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Helper bee

okay, since you are asking for our thoughts on goes….

i don’t like them at all. i feel that they are small cheap diamonds that are stuck together to give off the illusion of a larger stone. settle for a smaller single stone as opposed to a cluster ring.

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Busy bee

smartsimple :  I would prefer a smaller stone than a cluster but each woman has different taste.. to be safe I’d ask her friends to casually dig around for what she’d want and have them do the dirty work so she doesn’t know what he’s up to lol with clusters I really think it’s a LOVE em or a HATE em kind of thing.

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Buzzing bee
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 I think this is pretty personal.  You’ll get some people saying they really like them, and others saying that they wouldn’t be happy with one.  Your friend knows his gf best.  He should try to figure out what she is expecting, or if she has any strong opinions on the ring.

Personally, I had always wanted 0.5c solitare similar to my mother’s, and I would have been disappointed with anything else.  (cluster, halo, 3-stone, etc).  I had a strong opinion, so my FI and I went shopping together, and that worked best for us.

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Busy bee

I would be happy with a cluster– it’s a good way to get more sparkle!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: November 2015

smartsimple :  mine is not technically a “cluster,” but I’m sure it looks like it at first glance. It’s actually my MIL’s wedding set, so the engagement ring, and her band on either side, but it’s been soldered together so it’s one ring now, if that makes sense. So that one ring (made of 3) was my ER, and then I got 2 inifinity bands of my own as my wedding bands. It’s quite the stack now, but I love it. We want to pass the engagement ring down to our child so I wanted bands that could go with another ring someday.

It’s not harder to clean–each week the whole set goes in a bath of hot water and dish soap for 30 mins, then gets rinsed. Done. Sparklesssss

My ring is over 30 years old and so far, so good–no stones falling out. I think that would be something that has to do with the integrity of the setting, not necessarily cluster vs traditional. Why would a cluster have anything to do with lower quality diamonds? That question seems almost (barely borderline) offensive, as if to say a cluster is lower quality. It’s literally a style of ring, so you’d have the same tones in a cluster that you would in a solitare for the same diamond.

I don’t know my total carat weight…I love my rings though. I love that it’s so sparkly, because I love sparkles, and I’m non-traditional but still wanted a semi-traditional ring. Plus mine is heirloom. It was perfect. I’ll post a pic, hang on

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Helper bee
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Personally I’m not a fan but I’ve seen some really pretty ones on the bee! Especially the flower one!

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Busy bee
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So you can see, not a true cluster just a lot of stones. But I think a great rule for shopping is to get what would make the wearer happy. He should probably invest in the highest quality single diamond he could afford, but if he knows she’s be happier with more coverage/sparkle, still get higher quality in the cluster. 

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: August 2015

Not a fan. Cluster rings look like they are trying to be bigger and better than they are to me. That style was never even discussed with my DH. It was never an option. I really don’t love them for myself.

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love my daisy cluster sooo much sparkle with it 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2016

smartsimple :  I have a cluster ring (sort of). It was chosen by my fiancé and all he knew was that I liked ‘square’ ones. 

Were you disappointed it wasn’t a typical solitare/halo?
Nope, until I came on here & saw how many people disliked them. But then I realised what it symbolises and in the end who cares. I have no interest in keeping up with the Jones’ and this is what he could afford. There are much more practical things to spend £2,000 on. Plus, I love it! It looks perfect on my hand, matches my wedding band, and it’s square 🙂

Is it harder to clean

Does it snag

Problems with diamonds falling out 

Looking more murker or warm because of lower quality diamonds?
Not that I can tell?

or things you love about it?
How shiney & dainty it is. Also what it represents

What is tcw?

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: September 2017

I don’t like cluster rings for the same reason I don’t like simulants – you are trying to fake what you cannot afford. If you can’t afford a 3ct, don’t get a bunch of small diamonds and stick them together to look like one. They are also incredibly fragile, and if 1 comes loose, the entire ring is ruined.

I should clarify that when I say cluster, I mean invisible set cluster, made to look like one larger one.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2012

I love clusters! I don’t have one as an e-ring, but I have a few RHR that are clusters that I swap out.



I think it’s stupid to paint everyone with a cluster ring as “trying to make the stones appear like one large one” or “passing the ring off as something it’s not.” Really, how is it your business, and how do you even know what the intent is? I also don’t care if people try to “pass” a similant as a diamond. Does it really matter that much? No. I haven’t ever asked anyone if their stone is “real”, just comment if I think it’s beautiful.

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Busy bee

scissorgirl :  You seem incredibly snobby. A cluster doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is trying to fake anything, they might just like the look. And besides, who gives a damn if they’re trying to save money but still get as close to their dream ring as possible? 

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Bumble bee
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smartsimple :  I never wanted a solitaire. They can be beautiful but I personally find them a bit boring.

I honestly get really annoyed by people saying that “a cluster is trying to be something it’s not” or “you get a cluster because you can’t afford a big diamond”. You know what? That’s not true! Do you say the same to anyone with anything but a diamond engagement ring? Moissy, white sapphire, amora, etc. etc.? Well you better.

A cluster is a gorgeous alternative. Not all people want a solitaire. Some people want a cluster that’s obviously a cluster – like me, I wanted a flower, but some people think that a cluster that looks like one stone from a distance is beautiful and that’s what they want. 

Having said that, for the very reason mentioned above, I wouldn’t propose to a girl with a cluster if I didn’t know that’s what she wanted, because most people around don’t seem to be like me. 

Sorry, rant over.

I love my ring, I think clusters are beautiful, and the only slight “issue” has been that the basket is very wide on mine, so I had to have a custom made band with a gap since I wanted it to sit flush. It didn’t really cost more, but it means I can’t wear my wedding band on it’s own. But that means I get to buy a third ring to wear alone, so no harm done 😉 !

ETA: It is no more “fragile” than a pave diamond band. Jewellers are professionals, they do know what they’re doing.

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