you took a birthing/labor class, was it worth your time and money when it came to your delivery?
    Yes - Take the birthing class even if you plan on a medicated birth : (34 votes)
    72 %
    No - It was somewhat helpful, but not really : (7 votes)
    15 %
    It was kinda worth it... but not sure if I would recommend a friend to do it. : (6 votes)
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    Do you ladies not have gas and air or pethedine as options in labour? Is it epidural or nothing? 

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    I would rather spend 200 bucks on a child safety course that teaches you CPR as opposed to a birthing class. I am a FTM and I didn’t take any sort of classes (considering a CPR class if I can fit it into the day) but after going through birth… I really don’t think it would have taught me anything.

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    Twizbe :  there are other pain meds that can be used (can’t remember what they’re called), but they don’t get rid of the pain, they just take the edge off to make it more managable.

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    lilchicana :  Just checking as they weren’t mentioned. The big thing I got from my course was the pros and cons of all the pain relief. 

    I didn’t want an epidural as it was more likely to end up with an assisted delivery. 

    Gas and air was great and although I felt pain, it was totally manageable. It was fab while they were doing my stitches. High as a kite during that bit.

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    misspenny2010 :  Our class was free through the hospital. It was mainly about giving birth and labor stages and things to do during these labor stages. We went 4 weeks for 3 hours each class. Darling Husband hated going to them. I didn’t mind them, but once it came to it – my labor started at the end of thelabor stages and progressed from there (I was 6cm when we got to the hospital), so anything I learned went out the window. I had back labor and the breathing techniques worked and *some* positions, but you’re such in a frenzy that it all is a blur.

    I would suggest going for information. I also went to a breastfeeding class, even though I ended up having problems breastfeeding and couldn’t.

    If we have #2, we won’t go.

    Edit: To add, my birth plan was to have a baby in any means that would benefit the baby. If a c-section was needed, that was fine. If they needed to use forceps to get the baby out, thwas fine (although my OB did NOT want to do that). I ended up having an epi cos my back labor was so painful. Unfortunately, it worked too well and I couldn’t do anything for many hours so they let it dry up. By the time LO was born, I started getting feeling back everywhere and could actually push to get him out. You just never know when the time comes.

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    As someone who didn’t take the class, and delivered via unplanned c-section, I would take the class. Understanding why the doctors will make suggestions and decisions based off of how you’re feeling and your ability to let them know how you’re feeling and when, will make a HUGE difference no matter how you deliver your child. If it’s a free class I say it’s a no brainer and go for it. 

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    Way too expensive… You can find all the necessary information on google and watch a course on youtube and do it in your free time.

    I did a free course, in which they told us to concentrate on a point in the ceiling – yeah, sure – that’s going to keep me going during birth :). Actual birth was not that painful at all, as long as they would let me walk around. However, I had some complications and had to lie down – that was painful.

    Anyway, my advice is to learn more about the mechanics of the birthing process, so you know what to expect. Learning ho to breathe and fixate on dots on the wall, however, is in my view is just waste of time.

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    misspenny2010 :  I just had my baby 12 days ago. Had an epidural which failed when I was about 9cm. No other pain medication helped. I pushed her out the good old fashioned way. Felt EVERYTHING including the 2 very severe tears I got.

    Believe me when I tell you, the last thing to ever cross my mind was this happening. 

    If taking a class will help a little, do it. 

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    I planned a hospital birth. With drugs.

    I got a home birth with nada. 

    Take the class. What is the worst that could happen? You don’t use everything? At least you will be more informed. Being informed never hurts.

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    I’m a FTM and due in about 3 weeks. I’m SO glad we took the class. We really enjoyed it. It was 10 weeks, 3 hours a week and we learned so much. In talkign with people who haven’t taken classes and had a not good hospital experience, it sounds like it was because they weren’t informed. They didn’t know what was coming next, what could happen, options, alternatives. One gf who she and her hubby are very educated/smart people told me “they didn’t explain anything”. Yea, they don’t have time, to many other patients.

    We took Birth Bootcamp which there is an online version but we had an instructor in our local area (you might too). At our hospital we also took a newborn basics class, breasfeeding and infant/child cpr & first aid.

    I feel much more confident than I did 4 months ago. You made a good point about your husband not knowing much, I don’t think men do until they learn or go through it. My hubby has retained so much and will be a great coach in the hospital for me

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    My Darling Husband and I walked out of the birthing class at lunch and didn’t go back.  Didn’t seem to matter on the big day!  I got an epidural right away since my labor went so quickly and then I just laid there and did what they told me to do. I honestly felt like I was faking it for a movie or something – LOL!  It was so easy and wonderful.  I would, however, highly recommend a breastfeeding class if you plan to do it.  It’s not as simple as you’d think at first and mine helped a lot! 

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    I love our birth class. We paid $395 for seven 2.5 hour classes plus tons of online videos and classes. I’m sad because we only have one left.

    The class has been beyond informative and has really helped my husband to understand how not crazy my desire to have a natural, unmedicated birth is. We have learned so much about strategies to avoid unnecessary interventions and natural pain management. Our eyes have really been opened to the problems in labour and women’s health, namely the astronomically high c-section and epidural rates.

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    We took one last week. It was much cheaper 😮 Though traumatizing (videos!) I found it useful. They explained hospital policies, where to go exactly at all hours, gave us a tour of labor and delivery and NICU, what to expect from staff, and different laboring techniques. My husband found it most useul though because his impressions of labor and birth were a little off thanks to movies and TV. Now, I think he’ll be better prepared to deal with everything, and we both know some of the conversations we should have before labor. I’d recommend it, especially if you’re a planner like I am.

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